my name is Jana and I am wishing you a warm welcome to Small Bits of Loveliness. I come from Slovenia and I am pretty much obsessed with green, natural, organic, cruelty free products. I am passionate about healthy lifestyle in general and I strive to find balance for a healthy mind, spirit and body.

I have many interests but my main one is green beauty, which is definitely the biggest part of my blog. I became interested in it a few years ago when I was still visiting University (I graduated from Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology). Makeup and other beauty products have pretty much always intrigued me and I did actually finish Beautician school prior to going to University. You will not find any discussions on anthropology and culture around here, but if you are looking for inspiration on starting your own green beauty journey or you are already a green beauty babe, then you are most welcome to browse around. I like to post an odd fashion and lifestyle posts as well, and I do very much enjoy delicious and mostly vegan foods, so you can find a recipe or two on this blog too.

I would describe myself as a friendly person and I always do my best to be honest and true to myself and others around me. That also goes for my blog and therefore all my reviews and opinions are honest. I believe in karma and often times I find that really comforting. I love animals, especially dogs! They are always so happy and that always makes me smile. I also pretty much live for TV series but that is a theme for some other time. :)

Thank you for reading and I do hope you will enjoy your time here on Small Bits of Loveliness!

With love,

Jana xx
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