Three from the Shower

maj 30, 2020

Hi lovelies! How are you doing? I want to talk about the three products that keep me company in my shower. There has been lots and lots of talk on soaps and without even thinking about it, my post will also be about soaps today. Without any further ado here are the ones I've been using and loving lately. 
Alteya Organics Liquid Soap Lavender Aloe, Poapoa Charcoal Tea Tree Shea Soap, Bathing Culture Refillable Mind Body Wash. Lovelula, Beauty Heroes.
Alteya Organics Liquid Soap Lavender Aloe, Poapoa Charcoal Tea Tree Shea Soap, Bathing Culture Refillable Mind Body Wash. Lovelula, Beauty Heroes.
Alteya Organics Liquid Soap Lavender and Aloe. Lovelula
Alteya Organics Liquid Soap Lavender & Aloe* - a super lovely soap that comes in plastic packaging (unfortunately!) with a pump. Very handy but I did think it is glass bottle based on the image online. This liquid soap has a very nice and relaxing scent of Lavender - I really enjoy it very much, and it feels hydrating on the skin. It contains Glycerin and Aloe, hence the hydrating benefits, and also Coconut, Sweet Almond and Olive Oils. This is a gentle soap, it gives some lather but not a whole lot, just enough to make the showering experience very nice indeed. Would definitely repurchase and try their other scents as well, but since they are packaged in plastic I will not. I wish they will change their packaging to glass or better yet, make soap bars. You can check out Alteya Organics Liquid Soap Lavender & Aloe here.
Poapoa Charcoal and Tea Tree Shea Soap. Lovelula
Poapoa Charcoal & Tea Tree Shea Soap* - as the name suggests, this is a soap containing Charcoal Powder, and Tea Tree, and both of these ingredients are great to use on your underarms for a little detox. Also a great thing to have if you struggle with body acne. Not sure about you, but I'm not one who just finds it super easy to use whatever natural deodorant and know that it will work. No, I can really struggle with that and finding a good deodorant was always something I had to deal with, even before when I used conventional deodorants. Because of this, every once in a while I love using soaps that contains Charcoal. This soap isn't as heavy duty and doesn't contain as much of this wonderful ingredient as some others do, but it is also nice. It has a very natural scent, I can't really describe it. It also doesn't lather a whole much. It's vegan friendly, hand-blended in Ghana and as always I love this kind of packaging - 100% recyclable. You can check out Poapoa Charcoal & Tea Tree Shea Soap here.
Bathing Culture Refillable Mind and Body Wash. Beauty Heroes
Bathing Culture Refillable Mind & Body Wash* - a very luxurious soap packaged in a refillable glass bottle. I got it in May Beauty Discovery* and I have to say that the box was super lovely (was also sold out really quickly which wasn't a surprise). Everything about this soap is so beautiful. I love the packaging - the glass bottle is extra heavy and lush, the design is sleek and chic, yet also vibrant and colourful. Love the rainbow! This soap came with a pump (you can also get it without), which I haven't attached yet. We are moving so I'm saving it for our new apartment. The times I did use it, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The soap has a very good, delicate lather, feels amazing on the skin, kinda slippery but in the best kind of way! It's very smooth and soft, nicely creamy. Positively beautiful. It's also hydrating thanks to oils of Coconut, Olive and Sunflower, Natural Plant Glycerin, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter. Feels very concentrated. The scent is woodsy, earthy, it is a forest scent. I like it a lot. I'm not sure which essential oils are in it but at Bathing Culture they describe the scent as "a fresh, earthy aroma that evokes a Northern California seaside forest on a rainy day." I like it a lot! You can get Bathing Culture Refillable Mind & Body Wash here.

Have you tried any of these?

Have a lovely weekend and take care!

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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