Rachel's Plan Bee, I love you so

april 30, 2019

Hi lovelies! I was thinking what kind of post I should write today and noticed a few products just now in the room, all from Rachel's Plan Bee. There's Cocoa Cream on the bed cause I used it yesterday evening on my feet, Lip Balm is always next to me, on my desk, there's a new Hand & Body Wash on my desk cause I just finished a bottle yesterday and I also just used the Facial Cleansing Bar as my morning face cleanser. So yeah, it's definitely safe to say that I love the brand! The founder Rachel is the best, so kind & friendly and I've been so lucky to have met her via Instagram all those years ago and try out so many of her beautiful products. I'm not quite sure when was the first time I got my hands on Rachel's products but the brand was founded in 2012 and I have been loving her creations almost since the beginning. And love just keeps on growing. I've tried most of the products so let me quickly go through some of those that I currently have in my collection.
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream, Hand & Body Wash, Facial Cleansing Oil, Facial Cleansing Bar, Carrot and Calendula Soap
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream, Hand & Body Wash, Facial Cleansing Oil, Facial Cleansing Bar, Carrot and Calendula Soap
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream
Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream texture
Cocoa Cream* is a super nourishing, rich buttery goodness that smells like chocolate. Handcrafted with Cocoa & Shea Butter plus a tiny hint of Vanilla & Cocoa Absolute this cream really has a heavenly aroma. I love it so much! It also contains some oils and Beeswax so it's quite occlusive and locks in moisture revealing soft and moisturized skin. I love to use it all over my body, but only in the evening because it's rich and it can be a little oily. It's especially wonderful on my feet, elbows and other dry parts of the body. I can't imagine spending a winter without it. Cocoa Cream is only available during colder months but you can still get it in stock at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop here, where you can use my affiliate code Jana for 10% off your order.
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Original
Hand & Body Wash Original* (review) is probably one of my fave body washes I've used. This is a liquid soap with very velvety and creamy lather. Such a joy to use. It's scented with uplifting Citrus & a touch of comforting Vanilla, gorgeous scent! It contains moisturizing ingredients such as Coconut, Olive, Sunflower and Jojoba Oils, Shea Butter. These ingredients are saponified, using Potassium Hydroxide which is essential ingredient to make soaps and after saponification of oils none of it remains. There is also Water in the formulation, of course, Glycerin & Aloe Vera, and essential oils. So good!
Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Cleansing Oil
Facial Cleansing Oil* is a rinsable cleansing oil with Apricot Kernel, Crambe and Sunflower oils, Squalane, and a few more ingredients. This is a lovely first step cleanser as it beautifully removes makeup and can be rinsed off with water (but I always go in with a wash cloth too just to be sure I removed every trace of it). It has a light delicate scent of fresh citrus blossoms and is suitable for all skin types.
Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Cleansing Bar
Rachel's Plan Bee Facial Cleansing Bar, Carrot & Calendula Soap Bar
Facial Cleansing Bar* is a really good soap bar for the face. I love using it as my second cleanser or as a morning cleanser. It gives a velvety lather, isn't drying and is just very lovely! It's infused with Aloe, Pumpkin and Moroccan Lava Clay, which as someone with combination skin I really appreciate. A gentle daily detox always sounds good. There are also Meadowfoam Oil, Mango and Kokum Butter. No Coconut or Palm Oil. Love.

Carrot & Calendula Soap* is an unscented soap bar, specially formulated for sensitive skin. Infused with organic Carrot juice and Calendula, the gentle creamy lather will leave behind clean, soft & happy skin. It doesn't lather that much but the lather is very soft and moisturizing. I love that Rachel started creating soap bars - they feel so good on the skin, they aren't drying and even tho the lather isn't super foamy these soaps are still such a pleasure to use.

You can get Rachel's Plan Bee products on their website here. In Europe available at So Natural Beauty here and you can also get them at The Green Jungle Beauty Shop here (my affiliate code Jana saves 10%).

Do you love Rachel's Plan Bee products too?

Love & light,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains some affialite links

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