december 06, 2018

What do you do when you're not feeling your best? When you're having a bad day? When you don't know what you're doing with your life? When you just don't feel right? When you don't feel like yourself? I've been feeling on and off all this & more for the last couple of weeks and it's not that fun. I love that my blog is a happy and positive place but as I'm writing this I'm just like meh & blah. I hope none of you are feeling this way but if you do (bless you) then here are some of my tips that may help you out.
 1. Surround yourself with your loved ones, with your family, friends, spend more time with your beloved animals, if you have any. Don't think you have to do this on your own, share your feelings and I'm sure that will make you feel better. Hopefully you will feel understood and perhaps someone else in your friend circle will know & understand what you're going through. I find that talking about things that are going on in my mind is really helpful. Problems don't seem that big anymore and once you speak out all or some scenarios you made up in your mind, you get perspective and see that maybe you're (slightly) overreacting. I'm so grateful for the support of my friends. I can talk about anything and everything and they don't judge me but rather understand me (as much as they can) and give me some excellent advice without pressuring me what to do or how to feel. I read this quote the other day that it's okay to take time to think and understand how you feel about something - if you need more time then give yourself more time to understand how you feel. No pressure. I find this really reassuring, especially since it's in my nature to always weigh pros and cons. It's hard for me to make a decision but I think I should start saying to myself that sometimes it's okay be a little selfish and to put myself first.

2. Go in nature. That will always be one of my favourite things to do, no matter if I'm feeling happy or sad. Forest bathing is definitely a thing and walks through the forest always make me feel better. Always! I'm less stressed out, less in my thoughts and I just feel like everything is going to be okay. Meditation is also great with all this, but to me walks and hikes are so much easier. I can easily take one hour and go outside but I can hardly find 10 minutes to mediate. Yes, I know I'm funny like that. And if you can't go out in the nature, then go for a walk in the city or in the gym.

3. Write down your feelings, problems, concerns. I'm that sort of person who doesn't always like to confront their problems and I'm too good at bottling down my feelings. That is never a good thing so if you don't feel like sharing your problems with others (which is perfectly fine too) you can always write them down on a paper or in a journal.

4. But above else, do the things that make YOU happy or happier. I highly encourage you to do what you love most and try to forget about your problems, only if for a little bit. Take a bath, read or listen to a good book (I'm still listening to Harry Potter, already on book 6), watch a good TV show but try not to do it all day long even though sometimes that's all you want to do, still try to be somewhat productive (that's why I'm writing this post, cause I would feel worse if I'd just lay on the couch and watch TV), eat some delicious and nutritious food (I'm dreaming of a good soup and pad thai rn), slap on a face mask and pamper yourself, listen and dance to music, exercise (but that's not usually the thing I like to do when I'm feeling down even though it would be beneficial because of all the endorphins) and the list goes on. 

Know that your problems will pass. You can do anything. You're brave, courageous, smart and beautiful. You are so loved.

More than for you I feel like I wrote this post for myself, but I hope you liked it too. 

Wishing you a lovely day.

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

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