November Beauty Discovery: 100% Organic with Inlight Beauty

november 01, 2018

New month, new beauty boxes. I want to introduce you to the November Beauty Discovery* by Beauty Heroes with a UK brand Inlight Beauty. Founded by Dr. Mariano Spiezia and his wife Loredana, Inlight Beauty is rooted in knowledge, guided by alchemy and inspired by nature. Dr. Spiezia is a doctor of medicine trained in herbalism, homeopathy and clinical phytotherapy and has spent more than 30 years of his career experimenting with a myriad of plant combinations that reveal our skin's innate healing capabilities and optimal vitality. Inlight is a brand with 100% organic formulations (which means that every single ingredient is certified organic) and Inlight was actually the first product line to become 100% Cosmos certified by the Soil Association. It is cruelty free (like everything I share on my blog) but it's not vegan due to Beeswax. Inlight was a brand that I first discovered absolute ages ago, like ten years ago but I have never tried their products until now. This line was stocked in a natural shop OrCa and it was still in their old, blue packaging but at that time their products were too expensive for me and because of that I kinda forgot about them for a little while. I always loved the sound of their products so you better believe when I say that I was very excited to learn Inlight's products were going to be featured in a Beauty Heroes box.

November Beauty Discovery* by Beauty Heroes features two full sized products from Inlight Beauty: Line Softener Intensive and Super-Food Mask. Check out this discovery here.
 Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes November 2018 Inlight Beauty Line Softener Intensive and Super-Food Mask
Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes November 2018 Inlight Beauty Line Softener Intensive and Super-Food Mask
Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes November 2018 Inlight Beauty Line Softener Intensive consistency
Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes November 2018 Inlight Beauty Line Softener Intensive consistency
 As usual, let's start my introduction to this discovery with the November's Hero product, the Line Softener Intensive. This product is described as a "sumptuous anti-ageing balm to stimulate collagen production and soften facial lines." It contains oils of Jojoba, Macadamia, Olive, Argan, Evening Primrose, Coconut. There is Beeswax, Carrot Root, Calendula, Horsetail and more. The heart of all Inlight products is their signature and patented Bio-lipophilic Matrix®, an empowered blend of botanical oils fusing ancient alchemy and modern science, enhancing the vitality of every ingredient. It has a delicate floral scent of Geranium and Patchouli, a beautiful scent which I enjoy very much. Line Softener has that soft and buttery smooth consistency that many facial balms have. It's so yummy. It instantly! transforms into an oil and creates a truly beautiful experience on the skin. Balms are typically used as the last step in the skincare routine since they are the heaviest (you should apply your products from lightest like toners and water based serums to heaviest like oils and balms, to seal everything in). I have used it all over my face but this balm is designed to use it more as a spot treatment around your eyes and neck to improve elasticity and decrease the surface, length and depth of fine lines and wrinkles. This year I've noticed a more visible difference in my skin in terms of fine lines (I guess this is what 30s are all about) so I'm applying this balm on my forehead, between my brows, around my eyes and on my neck. Line Softener is clinically tested to soften and reduce the appearance of fine lines but it takes a few weeks of daily use for the results to show. We will see how it goes. If nothing else the balm softens and nourishes my skin and I really adore the complete organic ingredient list. You can't go better than this. I didn't notice any clogged pores (because of the Coconut Oil and Shea Butter which can sometimes clog my pores) but if you're very prone to congestion with either of these ingredients then know you've been warned. But then also know that it's recommend to use mainly around the eyes and neck and don't forget that a little goes a very long way with balms. Mature and dry skin will absolutely love this balm and my combination skin is also very pleased with it! Line Softener Intensive is a gorgeous product and I completely understand why Jeannie & the Beauty Heroes team decided on featuring it as the November Hero product. You can get the Line Softener Intensive here.
Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes November 2018 Inlight Beauty Super-Food Mask consistency
Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes November 2018 Inlight Beauty Super-Food Mask consistency
The Sidekick product is Inlight's Super-Food Mask, "a naturally exfoliating, chlorophyll-rich mask to rejuvenate skin of all ages." This mask is suitable for all skin types - it is ideal for skin in need of a radiant lift and a little extra love. This refreshing and nourishing botanical mask has a unique consistency for a mask - it is very balmy + it contains a minimal amout of grainy particles (which very gently exfoliate the skin). It is formulated with potent plant concentrates, including oils of Sesame, Coconut (minimal amount), Jojoba. Like Line Softener it also contains Beeswax, but also Potato & Corn Starches, Barley, Baobab, Spirulina. The mask has a rather strong scent of Frankincense, and rich, dark green colour courtesy of Spirulina Extract. Ingredients rich in chlorophyll, like Barley and Spirulina, promote healthy cell turnover and collagen production while protecting the skin against environmental stressors. I used this mask a couple of times so I haven't made up my mind about it completely but thus far I believe it is what it promises to be: nourishing, gently exfoliating, glow inducing. With regular use (once or twice a week) it should improve firmness and hydration. Based on my initial impression and the fact that it contains an array of ingredients packed with antioxidants and vitamins & is also so nourshing, I think that sounds very plausible. I have to mention that because this mask has a consistency of a balm, you won't be able to rinse it off with water. I remove it with a warm washcloth - the mask can stain it so don't use your favourite washcloth. Oh and I leave the mask on for either 15 to 30 minutes. Since it doesn't contain any clays and becuase it doesn't dry up on the skin, I feel you can easily leave in on your skin for longer. You can get Inlight's Super-Food Mask here.

Speaking of masks, I also have their Chocolate Mask*, which I have yet to try out but know that the scent of this mask is AMAZING! It has an irresistible chocolate and orange fragrance and I just want to eat it!! Check out their Chocolate Mask here.
Beauty Discovery Beauty Heroes November 2018 Inlight Beauty
Before I finish this post let me mention another Inligh product, their Face Cleanser* (see my Instagram post here). It. Is. So. Beautiful. It's like buttah! It removes my makeup, it feels so dreamy and soft, it has a delicate foresty scent of Cypress and I just adore it. You can get Inlight's Face Cleanser here.

So, what do you think about this Beauty Discovery? Are you a fan of Inlight products? I'm very impressed with them, with their performance, textures, scents and the packaging is also very beautiful and luxurious. There is so much thought put into their formulation but also their packaging. Personally I adore all the details and if you look closely, each Inlight product has a unique symbol - each product is represented by an alchemic symbol. As is well known, all matter is surrounded by its own vibrational energy, so every Inlight alchemic symbol is the visual expression of the product’s unique, vibrational “dance”. Even though in my mind I don't care for their paper boxes (packaging waste is always on my mind), my heart loves the story behind their creations. They have worked closely with a local, Cornish artist (I wish they would mention their name) to develop a stunning watercolour that represents the light and beauty within Inlight. Inlight’s core blue/grey watercolour is the colour of abundance, wisdom and confidence, it’s the colour of the sky and the sea. The colour pink in their Face Collection is associated with giving and receiving care, compassion and love. They have chosen to overlay pink and yellow (Body Collection) on the darker blue colour to remind ourselves that there is always a brighter and lighter alternative in every one of life’s choices.

 Can you tell I like Inlight Beauty?

You can get the November Beauty Discovery featuring the two Inlight Beauty products here. The box is valued at $187, get it for $42.95. More information here.

Wishing you a beautiful November!

With so much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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