Yesterday's Evening Skincare Routine with LILFOX

oktober 15, 2018

On my Instagram stories I sometimes share the products I'm using for my skin at that particular moment and sometimes I use the majority or all of the products from the same brand. Yesterday I was inspired by the brand and products from the October Beauty Heroes Discovery feat. LILFOX (read my post here). I don't really share much information about the products in my stories because there are too many clips as it is (I really don't like when I have too many clips at a time on there). But here is the perfect space to share more about each and every individual product. Without any further ado here is my evening skincare routine using mostly LILFOX products. Oh and just so you know this isn't my everyday evening skincare routine.
Evening Skincare Routine LILFOX, Ayuna, African Botanics, Beauty Heroes, Boxwalla. Gua Sha Rose Quartz
Evening Skincare Routine LILFOX, Ayuna, African Botanics, Beauty Heroes, Boxwalla. Gua Sha Rose Quartz
LILFOX Cupu Cool Rainforest Moisture Jelly Balm from Mr. Fox Men's Discovery Collection by Beauty Heroes

Ayuna Less is Beauty Nourishing Artisan Soap from AMMA Travel Set. Beauty Heroes
First I cleansed my skin with LILFOX Cupu-Cool Rainforest Moisture Jelly Balm* from the one and only Mr. Fox Discovery by Beauty Heroes (see it here). I wrote about it a bit more in this post. This is a multitasking product that can be used as a cleanser, mask and balm. This product was created especially for men but LILFOX also has another balm cleanser called Amazon After Dark Cleansing Balm, which is so lovely too. Jaka isn't really using this product very much (not because he doesn't like it but because he's too lazy when it comes to skincare) so I kinda stole it. This balm contains some stunning ingredients like Cupuacu Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Murumuru Butter, Babassu and more. It has this smooth & soft buttery consistency and I just love using it as a cleanser. The scent is divine, of Holy basil and slightly of Mint. It is very refreshing. On the skin it feels slightly cooling and I really like that. I don't use it as a makeup remover but I rather use it on days when I don't wear makeup or in the mornings after a morning walk/hike/run when I want to remove my SPF. It's moisturizing and really such a gorgeous product. You can get Cupu-Cool Jelly Balm here.

Even though I didn't wear any makeup I went in with another cleanser. I pretty much always do that and I cannot stress enough how important it is to thoroughly and properly cleanse your skin. For my second cleanse I used the wonderful Nourishing Artisan Soap from Ayuna (my little soap is from their AMMA Travel Set*). This is such a good facial soap! The best one I've tried actually. I already wrote about it here when it was featured in the November 2017 Beauty Discovery. Ayuna is a very unique brand and I love their products sooo much! It contains oils of Olive, Borage and Coconut, but the main, visual and beneficial, ingredient for me is the Activated Charcoal. The soap is therefore detoxifying but it is not drying. Perfection for my combination skin. It lathers beautifully and I especially love using it when I feel my skin is congested and needs a deeper cleanse. Even though I often use just water to wash my face in the morning, the soap is a gorgeous morning cleanser. You can get Ayuna products directly via their website here or in the Beauty Store here (Beauty Heroes members always have a 15% discount).
LILFOX Cleopatra Restorative Milk & Honey Beauty Mask. Beauty Heroes
On freshly washed face I then applied LILFOX Cleopatra Restorative Milk + Honey Beauty Mask. This mask was featured in the April 2017 Beauty Discovery, along with the incredible Jungle Glow Enzyme Cleanser and Mask (review here). I loved that box so much that I ordered another one. Cleopatra is a powder mask and even though powder masks require a bit of work, they are my fave cause you can mix them with whatever you wish. In the mask are White, Rose and Moroccan Lava Clays, Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Milk and Honey Powder, resurfacing enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple that further boost cell turnover, and superfruits Camu Camu and Baobab, which deliver the antioxidants. The mask has this beautiful pink-ish colour and is nourishing, softening and detoxifying. Yesterday I mixed it with some water, raw organic honey and a couple drops of LILFOX Prickly Pear Beauty Nectar*. I left it on for about half an hour and in the meantime I mist my face it with some water to keep it active. I haven't used this mask for a little while and I have to remember to use it more often cause it's very lovely. You can get Cleopatra Beauty Mask here.
LILFOX Sandalo Sandalwood Toning Mist Smoky Quartz Infusion from Mr. Fox Men's Discovery Collection by Beauty Heroes
African botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum. October 2018 Boxwalla Beauty Box
After rinsing Cleopatra off my face, I toned my skin with LILFOX Sandalo Sandalwood Toning Mist*, which was also in the Mr. Fox Men Collection (see here). This mist contains four ingredients, including sustainably harvested Sandalwood infused with smoky quartz and Lactic Acid, which gently exfoliates the skin. I would say it has a very manly scent, it's earthy and aromatic. I actually really like it but it did take me a bit to get used to it. Jaka doesn't use it that often so of course I sometimes borrow it from him. I think I should do it more often because I really enjoy it. You can get Sandalo Toning Mist here.

Next I applied my newest serum, the African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum*, from the October Boxwalla Box. I just mentioned it in my previous post (see here) and so far I have used it only a few times but so far so good. This is a Water & Aloe Ferox based serum, it includes plant derived Peptides and Retinol, Hyaluronic Acid, Arnica, and more. It's a true serum, not an oil serum. It has a clear, quite thick gel consistency and it sinks into the skin very quickly. I like its ginger-y scent and so far my experience with it has been great. You can get Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum straight from their website here but what I would recommend is ordering Boxwalla's One-Time Box, where you can get it for $69.95 (serum is valued at $160). Check out the Boxwalla box here.
LILFOX Kalahari Peridot Infused Brightening Eye Serum. October 2018 Beauty Heroes
Next I applied the LILFOX Kalahari Peridot Infused Brightening Eye Serum*, from the October Beauty Discovery. See my review here. This baby comes with a roller ball which I love. It's so easy to apply, you just swipe it under and around your eyes and tap it in. The oils of Argan, Watermelon, Pomegranate, Rosehip, Prickly Pear and a few more, help to moisturize the skin and keep it happy. I'm usually using this serum in the mornings cause it's so lightweight but if you use more, it works beautiful as an evening eye serum too. I have yet to experience brightening effects but it's never bad when a product contains ingredients rich in Vitamin A and E, which help to tighten the skin. You can get the Kalahari Eye Serum here or in the October Beauty Discovery here.
LILFOX Prickly Pear Illuminating Tourmaline Infused Beauty Nectar. October 2018 Beauty Heroes
Last but most certainly not least is the oh so gorgeous LILFOX Prickly Pear Illuminating Beauty Nectar*, the hero product from the October Beauty Discovery. See my review here. I've been really enjoying this oil serum and yes, sometimes I use it in the evening but this beauty is mostly used in the mornings, mixed with my beloved Farizad's Veil Sun Reflector* by Earthwise Beauty (review here). The serum contains oils of Prickly Pear, Passion Fruit, Hemp Seed, Pomegranate and more. It has this amazing scent of Jasmine, which I love terribly and it always makes me so good in the morning. It's also infused with the crystal Tourmaline, and I'm always so intrigued and drawn to products that have been infused with crystals. So for yesterday's evening skincare routine I applied a few drops on my face and my neck and followed up with my Gua Sha Rose Quartz tool (while I was watching The Haunting of Hill House which is so bloody good!). I love doing gua sha, I only wish I was more digilent with it and do it every day. You can get Prickly Pear Beauty Nectar here or in the current October Beauty Discovery here.

Today I woke up with calm skin, the tone was more even and it was less red. That inspired me to write this post and I hope you enjoyed it. If you're quick enough you can still see my IG stories I posted yesterday (check them out here). If you have any questions I'm here for you.

Have a wonderful Monday and a great start of the new week!

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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