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oktober 26, 2018

It's not the first time I want to talk about a few makeup products that are available on LoveLula. I'm not as good at showing you each and every makeup product I love so I decided to do very short reviews in one post. I used 8 products and I created pretty much my everyday makeup look. I don't do a whole lot but I do even out my skin tone a little bit, accentuate my eyes with some mascara, do my brows and of course add some colour to my cheeks and overall face. Love Lula Makeup Natural and organic, carmine free, vegan. Ere Perez, RMS Beauty, Inika, PHB. Selfie
Love Lula Makeup Natural and organic, carmine free, vegan. Ere Perez, RMS Beauty, Inika, PHB. Selfie
Love Lula Makeup Natural and organic, carmine free, vegan. Ere Perez, RMS Beauty, Inika, PHB
 Here I used the Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation* in the lightest shade Haze. I have a slight love/it's fine relationship with this foundation. At the beginning I didn't like it at all because it didn't really show up on my skin so I just stopped using it. I have seen some great reviews so I decided to give it another go. I think the key to this foundation is to shake it really well before using it. It feels like the natural separation can occur and the pigment can stay at the bottom so make sure to shake the bottle well. My preferred way of using it is to apply it with my fingers. It dries up very quickly so I make sure to apply it on my cheeks first, blend it all in and then add another drop and blend it on my forehead. I gently massage it around and end it up with lots of tapping movements. It has a light coverage so I usually go in with a second layer, but usually only on my cheeks. It can cling to dry patches and it's also not that long lasting but since it has a light coverage that sometimes even isn't that noticeable. You can check it out here but maybe rather go for their other foundation, the Oatmilk Foundation. I haven't tried it but I have read it's lovely. Get it here.

Next I used "Un" Cover-Up* concealer by RMS Beauty in the shade 11. I applied it under my eyes and wherever I felt like my skin needed it, mainly where I had some post-acne red scars. I've been using and loving this concealer for a long while and I will definitely repurchase it. You can get it here.

On my brows I used PHB Ethical Pressed Mineral Brow Powder* in the shade Ash Blonde. This beauty comes in a paper packaging so it's very eco-friendly. I used to use it a lot and I really like the shade of it. To be completely honest with you I haven't used it in a long while cause I'm so infatuated with a different kind of eyebrow product, with a pomade from Plume. But if you like powder brow products then you can get it here.

My current favourite mascara is Inika's Long Lash Mascara*. I'm on my second tube and I absolutely love it! It's really amazing and I highly recommend it. I have light, short(er) lashes and this mascara really gives me great lashes + it's also long lasting. Well okay sometimes it smudges but only just a little bit. Love it! Get it here.

For my face I used three products and I'm all over the place with them, meaning that I change the order of application very often and it really depends on how I feel. I prefer to use bronzer first, but since it's powder the logical next step would be cream blush. Well this time I used the "Un" Powder* by RMS Beauty first and I applied it everywhere but my cheeks. I love this powder! It makes my skin matte and it lasts really long. You can get it here.

I warmed up my face with my beloved Ere Perez Rice Powder Bronzer* in the shade Tulum. You can read all about it here, I still very much enjoy this product. Get it here.

Last but most certainly not least are two Carrot Colour Pots* by Ere Perez. On my cheeks I used Harmony, which is my absolute favourite and I can't stop wearing it! And on my lips I used Happy. I've reviewed these products already so you can go ahead and read more about them here. You can get them here.

I forgot to include it in the picture, but I always use a mist when I apply my makeup. For this I love using Alteya Organics 100% Bulgarian Rose Water*. You can get it here.
Love Lula Makeup Natural and organic, carmine free, vegan. Ere Perez, RMS Beauty, Inika, PHB. Selfie
I hope you liked this short and quick post.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!


Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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