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september 25, 2018

There is a number of products I'm using weekly if not daily but I always manage to write about them when I either finish them already or when they are on their last stretch. That's the case with the products I'm going to review today. I actually had to stop using them haha just so I'm not showing empties (not that you can tell). Ok so the products that deserve a place on this blog of mine are from the one and only Rachel's Plan Bee. I proclaimed my love for Rachel and her beautiful products a few times before but since it's been a hot, HOT minute since I talked about this pretty little brand I just wanted to do it one more time. Rachel is an absolute sweetheart and I love all of her products. I love seeing Rachel's growth and her care for the environment - Rachel started using more glass packaging and you know I'm all about that. A while ago she came out with a new product, Hand & Body Wash and I have been testing them for a few months and I truly love them so much. My boyfriend loves them even more than me and the fact that he told me a numerous time that these soaps are really good (he usually doesn't say anything), says A LOT. Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Coconut Beach, Original, Lavender Spirit
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Coconut Beach, Original, Lavender Spirit
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Original
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash* is a liquid soap stored in glass packaging. I already talked about it here. Honestly, it's the next best thing to solid bar soaps, if you think of the low/zero waste lifestyle and our very precious environment. It contains moisturizing ingredients such as Coconut, Olive, Sunflower and Jojoba Oils, Shea Butter. I think that all of these ingredients are saponified, using Potassium Hydroxide which is essential ingredient to make soaps and after saponification of oils none of it remains. There is also Water in the formulation, of course, and Glycerin & Aloe Vera, and essential oils. If you have ever tried Rachel's Plan Bee products then you are probably like me, in love with her scents. Ah they are just so lovely! Hand & Body Wash comes in three scents: Original, Coconut Beach and Lavender Spirit. 

Original is an uplifting blend of sweet Citrus and comforting Vanilla that is reminiscent of a creamsicle. I love this scent so much and after years of using products with it, I find it so comforting.

Coconut Beach is a tropical blend of Coconut extract and Citrus fruit that will remind you of happy days at the beach. This scent is only available during summer.

Lavender Spirit - soothing Lavender & Chamomile and a touch of Citrus & Vanilla make this blend perfect for an evening shower and days you want to destress.
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Coconut Beach Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Lavender Spirit
Hand & Body Wash gives a very velvety, silky and smooth lather. It's actually softening to the skin and I really, really like using these soaps. I have tried using them as shampoo as well, and they work great but I wouldn't use them exclusively on my hair. But on Jaka's very short hair the soap works perfectly and he is just like obsessed. Big thumbs up for these hand and body washes. I highly recommend them.

You can get Hand & Body Washes in four different sizes/packaging - from mini sample version to a refill pouch. I do have to say that I hope Rachel comes out with solid bars of soaps since bars truly are my favourite but one of her Hand & Body Washes in glass packaging is like I said, the next best thing. Definitely put them on your wishlist and all of her other products as well. Soon she will again start selling her incredible Cocoa Cream and I can't wait to get it (check it out here). 

You can get Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash straight from their website (click here). If you live in Europe then you can shop Rachel's products at So Natural Beauty (click here).

Have a lovely week!

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

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