3 Things I'm doing for my Health

avgust 22, 2018

A title like this can almost sound pretentious, like I live a super healthy life and have it all figured out. I don't but I wanted to share with you my journey and hopefully inspire you to live a healthier & more mindful life too.
1. Get outside + meditation. Unfortunately I sit on my ass all day long so I really try to go out for a walk outside as much as possible. If I'm completely honest I should and could do it every single day but sometimes I'm just too lazy or not in the mood. My preferred way of keeping my lymph flowing is by going for walks into forest or by the river. I ALWAYS feel so good when I'm in nature, surrounded by trees and let me tell you that forest bathing is a true thing and I'm pretty sure it's the best thing you can do for yourself. Great for the body and mind. Another very relaxing thing that I also try to do weekly if not daily is meditation. That's just another thing that always gets me in a better mood. Stress is a huge problem in our lives nowadays and these two things really help me to feel more zen and at peace with myself. But don't think I'm perfect, I'm no zen master, I just try to do these two things as often as possible. They make me feel really good. The same as stretching, which I also try to do regularly. Not only to feel better in my body but also because I am at the computer all day and because I can otherwise have problems with my back (hello scoliosis). Seeing as I've now already mention three things, not just one, I will also say that yoga and pilates also do wonders for my body and mind.

2. Eat lots of vegetables + fruit + healthy fats & drink a ton of water. I'm not a nutritionist but we all know that all these things are so very important for our health and when there's all this abundance of veggies in the summer you really can't find any excuse not to eat all the rainbow every day. That's why I love making smoothies and I've been especially into juices lately. They are so delicious and you really can make it all about veggies (+ an apple or two) and they still taste very delicious. I'm curious have you ever looked into drinking straight up celery juice right after you wake up? I tried doing it for longer but I only managed to complete one week. It has quite a strong flavour (I can easily describe it as disgusting) but it has sooo many benefits, including that it's an anti-inflammatory, it aids in proper digestion (which is SO! important for radiant skin + food rich in probiotics and prebiotics), it hydrates the body, it's cleansing, and the list goes on. I also want to mention healthy fats and I mean the essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6 and 9). We have water and fat soluble vitamins so including food that is rich in healthy fats is very important, especially for women. I love seeds, nuts, different plant butters (peanut, tahini), hemp seed oil, black seed oil, coconut oil, avocado. Personally I think that eating fish isn't a great source of these essential fatty acids because firstly I don't think we should eat animals and this actually should end with my first point but to give you one more reason - fish and other beautiful sea animals live in plastic which means they eat the plastic (+ mercury) and at the end of the day I don't want to eat that, thank you very much.

3. Use organic & natural beauty products. Skin is our biggest organ and I believe that some ingredients can be absorbed into the body so I choose to use only natural and organic products. Ever since I started showing interest in using skincare and other beauty products at like age 14, I have to say that my skin never looked as good as it does now and I also think that hugely comes down to the products I'm using. I have a lot of favourite brands and products, as you may know from my reviews and it always makes my day when one of you writes me a message that you love my recommendations. Best feeling ever! So yeah, if you're not already on natural & organic train with me, then definitely hop on because you will love it. 

 Bonus: make sleep a priority.

Hope you liked this post. Now tell me what do you do to stay healthy and happy?

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

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