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junij 13, 2018

Just a quick post from me today sharing with you something very exciting! My beloved Earthwise Beauty has a new packaging & design and I love it!! I will miss their previous whimsical look but their new design looks even better, very modern and clean, which I always love. It looks like Earthwise Beauty is all grown up and I cannot wait to have some of these beautiful miron violet glass bottles and jars in my beauty cupboard. I'm so proud of Ava and the whole Earthwise Beauty team, you guys did a wonderful job!!
Earthwise Beauty New Packaging & Logo
 If you need some recommendation on their products do let me know, I'm happy to help. For the picture I chose some of my fave EWB products, including my favourite SPF ever: Farizad's Veil Sun Reflector. A powder with minimal amount of ingredients, with non-nano Zinc Oxide as the main, active ingredient that is not only coral reef safe but also great for oily, acne-prone skin, and of course a wonderful sunscreen. This powder is ideally mixed with an oil or an oil-based serum but sometimes I also use it with another SPF to make my skin even that more protected, especially at this time of year. I highly, highly recommend this sunscreen! I mentioned it on my blog numerous times before, read my review here. You can get it here.

Nap in the Meadow Face Serum is one of the loveliest serums I've tried and if I was making "my top 5 serums" I would most definitely include this beaut. First of the name is my favourite, and in general EWB's products have the best names. This serum is anti-inflammatory, soothing, cooling and brightening. If your skin is similar to mine, which is fairly sensitive combination skin, then you will adore it. The serum it's also very hydrating and a perfect skin treat all year around, but especially at this time. My review here. You can get Nap in the Meadow here.

Tigress Face Balm is a light face balm for acne-prone skin and without a doubt it is the best balm I've ever tried!! It's lightweight, it reduces inflammation and it is just so perfect for oily, combination skin, but it also works very well on other skin types. Love. This is the first face balm from Earthwise Beauty and it's not the last - Yasuni Face Balm without essential oils will be out within days! You can read my review of Tigress here. Get this amazing product here.

Ruby Face Oil is my favourite facial oil from EWB. It's the perfect summer oil! It's lightweight, it contains ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and have sun-protective & sun-damage-correcting properties. It doesn't clog my pores one bit and it is just so amazing! Review here. Get Ruby here.

Sungod Face Mask is a reparative mask for all skin types. If I'm honest this isn't my favourite mask from Earthwise Beauty but since Blackstrap Molasses mask is no longer available, Sungod will have to do. Well that sounds a bit rude because Sungod is actually a very lovely mask! This mask is not an overnight miracle but with regular use it builds up the skin and makes it healthier. It's very potent and active so do patch test before using it all over your face and don't leave it on for too long. Get Sungod here.

As always you can use my code "Loveliness" to get 15% off your order. This code is only available at the Earthwise Beauty shop. In Europe you can get their products here.

What do you think about their new packaging?

Much love,

Jana xx

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