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junij 17, 2018

I always love using face mists and toners but at this time of year they are such a necessity in my skincare routine. Funny thing, a few years ago I didn't really care about toners all that much. I was completely happy with flower hydrosols but after trying out a few beautiful aloe vera based toners and toners that contain glycerin, I realised that although flower hydrosols feel great on the skin when you first apply them, they really aren't (that) hydrating. Sometimes it's quite the opposite - you think you will hydrate your skin but you end up drying it out even more. Well not always and it depends on the skin type, but this is my experience. I already shared with you my current serum collection (see here) and today I gathered all my current face mists. Spot any favourites?
Natural & organic Face Mists, toners. Hydrating, balancing.
Natural and organic face mists
Amly Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist, Boxwalla beauty box
Amly Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist* (review) is a second Amly Botanicals products I've tried thanks to the always amazing Boxwalla. How Lavanya does it to impress us every two months I will never know. Amly Botanicals is a UK brand that started on their journey with face mists enriched with silver rich water and lots of gorgeous ingredients. I tried Radiance Boost (review here) which was an instant love for me but today is reserved for the Beauty Sleep, "a restorative face mist laden with rejuvenating botanicals to support natural healing sleep." Besides the silver rich water the mist contains a few flower waters like Neroli and Geranium, and ingredients like Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Roman Chamomile. I love that it contains Aloe Vera and Glycerin which make the mist hydrating. You could say that it contains the "usual" ingredients but in all honesty this is not your standard face mist that you can find in any health shop. Star ingredient, Snow Algae activates overnight collagen production and cellular repair to ward off signs of ageing, while extracts of Passionflower and Valerian Root help relieve tension, and essential oils of Clary Sage and Linden quiet the mind and soothe away the day’s stress. Rose Quartz and Rock Rose imbue warmth and provide comfort. The face mist smells like Cistus which tok me some time to get used to but luckily it's not as strong as is the Earthwise Beauty Cistus & Moonlight Face Mist. Eventually the scent grew on me and I'm actually starting to feel sad that I will soon finish the bottle. Beauty Sleep is hydrating, packed with stunning ingredients, I love their design and Amly Botanicals mists have the best & and the finest spray mister. I'm obsessed with the fine mist this beauty gives. So good! I do love to use it in the evenings but I also use it in the morning. Amly Botanicals just recently came up with a few new products and I'm really intrigued by them. You can get Beauty Sleep face mist straight from their website here.
Leahlani Skincare Citrus & Citrine Regenerating Toner
Leahlani Skincare Citrus & Citrine Regenerating Face Mist is your girl for a glowing, revitalized, and radiant complexion. Do I even need to talk about Leahlani and their absolutely stunning products?! I've been highly recommending them for years and I know that you my ladies love them as much as I do. Citrus & Citrine is an Aloe Vera based product and that is all I want in a face mist. Next are flower waters of Blood Orange, Neroli, Calendula. There is Witch Hazel, Turmeric and each bottle also houses little Citrine gemstones, that were purified in the Hawaiian sea and sun. Citrine emits a strong vibration of joy, prosperity, energy, and abundance. It's one of my favourite crystals. The mist is hydrating, energizing, has a lovely scent and is simply beautiful, like every other product created by Leah. Get Citrus & Citrine here. In Europe available at a few shops, I got mine at Reina Organics here.
Alteya Organics 100% Bulgarian Rose Water and White Rose Water
Alteya Organics Organic Bulgarian White Rose Water* and 100% Pure Bulgarian Rose Water* The first rose water, the White Rose Toner I decanted into my empty Akar bottle because unfortunately it arrived in a plastic bottle and I mistakenly assumed that it's a clear glass bottle. That's why I don't have the original packaging anymore. In my opinion these two rose waters don't really differ all that much. I believe that the Bulgarian Rose Water has a stronger scent of roses and obviously I much prefer and love the violet glass packaging. Both rose waters contain only one ingredient - 100% natural steam-distilled (white) rose water. I do love the simplicity and I also always do well with rose toners + the scent is just so lovely. Since none of these mists contain Aloe Vera or Glycerin I don't use them as a toner but as a makeup setting sprays and they work like a charm like that. They very nicely refresh my makeup and make my skin radiant which I really like. Instead of using them directly on the skin I think they would work better if you'd put a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand and spray some rose water on top and then press into the skin. Super refreshing and perfect pick me up in the afternoons. Check out Alteya Organics products here.
Siam Seas Yen Heal and Hydrate Toner. Beauty Heroes
Siam Seas Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner* is the most special toner I have ever used. You could hardly describe it as a toner because it is SO much more than "just" a toner. If it would be packaged in a different bottle (with a pipette or something) it would most definitely pass as a very lightweight serum or perhaps an essence. Yen was featured in the March Beauty Discovery by Beauty Heroes (review here) and the box was one of my fave from this year. This mist contains 27 botanical extracts which are entwined in the synergistic foundation to infuse skin cells with healing actives and powerful antioxidants. I love the ingredient list and the fact that it contains whole plant Aloe Vera, as well as hydrosols of Cucumber, Geranium, Lavender and Chamomile. If you look closely there are many ingredients that I have never heard of and are native to Asia. Yen is so hydrating, balancing and also healing and protecting. Since the texture is a bit heavier your typical toner, the spray mister doesn't dispense a fine mist so I first spray it into the palm of my hand and then gently press into my skin. I adore Yen and highly recommend it. If you're a Beauty Heroes member then I suggest you order from them because you will get it with the 15% discount. Shop here.

I'm content with my current collection of facial mists and I have one more on the way in the June Art of Organics box* but if you have any good recommendations then do hit me up!

Have a lovely Sunday!

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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