Some New Products I've Been Testing

maj 30, 2018

Hiya loves! How are you all doing on this fine day? I hope it's a fine day for you. I have some beautiful new products to share with you, products that I've been really enjoying testing out.
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash, LILFOX Cupu-Cool Rainforest Moisture Jelly, Dafna's Personal Skincare Serum Anti aging & Glow
Dafna's Personal Skincare Serum Anti Aging & Glow. Love Lula.
Dafna's Personal Skincare Beyond Skin Deep Serum* is an "exclusive serum formula formed from the best natural active ingredients and advanced Biotechnology of extraction and effective usage of these actives." Dafna's Personal Skincare is a Spanish brand that I've tried before thanks to Lavanya and Boxwalla Beauty Box. I have their Eye Care serum which is a very lightweight eye care product. I like it and have been using it in the evenings. My friend loves the eye serum SO much that she repurchased it! We both saw positive dramatic change in her skin under her eyes and I love that she found such a wonderful product for her. I haven't experienced that of a dramatic change (yet) but hopefully I will. Anywho, the Beyond Skin Deep Serum is a brand new serum in my arsenal of serums and so far I've only used it a few times. It's lightweight, not as hydrating as is the Twelve Beauty Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum (which is really hydrating - review here) but feels lovely nonetheless. I have to say that my first impression of the serum is good - it is absorbed quickly into the skin, doesn't clog my pores and feels nice. It's a lovely serum to put on ma face after a face mist and before an oil or sunscreen. So far so good. This serum is actually designed to combat skin aging processes and I'm all for well aging. To lightly touch on the ingredient list - I wish it would contain Aloe Vera instead of Water but I do like that it contains actives such as Rosehip oil, Chicory Root oligosaccharides that increase collagen production and synthesis and Hyaluronic Acid. The serum is vegan and I think it's suitable for all skin types. You can get it at Love Lula here (free shipping worldwide).
LILFOX Mr. Fox Cupu-Cool Rainforest Moisture Jelly Balm Beauty Heroes Men's Discovery Handsome Heroes
LILFOX Mr. Fox Cupu-Cool Rainforest Moisture Jelly Balm Beauty Heroes Men's Discovery Handsome Heroes consistency
LILFOX Cupu-Cool Rainforest Moisture Jelly Balm* is a new LILFOX product that was featured in the new Beauty Hereos Men's Discovery. I was so excited for Jaka to get this box and try the new LILFOX products made especially for men. I mean we all know we can all use and love products we want but sometimes men don't enjoy floral scents as much as women do (or the other way around!) so I love that Alexis Rose (the founder of LILFOX) created these products. You can check out the box here (there are three products and all are great). This is a limited edition box so don't wait too long to get it if you fancy the sound of it. The product from the box that I stole from Jaka is this beautiful Cupu-Cool balm. Now to be honest, Jaka is too lazy to use the products every day so he wouldn't even know if I was using his products if I wouldn't tell him. Cupu-Cool is a true multi-tasker, perfect for men actually. It's a cleanser, a mask and a moisturizer. It contains gorgeous ingredients, as is always the case with LILFOX. There is Cupuacu Butter, Hemp Seed Oil, Murumuru Butter, Babassu, Camellia and the list goes on. The scent isn't Jaka's favourite (that's why he doesn't mind me using it haha) - it smells like Basil. Cupu-Cool contains Holy and Sweet Basils and it actually reminds me of a Province Apothecary product. The scent it also a bit minty, especially when you start massaging it into the skin. It's a fresh scent and the product also feels refreshing on the skin, especially when I leave it on as a mask in the shower. It actually works perfectly with the scent of Undaria Body Polish* (review here) - they leave the bathroom smelling super fresh and lovely. Perfect post-run skin treat. Cupu-Cool is a balm, it glides on the skin beautifully and I love it as a cleanser and a five minute mask. It rinses off with water but not as quickly as for example Leahlani's Pamplemousse* or Moss Beurre Céleste* (from the June Boxwalla Beauty Box). It does need a few more splashes of water but in the end water does remove it. I always just rinse it off with water but you could also use a wash cloth. The first time I used it I was really blown away with how my skin looked after I rinsed it off! Skin was left very soft and smooth, hydrated too. It's a gorgeous product and everyone can use it, no matter the gender. You can get it at Beauty Heroes here. You can either buy just this product here or get it in their Men's Discovery box here.
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash Original
Rachel's Plan Bee Hand & Body Wash* is a newer product created by the lovely Rachel and I've been loving it! I haven't talked about Rachel's Plan Bee for too long but know that I still love the brand dearly. Rachel is such a sweetheart and she always strive to do better for us and the environment. She cares and I love that about her. She kindly gifted me two scents of her Hand & Body Wash and I've been using the Original scent for about two weeks. It smells like oranges and vanilla and I've always loved the scent of it. It's so lovely! This wash gives a nice lather, it's very velvety and smooth. This product contains Water, a few oils like Coconut, Olive & Jojoba, Shea Butter and a few more. The ingredient that makes this wash a soap is Potassium Hydroxide which is usually used in liquid soaps (for bar soaps I use Sodium Hydroxide or lye). Both ingredient sound harmful and they are (when making a soap you have to wear protective glasses and all that) but after the chemical reaction called saponification, lye and oil molecules combine and chemically change into soap. So know that there is no Potassium Hydroxide in this product after saponification of oils. I love this product and Jaka does as well. I'm obsessed with the packaging - glass bottle with a pump. Hand & Body Wash is just another beautiful Rachel's Plan Bee product. You can get it on their website here and in Europe at So Natural Beauty here.

Lots of love to you all,
Jana xx
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Ready for June's Boxwalla Beauty Box?

maj 22, 2018

It's time for the MOSSAIC box. That is the June Boxwalla Beauty Box* featuring MOSS (Modern Organic Sacred Skincare), founded by Celestyna Higgins. I've seen so many positive reviews about this brand and it was certainly not a new brand to me, but I have never tried Moss' products before. Their mission is to deliver truly effective, luxurious skincare that doesn’t contain “fairy dust,” toxins or fillers of any kind. Celestyna was inspired to create the brand because of her own struggles with teenage and adult acne and Moss is in fact a skincare that truly works for adult acne. But not just that, the products support well-aging and this is in fact their speciality: correcting acne and aging issues in a single product. They combine the incredible power of plants and botanicals with the latest science technology meaning that they use a balance of herbal extracts combined with sophisticated skin-changing ingredients like peptides, ceramides. They use high percentage of actives, CO2 extracted herbs whenever possible and instead of using water as a base for their products they rather use different botanical hydrosols. Their luxurious products are definitely not products you could easily make in your own kitchen

 June Boxwalla Beauty Boxes features two Moss products: Beurre Céleste and Illumina. Check it out here.
MOSS Illumina Vitamin C Perfecting Treatment Intensif. Beurre Céleste Honey Antioxidant Infusion Recovery Mask in Cleansing Baum. Boxwalla June Beauty Box 2018. Exfoliating, adult acne.
MOSS Illumina Vitamin C Perfecting Treatment Intensif. Beurre Céleste Honey Antioxidant Infusion Recovery Mask in Cleansing Baum. Boxwalla June Beauty Box 2018.
MOSS Beurre Céleste Honey Antioxidant Infusion Recovery Mask in Cleansing Baume. Cleansing Balm. Boxwalla Beauty Box June 2018.
Beurre Céleste Honey Antioxidant Infusion Recovery Mask in Cleansing Baume is a cleansing balm that rinses clean with water. This is a third cleansing oil/butter that rinses off with water that I've shared with you in the last couple of months. First was the Morning Delight from Siam Seas (review here) and the second was Leahlani's new creation, Pamplemousse (review here). They seem to be getting on their popularity and I like it! BC as in Beurre Céleste contains Sunflower Seed Oil, Ethical Organic Honey, Kokum Butter, Macadamia Nut and Jojoba Oils. Then comes the ingredient that looks the scariest but after talking to a few formulators and friends I think it looks scarier than it actually is (at least that's the feeling I've been getting). I'm talking about Di-PPG-2 Myreth-10 Adipate, an emulsifier that makes this balm rinsable with water (well it's one of the emulsifiers in this product). Anyways for the time being I feel okay using products with this ingredient and I also really like that she uses a very small percentage of the ingredient. BC contains a few more ingredients like Lemon Mrytle and Palmarosa. You know I love that this balm is infused with honey, my beloved anti-bacterial, moisturizing and skin softening honey.
MOSS Beurre Céleste Honey Antioxidant Infusion Recovery Mask in Cleansing Baume. Cleansing Balm. Boxwalla Beauty Box June 2018. Buttery consistency.
You can use this buttery product as a cleansing balm or a mask. I have yet to try it as a mask but to cleanse, massage on to wet or dry skin. I always use it on dry skin (especially if I have makeup on) because it provides a deeper cleanse. Because of the honey, this balm is gently exfoliating so I don't use it every single day but also because it is exfoliating it makes the skin soft and slightly brighter. It removes makeup well but I do feel like I need to go in with a second cleanse, especially on my eyes. Well it also depends on the amount I'm using and how much mascara is on my lashes. Like I said, the balm can be easily rinsed off with water and I love that. Having a cleansing balm or oil that can be rinsed with water is my latest obsession. Beurre Céleste isn't stripping or drying. It's beneficial for all skin types, especially dry and congested skins. Check it out hereMOSS Illumina Vitamin C Perfecting Treatment Intensif. Vitamin C and exfoliating serum. Boxwalla Beauty Box June 2018.
Illumina Vitamin C Perfecting Treatment Intensif is a Vitamin C and exfoliating serum in one. It uses botanical extracts and exceptionally gentle Pumpkin Enzyme instead of harsh acids or retinoids to balance cellular turnover and revive the skin’s natural glow and smooth texture. It contains a high concentration of a stable form of Vitamin C: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate that promotes collagen synthesis and may help decrease the appearance of acne lesions and inflammation. Other exfoliating ingredients are White Willow Bark, which is a natural source of salicylic acid and Moth Bean Extract, which has a demonstrated ability to help boost cell renewal, similar to retinol, without the associated irritation (and it has nothing to do with moths - it's actually a legume). Like I said before, the base is a botanical hydrosol: Violet Leaf Hydrosol. This serum is also filled with herbal infusions of Burdock Root, Magnolia Bark, White Tea and more.

Illumina isn't meant to be used every day AND only in the evening. Don't use it with other exfoliating products (Beurre Céleste including, especially in the beginning). I like applying it after a few spritzes of Amly Botanicals Beauty Sleep Face Mist* (from a previous Boxwalla box) which I love. I apply one or two pumps of the serum and rather than massaging it into my skin I prefer to tap it in with my fingertips. I do a quick tap all over my skin to divide it well and then just quickly massage it around and then tap tap tap all over again. It's quite a lotion-y serum meaning that it's a bit thicker for a serum but still a true lightweight serum. It is quickly absorbed into the skin. First time I tried the serum (and I only used a toner and this serum) I felt just a teeny-tiny tingling sensation for less than a minute but it was more a feeling when you know there is something potent & active there. It wasn't like a burning or itching tingling. Nothing like that at all! I just felt something there and I actually didn't mind it. Felt like it was doing something. And the skin next morning really looked good! It was smooth and inflammation was reduced. I was very pleasantly surprised. I've only used the serum three times because it is recommended to use every 2-3 days (I do three days) and I find it works well on its own or topping it off with the Twelve Beauty Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum* (review here) or/and Mono Naturoils Rejuvenating Facial Oil*. Check out Illumina here.

So far I'm very impressed with the products, especially the seum. I'm looking forward to using them for weeks to come and really see how they work for my skin.
MOSS Illumina Vitamin C Perfecting Treatment Intensif. Beurre Céleste Honey Antioxidant Infusion Recovery Mask in Cleansing Baum. Boxwalla June Beauty Box 2018.
You can get this gorgeous Boxwalla Beauty Box featuring the two MOSS products for $49 (see here). You have until the 25th of May. The products have a whooping value of $215 so unless you win them in a giveaway you really won't find a better deal. Boxwalla is a bi-monthly box so if you think about it you only pay $25 a month and isn't that amazing? You can also always cancel your subscription at any time you want. 

Update: The box is available until June 5th. 

Join Boxwalla to get the MOSSAIC box here.

Love you lots,

 Jana xx

ps. In other news, I posted on my insta stories yesterday that I was interviewed by the lovely Rayna from Reina Organics for her brand new podcast called Hail the Queen. How exciting! You can listen to it here.

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My Latest Love Lula Picks

maj 17, 2018

Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? As you may or may not know I've been working with Love Lula for quite some time now and today I wanted to share with you what products I picked in April to test out and review. I'm not sure which product should I mention first so let's just follow the alphabet and start with E for Ere Perez.
Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation Haze, Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask, Hurraw Sun Balm. Love Lula Accredited Blogger
Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation shade Haze. Love Lula.
Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation shade Haze. Swatch, consistency. Love Lula.
Ere Perez Quinoa Water Foundation* is a lightweight water based vegan foundation. Enriched with quinoa to help heal inflammation & increase elasticity. Blackcurrant is added for antioxidants and vitamins. These ingredients rejuvenate while helping to reduce redness, pigmentation and fine lines. This foundation is available in three shades which really isn't a lot especially nowadays when brands launch foundations with many different shades, even 40! When it comes to minimal amount of shades I usually go for the lightest colour and hope for the best. So the lightest shade of the three is Haze and it's actually a very good match for my skin. Haze has a yellow undertone which works for me but do be vary if you have pink or neutral undertone. The foundation has a runny texture and goes perfectly with the name "quinoa water". It also feels lightweight on the skin which is always wonderful. Another positive thing is the gorgeous frosted glass bottle and I like the pipette too. In many ways this foundation actually reminds me of the well-known Gressa Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. I didn't really get on with that one and unfortunately it's the same with the Ere Perez one. The foundation gives a light coverage and more of a matte finish. I don't mind that at all but I do also have to use a concealer on top. Which is perfectly acceptable for me! The thing that bothers me is the consistency itself. I can't seem to master this foundation and it just doesn't look all that great on my skin. I've tried it in a few different ways and the best way is to first apply it with your fingers (but be quick about it because it dries quickly when you apply it with fingers) and then additionally blend it all in with a face brush. It depends on the day, sometimes I quite like it and then other times it makes me want to wash my face and use another foundation. Honestly it's not my fave. Sometimes it can also look cakey and it's also not that long-lasting. It baffles me because the first time I tried it I really liked it - I actually did a first impression on my insta stories and said it was lovely so I'm sharing this with you because my experience with it has changed. I can't say I recommend it but I did read some positive reviews (and negative as well) so if you can get a sample I would go for that first. Check it out here.
Hurraw Lip Balm Sun Balm SPF 15 Tangerine Chamomile, organic, vegan, raw. Love Lula.
Hurraw! Sun Balm SPF 15 Tangerine Chamomile* is a must-have lip balm for summer! We are always talking about face and body sunscreens which are both so important but then we mustn't forget about them lips. Skin on the lips is delicate and thin and yes, of course you can apply a face sunscreen on them but it's better to have a nice nourishing lip balm with spf. I'm obsessed with the scent of this product! I can't remember when was the first time I tried Sun Balm but since then I always use it on my summer beach holidays & the scent always brings me back to hot sunny days by the beach. Ah love. I think it's better if I just share Hurraw's description of the scent: "Juicy tangerine with hints of vanilla...the unique scent of roman chamomile lends a calming note. Packed full of amazing cold pressed oils to moisturize, protect and heal." It's lovely! The active ingredient is Non-Nano Uncoated Zinc Oxide (10%) which is my absolute favourite UV filter. It provides both UVA and UVB protection, it provides a physical barrier, it's anti-bacterial and perhaps most importantly - it's also coral reef safe. There are also oils of Safflower, Coconut, Raspberry, Pomegranate, Sea Buckthorn, Cacao Butter, Candelilla Wax and more. It glides on silky smooth, it can give a bit of a white cast if you apply many swipes, it's creamy and nourishing. It's just so gorge! The balm is vegan and made with almost 77% organic ingredients. Love. Get it here.
Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask. Turmeric, Sandalwood, Coconut Milk. Love Lula. Mask + cleanser.Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask. Turmeric, Sandalwood, Coconut Milk. Love Lula powder
Isla Apothecary Refine + Radiate Beautifying Face Mask* is a product I wanted to try for a little while now and I'm really liking it. Described as: "A gentle but powerful trio of Coconut Milk, Sandalwood and Turmeric to soothe, restore moisture, and nurture even the most sensitive skin to greater resiliency." I love the simplicity of this mask and the three ingredients are all I wanted to have in a mask. First is organic, food grade Coconut Milk powder, which is rich in vitamin A and C, and is mostly known for its moisturizing and soothing benefits. It's a stunning ingredient and I know that Marie (from And The Color Green) loves using it in her masks (see here). Second ingredient is Red Sandalwood powder which is especially helpful for oily skin types and provides reliefs to all skin irritations from acne to sunburn. The last but most certainly not least is organic Turmeric which I L O V E. It's anti-inflammatory, skin brightening, anti-bacterial, rich in antioxidants and supposedly also a powerful humectant (locks in moisture and promotes suppleness). The mask smells like Turmeric and Coconut and has this vibrant & rich orange colour. I love mixing this mask with some water, honey and a drop or two of an oil of choice. I leave it on my skin for at least 15 minutes, but usually more. The lovely Roberta (, who is actually the reason I got this product, told me that she also uses it as a cleanser and it works lovely like that too. One thing to mention is that I don't recommend using it in the morning as a mask (mixed only with water) because it can lightly tint your skin yellow. That's why I also like to mix it with honey and oil but I still prefer to use it in the evening. This mask is moisturizing (because of the coconut milk), makes my skin very soft and smooth and it's also brightening (which is especially noticeable with regular use). Also don't you just love the packaging and the design? That rose gold label is just so chic! You can get it here.

You can find all these products at Love Lula.

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

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Currently Loving

maj 14, 2018

Let's chat about some current faves of mine. I've been thinking of doing this post for a couple of weeks now and pretty much all the products I wanted to mention then are going to be in this post today which goes to show you that I really like them a lot. I have a lot of faves at the moment but I only wanted to pick five. So it's kinda like the best of the best.
Current Favourite Products featuring Twelve Beauty from Boxwalla, OSEA from Beauty Heroes, Leahlani, Mun Skin.
Twelve Beauty The London Mask Boxwalla April Beauty Box The Chronicles of a Plant Lab
Twelve Beauty The London Mask Boxwalla April Beauty Box The Chronicles of a Plant Lab
For my first product I have to mention the April Boxwalla Beauty Box* and the two featured products from Twelve Beauty. In the box were two stunning products, the London Mask* and Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum*. These babies are expensive so getting them in this box was just amazing. Sadly there are no one-time boxes left but June subscriptions are now open and the June Beauty Box is another gorgeous one, featuring Moss Skincare (join here). I know that quite a few people were mind blown with the London Mask after they've only used it once but I needed a few more applications to really appreciate it all its glory. Also this mask was so hyped up that I really expected new skin after I first applied it. London Mask is especially designed to counter the damaging effects of the pollution that is an inevitable part of life in the city. This mask is amazing because it's purifying yet moisturizing at the same time. There is so much info about it I want to share but that will have to wait for an upcoming review. For now let me just tell you that I love having this mask on for about half an hour, it leaves my skin soft, soothed and nourished. It also helps to detoxify my skin which I'm all for at the moment.

You can get the London Mask here.
Twelve Beauty Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum Boxwalla April Beauty Box The Chronicles of a Plant Lab
The Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum is a very hydrating serum and really do mind the word hydrating. I thought it wasn't as hydrating as it really is and I didn't really used it correctly at first and my skin was just too hydrated (did you know that's a thing?) and I got these bumps on my skin. After talking to the lovely Lavanya (from Boxwalla) she shared that Pedro (the founder of Twelve Beauty) said that the bumps may have been caused by too much hydration (not oil but hydrating products) so ever since then I've downsized my routine and I think it's been working (been only doing that for a few days now). I've been using the Amly Botanicals Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist*, one or two drops of Mono Naturoils Radiance Face Oil* and this serum on top (plus an eye product and Earthwise Beauty Farizad's Veil* for daytime). Fyi the serum and Farizad's Veil actually work lovely together so if you have both do try mixing them. Anyway, as I said this serum is very hydrating, it's an antioxidant treatment, a light moisturizer. It contains 12 carefully selected herb that work synergistically to provide more radiant skin tone, reduce the intensity of dark spots due to sun damage or acne and correct uneven complexion. Based on other reviews, ladies were very impressed with the brightening benefits of this serum and yes, it does help with that but I didn't notice a major difference in only 10-14 days. I think my skin needs a little bit more time. Honestly I always need a bit more time with serums to show improvements in my skin or I simply just don't look closely enough haha. With all that being said, I find this serum very lovely and I really like using it. Otherwise it wouldn't be in my faves.

You can get the Ideal Brightening Corrective Serum here.
OSEA Undaria Body Polish May Beauty Heroes box
Next is the Hero of the May Beauty Heroes box, the OSEA Undaria Body Polish*. I've already reviewed it (see here) and I just can't get enough of this body scrub. I don't exactly know what is it that I love so much but it really has a special place in my heart. It's creamy and almost fluffy, it's gentle yet still effective, it smells amazing and leaves my skin soft, hydrated yet not greasy. It's just beautiful!

You can get Undaria here or get the OSEA box by joining Beauty Heroes here.
Ayour Body Toning Serum Mun Skin
Another body products I've been really loving lately is Ayour Body Toning Serum* by MUN. I just recently finished their Aknari Brightening Youth Serum* which I loved and I actually miss it so I was really intrigued by this body oil and it didn't disappoint! Ayour has the most wonderful scent of Lavender which is sooo relaxing, the oil is lightweight (the same as Aknari) and I love that. It makes my skin soft and moisturized. Such a lovely body oil! It contains oils of Olive, Cucumber, Rosehip, Prickly Pear Seed and three or four ingredients more. I love that the ingredient list isn't complicated. It works like it should and I adore it.

You can get MUN products on their website here, at Beauty Heroes here (members have 15% off) and in Europe at Amazingy here.
Leahlani Skincare Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil
Last but most certainly not least is the product I completely fell in love with right after I got it out of the box and on my face. Here it is, the newest Leahlani product, Pamplemousse Tropical Enzyme Cleansing Oil*. OMG I've only had this oil cleanser for a week and I'm already completely and utterly in love! I already proclaimed my love for this beauty on Instagram (see here and I also saved my first impression and application in my stories highlights on my feed). It has a beautiful scent of Grapefruit and Vanilla and I love that the scent lingers on in the bathroom after I do my complete evening skincare routine. Aah the smell is just so fresh and yummy. It feels lightweight on the skin, it works ah-mazing at removing makeup - it removes every single drop of makeup and sunscreen, and leaves my skin fresh, soft and hydrated. I'm so impressed with its ability to remove everything from my face with only one cleanse AND without a wash cloth! What?! Why yes, this baby can be rinsed off with water. Just to quickly address the ingredient that makes this oil cleanser rinsable, it's the same as it is in the Siam Seas Morning Delight All-in-one Cleanser (see my review here). After doing some more research and talking to some formulators and friends I think this ingredient is safer than it looks. I'm still not completely sold on it but for now I'm going to use products containing it. So I know that not everyone of you can be bothered with wash cloths and even though I absolutely love my wash cloths I do have to say that having a cleanser that is an oil cleanser but can still be removed with water is just awesome. I think this might be my new fave product from Leahlani. Highly recommend.

For the time being you can only order it from Leahlani's website here but it will be available in Europe soon (in June).

Have you tried any of these beauties? What are some of your fave products at the moment?

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

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Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil

maj 11, 2018

Haven't talked about hair in a little while so today I'm bringing you this new-to-me hair oil that I've been really enjoying lately. First a little hair care confession. When I had my hair blonde I was very into hair oils and treatments cause you all know what colouring your hair does to them. I actually had longer hair than now and they were actually quite soft and smooth, especially for blonde hair. Yeah I was very into products for dry and damaged skin and they worked like a charm. After years of dyeing my hair I coloured them with henna two or three times and now I have my natural hair colour, no chemicals left. Honestly it's really not that hard to maintain soft and healthy natural hair so I've been very lazy with using hair oils. If I use it twice a month that's a lot (before I did hair oil treatments almost every single time I washed my hair). But this new product in my life has been making me to take care of my hair a bit more once again and I love that.
Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil. Vegan, organic, handcrafted.
Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil. Vegan, organic, handcrafted.
Let me introduce you to the Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil*. Prim Botanicals is an all-natural beauty and lifestyle brand raised in the Philippines and currently based in New York. They source as many plush tropical ingredients as possible and work with their in-house esthetician to formulate products that work- and work right away. They craft everything in small batches and, quite literally, whistle (and dance) while they work. The first thing you always see when looking at a new brand is their packaging and the design and Prim Botanicals have that down. I absolutely love their design, isn't it just gorgeous? 

The Hair Oil is described as "deeply hydrating and nourishing, it helps make unmanageable hair manageable, breathes life into lifeless locks, adds shine to dullness and mends split ends. It's like having a fairy god mother- and the magic won't disappear after midnight. Plus, it works to protect your hair from the damaging effects of heat and over styling." This hair oil contains an array of nourishing ingredients like Coconut (from the Philippines), Camellia, Argan, Moringa and Marula Oils, to name a few. The scent is warm, musky and spicy, I would say but for the life of me I can't describe what exactly my nose is detecting. It contains essential oils of Lavender, Rosemary, Bitter Orange and Vanilla, but there's also Tamanu and Black Cumin Seed Oils which also have their own particular scent. When I first smelled it I was like hmm but then after using it I really liked it. 
Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil.
Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil. Vegan, organic, handcrafted.
I love using the oil as an overnight hair treatment before washing. I brush my hair, divide them into two sections and start applying the oil on the ends of my hair and then also massage a bit of oil onto my scalp. Brush again and put in a bun. I don't use a lot cause there's no point it that but my hair do look oily when I'm done. Shampoo twice and voila. It's not that heavy so it washes off easily. My hair are left very soft and smooth and I just love using it. Sometimes I also use it on my dry hair like a little pick me up for my hair. I only use a little and apply mainly on the ends. I have to say that I like and dislike the dispenser. It's perfect for the pick me up part when you only want a tiny bit of oil so the hair doesn't look greasy but when I go all heavy duty with it I wish a pump would disperse more oil. Patience is key. Other than that I love the packaging. 

The Hair Oil is a beautiful nourishing product and I really like it. I've also reviewed Prim's The Body Oil (review here), which I loved as well. You can find Prim Botanicals The Hair Oil on their website here. I know that Emi from the Eminessences shop carried Prim Botanicals but at the moment you can only find two of their products on there - and they are on sale (see here).

Have you tried this hair oil? Do you even use hair oils?

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

JET SET May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box

maj 06, 2018

This month's Art of Organics box is all about travelling and going places. Don't mind if I do! I say box but this month the featured products come in this neat little pouch filled with multi-purpose and small or travel sized products that are more than perfect for trips.

Meet Clean Beauty Essentials. The May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box* comes in a Piece & Co Organic Cotton Travel Pouch and inside are Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil Under Eye Rollerball (full size), BYBI Multi-Purpose Beauty Balm (full size) and Odacite Synergie [4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque. Check it out here.
May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET.
May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET. Kahina Giving Beauty, Odacite, BYBI, Piece & Co.
May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET. Piece & Co Organic Cotton Travel Pouch.
May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET. Piece & Co Organic Cotton Travel Pouch. Handcrafted in India.
Piece & Co Organic Cotton Travel Pouch is the cutest little travel bag! Created exclusively for AO by Piece & Co this pouch was handcrafted by skilled artisans in India using a traditional hand-tasseling technique. Organic Cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides. Have you watched the documentary The True Cost? There you can see what pesticides and fast fashion are doing to the environment. It's so sad and heartbreaking. So I'm extremely glad to see the use of Organic Cotton (I didn't expect anything less from Art of Organics), which actually uses 71% less water and 62% less energy to grow. If I look closely I can see that the pouch is made really well, the fabric is of high quality and it just look so darn pretty. That little tassle is the cutest and the colour is just perfect. I love that AO mixed things up a bit and packaged their goodies in this beautiful pouch.
May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET. Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil Undereye Rollerball.
Kahina Giving Beauty Prickly Pear Seed Oil Under Eye Rollerball is the perfect remedy for tired eyes that need a pick-me-up. Kahina is a brand that I simply adore and have been for years. All of the products I've used worked so amazingly well on my skin and I really can't fault them. The brand actually started on their journey with Argan Oil and the founder Katharine L'Heureux has built a holistic regimen around this multipurpose ingredient. Then came another stunning ingredient, Prickly Pear Seed Oil. As far as I know the oil is costly but very sustainable. It's rich in Vitamin E and K, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. This Under Eye Rollerball contains only this ingredient and I love the simplicity of it. Supposedly it helps to reduce dark under-eye circles, moisturize and fight free radical damage. I'm so pleased with the MUN Aknari serum (review here) which also contains Prickly Pear Seed Oil so I'm pretty sure I will love this one as well. May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET. BYBI Multi-Purpose Beauty Balm Babe Balm.
May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET. BYBI Multi-Purpose Beauty Balm Babe Balm. Waxy texture.
BYBI Multi-Purpose Beauty Balm aka Babe Balm is an incredible multi-tasker that can do it all. Formulated to be the squeaky clean version of the cult classic '8 Hour Cream' this universal beauty balm nourishes from head to toe. I've never tried Elizabeth Arden's cream but I do enjoy this product very much. I've actually tried it before thanks to the lovely Emi from Eminessences but that one came in a glass jar. This tube is made from a renewable plastic made from Sugarcane and is completely biodegradable. Yas! BYBI is a UK brand created by Elsi and Dominika, two beauty bloggers and formulators. They create skincare that is 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. Babe Balm contains Shea Butter, Olive & Coconut Oils, Calendula, Hibiscus and a few more, including Sweet Potato. It's completely free of essential oils and supposedly it has a scent of Pequi Oil. I have no idea how to describe it, it's pleasant and not overpowering. It has more of a waxy consistency and it's not like your typical oily balm. I really like that. It can be used for everything! From dry skin and lips, to unruly brows and frizzy hair, as a highlighter, moisturizer or primer (if your skin doesn't tolerate coconut oil or shea butter then don't apply it on your face). I love to use it as a hand cream, especially as my nighttime hand cream. It makes my skin soft and nourished.
May Art of Organics Clean Beauty Box Clean Beauty Essentials. JET SET. Odacite Synergie Immediate Skin Perfecting Masque.
Odacite Synergie [4] Immediate Skin Perfecting Beauty Masque is a 4 in 1 treatment, formulated with effective cofactor ingredients that work synergistically with one another to deliver results after the very first application. As you can see this mask comes in a sachet and I think you can get two or three uses out of it. I was fortunate enough that Odacite kindly gifted me the full size jar of this mask so I thoroughly tested it out. It's a powdered mask with Kaolin and Bentonite Clays, Papaya Enyzmes, Activated Charcoal and more. The mix of ingredients is so beautiful and makes this mask to be purifying, brightening, calming and exfoliating. It also boosts collagen and I'm not mad about that. You can read my full review of the mask here.

The May Art of Organics box is valued at $105 and you can get it for $39. Get it here.

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Much love to you all,

Jana xx

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May 2018 Beauty Discovery ft. OSEA

maj 02, 2018

Hi lovelies! Hope you all had a wonderful Labour Day and I wish you a beautiful month ahead. The first day of a new month is always so exciting to me because that's the day when a new Beauty Heroes box drops. This month Jeannie Jarnot surprised us with an already well loved brand and one that I have been dying to try out. May 2018 Beauty Discovery is all about OSEA, a brand that was founded by Jenefer Palmer. The Spa Director and Aromatherapist had a vision for a natural, luxury, spa-quality skincare line based on the vast benefits of seaweed. Environmentally conscious and meticulous, Jenefer’s approach to formulating required she go to the ends of the earth to find the purest, most potent source of seaweed, which she discovered in the pristine channels of Patagonia. OSEA was the first of its kind to deliver innovative formulas made with certified organic, bioavailable seaweed and pure steam-distilled and cold pressed essential oils that effectively reduce the appearance of blemishes and improve skin’s vitality.

Seaweed (marine algae) is one of the most abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Not only that OSEA sources their seaweed with eco-responsible practices meaning that it is hand-foraged as it naturally makes its way into the shallow waters of the pristine Patagonian shore, they also use invasive seaweed so they don't damage the environment but actually help other types of seaweed to thrive. Read more about their practices here.

May 2018 Beauty Discovery* comes with two OSEA products, one for the face & one for the body. In the box you will find full-sized OSEA Ocean Cleanser (150 ml) and full-sized Undaria Body Polish (340 g). See here.
OSEA Ocean Cleanser, Undaria Body Polish. Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery May 2018.
OSEA Ocean Cleanser, Undaria Body Polish. Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery May 2018.
OSEA Ocean Cleanser Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery May 2018.
OSEA Ocean Cleanser Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery May 2018. Vegan, gluten-free.
OSEA Ocean Cleanser cleanses away makeup, excess oil, and impurities. This cleanser is based on Water and contains ingredients like Organic Seaweed, beet-derived Lactic Acid, which makes skin feel silky smooth, Sesame and Jojoba Oils. It has a refreshing, zesty scent of Lime, and there's also Orange, Juniper, Cypress and Jasmine Essential Oils. Ocean Cleanser has a light green colour which comes from Chlorophyll. Based on the appearance I was expecting a creamy cleanser but this is in fact a gel cleanser. To be more precise it's not a watered-down gel but more like a heavy duty gel cleanser that is very lovely to use. It doesn't foam and it almost creates a slight film on the skin which is good for a quick massage. If you add water it turns more white and milky, but I wouldn't say it turns into a creamy cleanser, nothing like that. You could remove it with a cloth, especially if you use it as a makeup remover but I find that a few splashes of water remove it just as well. It is NOT oily so removing it with water is my prefered way of rinsing it off. I've been really enjoying it as a morning cleanser or as a second evening cleanser. I haven't tried it as a makeup remover yet because I'm too attached to my oil cleansers haha. After watching Jeannie's recent insta stories (@beautyheroes), I saw that you can also use it as a face mask. It's too soon for me to tell if it made any difference in my skin because I haven't been using it that long but skin always feels good after I rinse it off with water. Skin feels fresh, properly cleansed and slightly hydrated too. Skin is clean but not feeling squeaky clean. I love that it's not tightening or drying. I also love the glass packaging, as you may know already. I can see using this cleanser for the upcoming months to come. Having a non-drying gel cleanser with a refreshing scent always sounds like a good one to have in the summer. Check the Ocean Cleanser here.
OSEA Undaria Body Polish. Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery May 2018.
OSEA Undaria Body Polish. Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery May 2018. Vegan, gluten free.
Undaria Body Polish is a product that I was initially surprised to see in a Beauty Heroes box (cause I didn't see it as a hero product) but oh my word, this body polish is something else! It is definitely not your typical natural body scrub and after I tried it for the first time I immediately understood the reason why it's the Hero product of this box. As the Ocean Cleanser, Undaria is also based on Water and that is already different to many natural body scrubs on the market. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good body scrub that is based on oils and butters (I'm looking at you Rachel's Plan Bee) but having a scrub that feels lightweight and yet stil hydrating without an oily residue is just amazing. So what's in Undaria, besides water? There is Glycerin, Hemp and Passion Fruit Oils, fine-grained Acai, Pumice and Guarana Seed Powders, which are used to address signs of rough texture, dullness and dead skin build up. There is of course also Algea in this body polish and that is where the name comes from. Undaria or wakame, which is a more commonly used name, is a brown seaweed that helps to reduce the appearance of redness, dryness and irritation, and also makes skin feel soothed and hydrated. There's also red-algae Gigartina and Macrocystis, or Kelp extract. It is one beautiful body scrub, truly! The scent is also very nice and really interesting actually. When you open the jar (which is huge btw) you can smell the relaxing Lavender but after you rinse it off you can smell Lemon (or Lemon Balm to be precise).

I love the consistency of this body polish so much. It's lush and creamy (BH describes it as a whipped sea soufflé and I love that!) and I love that the polishing particles are not very harsh. It is in fact very gentle and yet very effective. Before writing this review I used it on the tops of my hands and I simply cannot stop touching my skin haha. It's very smooth, soft and hydrated. I love that there's no oily residue but skin is still left hydrated and not dry. I'm really impressed with this body polish and I'm thrilled I got to experience it through another gorgeous Beauty Heroes box. Check Undaria here.

So to sum up my first experience with OSEA products: I love Undaria Body Polish and really like the Ocean Cleanser. Definitely a brand worth trying out and I would love to try more of their products. 

May 2018 Beauty Discovery will be available to purchase until the 20th of May but often times Beauty Heroes boxes are sold out fast so I would suggest you order as soon as possible. Join Beauty Heroes to receive the May Beauty Discovery here.

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links
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