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marec 01, 2018

Let's start this March on a high note with a little self-care post. Originally it was meant to be featured on the Art of Organics blog but I ended up writing about self-love. You can read my article Musings on Self Love here. Comment if you like and let me know how you feel and think about self-love. And about self-care as well.
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I wasn't really sure how to start this article and in all honesty I'm still not sure as I'm writing this. Self-care is something that I feel is quite talked about in the green beauty community but other than that it seems that it doesn't always have a positive ring to it. I experienced that sometimes it is frowned upon to take care of yourself and I'm like why? Why would someone take so much care for the people around them (which is of course amazing and wonderful!) but then be against taking care of themselves? Why is it so commendable not to take care of yourself? I know that we are all different but no one should feel guilty about practising self-care. Or making someone feel guilty. Taking care of yourself shouldn't be viewed as something bad, egoistic and self centered. We already have too busy and stressful lives as is and feeling guilty and ashamed while doing something good for our body and mind is just completely unnecessary. We should all show and share more love, not only to others but also towards ourselves.

I don't know what's the “right” way to go about self-care but I see it as a practice, as something you should do regularly. And with love. When I think about the term “self-care” I do think about the physical body (yoga fan over here AND you can never go wrong with a walk through a forest) but the first thought that actually pops into my mind is to take care of the mind, the spiritual and emotional body. Lately I've been finding it hard to really focus on my mind and emotions but when I do take time to practice self-care I always feel better about myself and my life. Some associate self-care with crystals and magic and unicorns, and while you can make it all that, it's also really very simple and easy to do. I have a few beautiful self-care practices and for me crystals do make them more special, but there are no rules when it comes to taking care of yourself.

After a stressful, hard, cold, unmotivated day (I will not say lazy!) the best thing I can do for myself is to have a bath. There is just nothing like it! Bath salts or bubble bath, a book or a TV show, music or silence, water or wine, crystals or flower petals, there is nothing like the luxury of being able to have a bath. They in fact are a luxury and I'm being mindful of the water I use so I keep it to one or two baths a week. I'm going to move to a place with no bath tub in the near future so I'm cherishing my baths even more.

Never say never, but I will never stop masking. I can't say it's the ultimate self-care practice but if you're this in love with skincare products as I am, it's a pretty big one. It's true that I don't make masking that special, since in real life I usually just slap a mask on my face and do whatever while masking. But for me it's the whole ritual that counts. From removing my makeup and washing my face to either mixing my own concoction or using a mask that's all ready to use straight from the jar. I find this whole process really relaxing and calming, and isn't that the whole point of self-care?

Speaking of relaxing, I also try to calm my monkey mind. I read that an average person has about fifty thousands thoughts each day and isn't that just insane? It can be very hard but I try to notice my thoughts and change negatives into positives. As pretty much everyone else I also complain but when I realise that I try and think about things I'm grateful for. Sounds so random but it really works. Writing a gratitude journal is one of the best things I've started doing last year. Being mindful and in the moment is also something that's worth learning and incorporating into your life. And of course meditation. Probably the hardest but also the most rewarding self-care practice. I still don't meditate every single day, which would be ideal but I'm hopeful I'm going to make more time for it this year.

Can you tell I find this topic very intriguing? There are so many wonderful acts and practices of self-care one can do but at this moment the ultimate ritual for me would be masking while meditating while bathing. Sounds lovely, doesn't it?

What is your ultimate self-care ritual or practice?

Love and light,

Jana xx

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