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februar 26, 2018

Do you take any supplements? I do but I'm quite particular with the supplements and superfoods I'm eating. I tend to go for organic, cruelty free, possibly without any synthetic ingredients. When it comes to supplements it's pretty much the same as it is with my beauty products. And you know which are some of my fave beauty products? The ones that come in beauty boxes like Beauty Heroes. I'm thrilled to share with you that Beauty Heroes introduced their first ever Wellness Discovery box featuring four superfoods. As their first brand Jeannie and the Beauty Heroes team decided on the beautiful Anima Mundi potions.

 Anima Mundi is a medicinal herb line that integrates native traditions and ancient formulations into delicious, food-based remedies that support whole body health. Anima Mundi was founded by Adriana Ayales, who was born in the jungle of Costa Rica and comes from a long lineage of Shamanic-style healers. Through collaborations with farmers, healers and botanist, Adriana procures botanicals that are beyond organic; they are proven, potent and from the most pristine sources on earth. From farm to pharmacy, Anima Mundi helps preserve indigenous lands and their local economies through traditional medicine making. Amazing! Reading this it's no surprise that Beauty Heroes picked this brand to be in their first Wellness Discovery box.
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Curam Elixir, Euphoria Spirit Elixir, Mangosteen Hibiscus Superfood, Coconut Cream Powder
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Curam Elixir, Euphoria Spirit Elixir, Mangosteen Hibiscus Superfood, Coconut Cream Powder
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Curam Elixir, Euphoria Spirit Elixir.
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Curam Elixir, Euphoria Spirit Elixir. Vegan, organic, wildcrafted.
There were four Anima Mundi products in this limited edition Beauty Heroes box: all work synergistically to benefit mind, body and inner sage. I can't pick one that I was the most excited to try out but anything and everything with Turmeric always peeks my interest. So Curam it is.

CURAM ELIXIR* is described as anti-inflammatory and anti-aging beauty elixir, bursting with Turmeric, Camu Camu, Amla, Mangosteen, Rama Tulsi, Black Pepper, Ylang Ylang and Lemon Peel, extracted in Vegetable Glycerin and Filtered Water. Turmeric is mostly known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and is in my opinion THE spice or supplement to incorporate into your life. It's also a great antioxidant, the same as Camu Camu which is full of Vitamin C. Amla as well. Black Pepper enhances and boosts Turmeric's healing powers and the two are a true power couple. It's especially recommended to enjoy it before breakfast for its alkalizing effect on the body, but you can use Curam at any time of day. I usually add it to my water or turmeric latte and that works great for me, but you can also add it to your smoothie, juice or tea. Get it here.
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Euphoria Spirit Elixir.
Let's continue with another Anima Mundi elixir, the EUPHORIA SPIRIT ELIXIR*. Fortified with botanical aphrodisiacs, Euphoria is a tincture designed to waken feelings of sensuality, loving awareness, and arousal of the spirit. There are some very interesting ingredients in this elixir and I actually have no idea what they are. For example, there is Muira Puama, Catuba and Yohimbe. But I do know Hibiscus, Gogi Berries and Rose Petals, which are also in the Euphoria. This super blend is also used to uplift the spirit with joy while being a tonic for uterus and prostate. I don't know if this elixir works for me as in I can't say anything much really because I haven't been using it long but sometimes I do feel like I get a little boost of energy from it. It tastes quite good so I just mix it with water and drink. Find it here.
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Mangosteen Hibiscus Superfood.
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Mangosteen Hibiscus Superfood. Beauty Tonic.
MANGOSTEEN HIBISCUS SUPERFOOD* comes in a big glass jar (114 g) and is in powder form. It contains only two ingredients: Mangosteen Peel Powder and Hibiscus Flower Powder. Both are traditional staples in Rainforest Herbalism, abundant in vitamin C, essential minerals and phytonutrients. Okay so I love Hibiscus! Give me some hibiscus tea, hibiscus kombucha, hibiscus in my skincare. Love. But this powder doesn't taste particularly good. I have to figure out how to enjoy it to make it taste better but I kinda don't feel like adding it to my smoothie so I just mix it with some water, hold on my nose and drink it as quickly as I can. But I do love it for something else - as a face mask. I simply mix it with some water, a couple drops of oil and honey. Hibiscus is known as a "Botox plant" so it is firming and it's also a natural source of AHAs which are known to exfoliate the skin. Based on my experience Hibiscus is also brightening so definitely try it if you have problems with post-acne redness and hyperpigmentation. And be consistent with it and use it once or twice per week. You can get it here.
Beauty Heroes Anima Mundi Wellness Discovery. Coconut Cream Powder.
COCONUT CREAM POWDER* is my definite favourite from this Wellness Discovery. It contains only one ingredient - 100% Coconut Meat. Organic, vegan, handcrafted, sustainable and incredibly delicious! This luscious supplemental powders packed with healthy oils and fiber to support a healthy gut, skin and brain. It can be added to anything but my favoruite combinations are with matcha & turmeric lattes, and cacao. See my previous post on how to create the perfect matcha latte with the Coconut Cream Powder here. This powder brings me so much joy and it really is so, So delicious. Get it here.

I've absolutely loved discovering these Anima Mundi products and I'm so thankful to Beauty Heroes for introducing them to me. Unfortunately this Wellness Discovery is no longer available but you can get all these products in the Beauty Heroes shop here. Members get 15% off.

Have you tried Anima Mundi products? What are some of your favourite supplements and superfoods?

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this posts contains affiliate links

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