The Rose Tree Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter

januar 14, 2018

Last month I got this new cleansing balm and all it took for me to fall in love with was one use. Let me introduce you to a new-to-me brand that is definitely not new on the market, The Rose Tree. This UK brand was founded by Olga Rumble and at The Rose Tree they use ethically sourced and as many organic ingredients as they can, they don't test on animals and the majority of their products come in glass jars. The first product I decided to try out from them is their Carrot & Mango Cleansing Butter* and, spoiler alert, I really like it!
They say "Prepare to be amazed with our super luxurious cleansing butter packed with potent botanicals to gently lift off makeup and dirt, and it only takes 2 minutes!" and I could say the same. This product caught my eye with two words, Carrot and Mango. Looking at the ingredient list, which is 75% organic, I see two Carrot components. The first is Carrot Seed Oil, derived from Wild Carrot, and Organic Carrot Oil, derived from organic Carrot Extracts macerated in organic Sunflower Oil. Interesting. Carrots have brightening benefits on the skin and I'm all about that. As for Mangoes go, in the cleanser is Mango Butter which is a "superb hydrating moisturiser, with skin rejuvenating properties".
This butter has such a lovely, smooth & soft texture that melts beautifully on the skin. Like it is with cleansing balms and oils, I apply it on my dry skin and gently, but thoroughly massage it onto my skin. It removes my makeup very nicely and with a bit of time spent on my eyes, it also removes mascara. As always, I remove everything with a wet wash cloth. It leaves my skin properly cleansed and soft, not dry or tight. It doesn't clog my pores, but if your skin doesn't tolerate Coconut Oil, then I would stay away from this product. Oh and there's also Beeswax, therefore not vegan. The butter has a nice, natural scent of Lavender. It's not a strong Lavender scent, which I really appreciate because I don't love every Lavender-scented product. This one I do. I find it quite lovely. I also really love that it comes in a glass jar, I'm all about that less plastic life.

I would recommend this product for normal, dry and mature skin, also combination if your skin agrees with Coconut Oil. You can get this product here.

Have a lovely Sunday my lovelies!


Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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