Favourite Morning Cleansers

januar 09, 2018

I've been really loving my selection of morning cleansers so if you're looking for something new or were just curious what I love, here are my current favourites.
Lilfox Jungle Glow Rainforest Honey Enzyme Cleanser + Mask is as the name says, a honey based cleanser, exfoliator and mask. Three in one product. What's not to love already? Jungle Glow contains raw rainforest Honey from Hawaii, and I'm sure you all know how I feel about Honey, and Hawaii? Pure love. Honey is very hydrating, skin repairing, brightening and antimicrobial. It is THE best. The product also contains Maracuja & Rosehip Oils, Raw Cacao and White Clay, to name the most active ones. Smells citrusy, of Neroli, Grapefruit, Mandarin. Jungle Glow is hydrating, exfoliating, smoothing, revitalizing, plumping. No matter what kind of skin day I'm having, I can use it every single time and I will always love it. The way I like to use it as a quick morning mask and that doubles up as a cleanser. I apply it on a slightly damp skin, that way it's easier to spread around, and leave it on for at least a few minutes. When I have time or in the evenings I leave it on my skin longer and my skin is really soft and smooth afterwards. Based on some reviews I would not recommend it for very sensitive skin because some ladies find it a bit harsh. I absolutely love it. Get it here.
Leahlani Skincare Honey Love 3-in-1* is another three in one product that I love and adore. At a first glance it sounds pretty similar to Jungle Glow and yes, you could easily say you don't need both. Honey Love is also based on organic raw Hawaiian Honey but that's where similarities in term of ingredients end. This beauty contains whole Maqui Berry Fruit, an ingredient I fell in love with last year, with SkinOwl's products. There're also Noni Fruit, Rose Clay, Hibiscus and probably the most interesting one - Corundum Crystals. "The crystals are ground to a very fine powder and they do not have any jagged edges, so they will not ‘tear’ skin cells like traditional exfoliators. Corundum has bacteria-killing properties and helps to clear the skin, and rinses off clean- without being absorbed into the skin." It's almost impossible for me to compare the two products but I think Honey Love is a bit more friendly to sensitive skin because it's not as harsh, especially if you don't mix in all the Crystals that are at the bottom of the jar. It's beaut and like all Leahlani products, it has a gorgeous scent. LOVE. Also check out this video to see this beauty more up close and personal. Get it here.
Leahlani Skincare Kalima Coconut Cream Cleansing Powder is yet another stunning Leahlani products. I just can't with these products. How are they so good?? Beautiful, filled with yummy ingredients, with intoxicating scents and most importantly, so effective. With Kalima "your cleansing ritual will never be the same." All three products I mentioned so far are my second jars, so you see the love is very real. Kalima is a powdered cleanser and funnily enough, it also acts like a three in one product. Pour some into the palm of your hand, add some water and that will transform Kalima into this magical pink mousse-like potion that will gently exfoliate, brighten and cleanse your skin. I love that Kalima is rich in Vitamin C and I find it very beneficial and effective at fading dark spots on the skin. The same as with Honey Love & Jungle Glow, I apply it on my skin and leave it for a few minutes before rinsing it off. Sometimes I also use it as a mask, always mixing it with water because water activates Vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) and I also always add some honey and/or a few drops of oil. The blend isn't completed with some Kokoleka. That right here is one beautiful aloha alchemy. If you have problems with hyperpigmentation I highly recommend incorporating Kalima into your everyday skincare routine. I'm on my second bottle and I can't get enough of her. LOVE. Get it here or via Reina Organics, where I get it from.
Linne Botanicals Purify Face Wash* is a great detoxifying face wash/mask and is perfect for oily, acne-prone skin and for those days when your skin is feeling a bit meh. Purify contains Clays (French Green and Bentonite) and those are just the best ingredients to detoxify and deeply cleanse the skin. I don't use this product often (luckily I don't have to) but when I do, which is about once a week, I use it as a 5-10 minute mask. It dries up very quickly on the skin, it's tightening, cooling and very refreshing. After I rinse it off, my skin feels revitalized and also a bit dry and in need of moisture. Since it is a bit gritty, this cleanser also provides a very gentle exfoliaton. I will say that the packaging is not my fave. I try to avoid as much plastic as I can when it comes to my beauty products but also it's not that functional since I always have to remove the cap to get the product out. But other than the packaing, it provides a lovely daily or weekly dose of skin detoxification. Get it here.

Update: Linne Botanicals commented on my Instagram regarding the problems I experienced with the product: "I so appreciate your feedback! Sadly you are having particular issues getting the product out due to faults by our manufacturer making the product too thick and clumpy for the Beauty Heroes box. The product is usually super smooth and more free flowing and we have switched manufacturers after that horrible outcome. With that said we are still trying to figure out the best packaging. Unfortunately because of the clays drying in the pump straw we are unable to use a glass bottle and we feel that a glass jar invites contamination and other issues. We do use a PET plastic which when recycled has a smaller footprint than recycling glass, plus it’s lighter weight means less petrochemicals needed in transport. Plastic is still not ideal, but when properly recycled, bpa-free PET is a fair alternative. We alternatively could look at softer plastic squeeze tubes..."
Ayuna Less Is Beauty Nourishing Artisan Soap* is the best facial soap I've ever tried! Mind you I haven't tried a lot because they are so darn drying to the skin but this one is something else. This soap is created with Borage, Olive and Coconut Oils and I guess the formulation of them is just right because it's so creamy and lathers beautifully. It cleanses my skin really well and it also removes makeup, but I wouldn't really recommend it for that because it can burn your eyes. Saying this I was so surprised when I did try it as a makeup remover - it removed everything! The soap is ever so slightly drying on the skin but comparing with other soaps you could easily say it's nourishing. But then it is actually almost hydrating. It is a strange one. Strange but oh so lovely. The soap is also enriched with botanical Activated Charcoal to provide the skin with a deep detox. I just used it this morning and let me tell that the scent of this product always brings a smile to my face. Love. Get it here.

The last two things I want to mention is that even though I have this array of gorgeous products, sometimes the best thing you can do for your skin is to simply wash it with water. If you properly cleanse your skin the day before then I see no reason why you shouldn't just use cold to lukewarm water to wash you face in the morning. It is the easiest thing ever! Not to mentioned the cheapest and sometimes also the most beneficial. I'm guilty of over-saturating my skin with products but sometimes a minimalist approach does more good. Having a makeup and skincare free day is also so good for the skin and it is on days like this that you can really tell what is your skin like. I did it about two weeks ago and at the end of the day my skin was a bit oily on my forehead but other than that it was normal. I expected dryness or tightens but fortunately there was none of that. 

The last ingredient to mention is honey. Easy, so effective and so good for the skin. Perfect for dry or oily & acne prone skin. Definitely try it out if you haven't already. Find a good raw honey and slather it on your skin. Leave for a few minutes or one hour and you will have the softest skin. I highly recommend it! 

Have you tried any of these? What are you been using as your current morning cleanser?

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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