Not Really A Gift Guide

december 18, 2017

I don't think I ever wrote a post dedicated to Christmas gifts (not that it's anything wrong with them) and this year is no different. But I do want to mention a few things I've seen and liked. I know I'm super late with this kind of post but still, I want to link and write about a few things that have been on my mind.

It was actually the lovely Sarah who inspired me to do a post like this. Sarah is all about sustainability, using products that are made with people and the environment in mind. Using fairtrade & organic products in glass or aluminium, no plastic. She is all about simplicity and attainable products. Love everything she stands for. Plus she is a total sweetheart, always so kind and friendly. Definitely check out her beautiful blog here. So, Sarah wrote this article for Meow Meow Tweet's blog where she shared some wonderful gift ideas. I loved her thoughtful ideas and the fact that you don't need to spend huge amounts of money to give someone something special (an experience or a trip is also a gift!) and in the article you can also find one of my own DIY's. Read more here. And while you're at it, check out MMT's products as well. I have yet to try one of their deodorants, which are btw in biodegradable packaging. Yas! In Europe available at Reina Organics. The beautiful Rayna will donate 5% from every order this month to support children in need in Bulgaria. #giveback
Since I already mentioned giving back, there are so many ways you could do that.

December time is all about buying gifts for people we know and love but wouldn't also be nice to give something to someone you don't really know personally? I already mention one example above, where you can kill two birds with one stone: buying a gift for someone (you can't go wrong with Leahlani Skincare) and at the same time you would be also contributing to giving back for children in need. Or for example if you are buying Christmas cards you could go with the ones that support someone else. This year I bought two different cards: one are to support Botrstvo v Sloveniji (Sponsorship in Slovenia), which is a humanitarian project that concentrates on helping children and youth from socially disadvantaged families from all over Slovenia, and the other are to support Center slepih, slabovidnih in starejših (Centre for blind, visually impaired and seniors).

Or you could simply donate to a charity of your choosing. It doesn't have to be a lot, 5€ is better than nothing. Truth be told I was always a bit wary of donating and thinking is the money really going in the right hands but this year I decided to trust more and I donated to Sea Legacy. As you surely know oceans are not what they once were. There's tons of plastic, chemical pollutant and other shit, and by oceans I also mean seas and rivers and just water in general. Adriatic Sea is also full of plastic. Anyways, Sea Legacy is on a mission to create a world where our oceans will again be healthy and abundant. I urge you to check them out here and if you can donate or spread the word. Follow them on Instagram too @sealegacy. While you're at it you can also watch Blue Planet 2 and surely this will encourage you to do something. We have to keep reminding ourselves of this problem, otherwise we quickly forgot and ignore it. Ignorance is bliss but it's no way to live.

These are just a couple of things you can do for others this December, but there are also so, SO many more. Even though I might sound all high and mighty, none of us is perfect but we can all try and do better. You know even talking about it is good. You can even inspire someone to say no to a plastic bag in a grocery shop. Be mindful of your choices. Support local and/or ethical companies. Avoid plastic.

And please don't buy any more of those horrible paraffin based candles with synthetic fragrances. They're not good for you nor the planet. Choose quality over quantity and rather choose non-gmo Soy based or Beeswax candles (stay away from palm oil candles too!).

As you could see this post was a bit all over the place. From a gift guide to giving back and then to Blue Planet 2 and candles. Something not so "normal" and usual from me but I hope you liked it nonetheless.

With love,

Jana xx

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