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november 27, 2017

I had this idea in mind to publish a makeup look created exclusively with products you can find on Love Lula. I'm happy to say I almost succeeded & I say almost because the mascara I used can't be bought on Love Lula. Some products I used are my firm favourites and I have been using & loving them for months and others I've received about a month ago and been also using them on a daily basis. I wrote quick reviews of each product I used and I hope you find them useful.
Inika Certified Organic BB Cream Foundation* (review) in the shade Cream has been my absolute favourite foundation ever since I've received it. I haven't tried lots of BB creams before but I love this one. It's more opaque as some others I've tried are but it still gives that light wash of colour that you would expect from a BB cream. I love that the coverage is not that sheer so I can easily use it all over my face to even out my tone and then go in with some concealer to cover the parts of my skin that need it. This BB cream is very lightweight, it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything, it stays put all day, it doesn't break me out and it's also full of lovely ingredients. I really love this product and highly recommend it if you're looking for a foundation with light coverage. One tip I have for you is to apply it with your fingers, I find that gives the best finish. You can get it here.
RMS Beauty "un" cover-up* (review) in the shade 11 has been my very loyal companion for the longest time and it just keeps on going and going. I've been loving it as an under eye concealer. It has a light to medium coverage and I really like that it's not drying. Actually that is something I experience if an eye cream isn't very moisturizing. Sometimes if I use too much I do feel it looks almost cakey but a little bit of tapping fixes that instantly. I always apply it with my fingers but on rare occasions when I use it as a foundation I really love to use a dense makeup brush with it, such as the Expert Face Brush by Real Techniques. It is safe to say that it will definitely be a repurchase in the future. Get the product here.
Inika Organic Mineral Mattifying Powder is a nice product but if you're looking for some mattifying effect then this is not the one for you. Upon application it does give that matte look but it quickly goes away. I do use this product quite regularly but it's not one that I would buy again. You can check it out here.

Inika Loose Mineral Bronzer* in the shade Sunlight is another product from the Australian brand. I really love the shade of it because it's not (too) orange or dark, so it suits my light-coloured skin well. I do love that sun kissed look so I've been using this one pretty much every time I apply my makeup. Even though it's a loose mineral bronzer it's not a deal breaker for me because it has a twist and lock sifter. I will say that sometimes it can look a bit powdery on the skin, but nothing that a little blending can't fix. Good for all over the face and for definition on the eye lids. Get it here.
PHB Pressed Mineral Brow Powder* in Ash Blonde has been one of my favourite Love Lula discoveries in the last few months. I didn't have any expectations about this product and it really pleasantly surprised me! The colours is light, ashy and not yellow, it stays put all day (without the use of a brow gel - which I never use) and I'm just really loving it. It says it's long lasting and that it never smudges - I can easily stand behind this. I also adore the eco-friendly packaging and that it has a magnet so it closes properly. Magnetic clicks are so satisfying, aren't they? Highly recommend! You can get it here.

RMS Beauty Swift Shadow in GR-13 Garden Rose* is a pressed eyeshadow in the most beautiful reddish brown shade topped with some shimmer particles. It's pigmented, soft, it blends very nicely and that colour is just so pretty. For this makeup look I first applied some bronzer and then this eyeshadow, both mostly on the outer corners of my eyes & crease. Get the eyeshadow here.
Neek Skin Organics lipstick in the shade Friday On My Mind* has one of the best names, doesn't it? Before applying the lipstick I first apply my love Hurraw Vata Lip Balm* so the lipstick doesn't dry out my lips. This vegan lipstick is a red lipstick with an undertone of plum and brown colours, and it contains a tiny bit of shimmer. I really like that this shade is versatile in its pigmentation - one coat is more sheer and light and with a few coats you can achieve great pigmentation and opaqueness. It's a lovely lipstick and I love that it's vegan & that it comes in a bamboo packaging. There are some more moisturizing lipsticks out there but I wouldn't mind having more Neek lipsticks. Get it here.
Lily Lolo Mascara (review) is the only product from this makeup look that can't be bought on Love Lula. I've been loving Lily Lolo's mascara for what seems to be ages! It's one of my favourite natural mascaras and if you're struggling with finding a good mascara then definitely give this one a go. The only thing that's bothering me is that I'm noticing is that the formula tends to dry out far quicker than it used to in the beginning. Which also means it can start to flake of the lashes much sooner than before. I know I'm not the only one experiencing this so I'm curious do you also have this problem? I do still love it but just be prepared for that if you end up getting it. I love supporting Nina so I get my Lily Lolo products here but do check out their official website to find out the closest shop to you that carries LL products.
The code FRIDAY still gets you 15% off on Love Lula if you fancy some of these products. More info in my previous post.

Wishing you a lovely start of the week!

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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