Say No to Plastic & Go Zero Waste with Your Makeup Remover

november 01, 2017

In this day and era we should all be more wary of the plastic, and waste in general that we use. I do try, I'm nowhere near perfect, but I do try. I encourage you to do something about the use of plastic in your life too. Since pretty much everyone here (hopefully) washes their faces in the evening, either if you're wearing makeup or not, I have the perfect zero waste solution for you. Oil cleanser + washcloth. That's it! If you haven't tried this yet, then definitely keep on reading. 
 How to remove makeup and impurities from the day with an oil cleanser and a washcloth? 

First you need to pick up an oil cleanser. Or a balm cleanser. Both works. If you really want to be zero waste with this then I recommend picking a massive jar of Coconut Oil. Pick one that comes in a glass jar with aluminium lid, not plastic. Choose organic, cold pressed and extra virgin coconut oil. It can be found pretty much in every store, from health stores to regular grocery stores. I've been the biggest fan of coconut oil for years and my combination skin adores it. LOVE. One thing to mention with coconut oil is that it can be pore clogging for some skin and can cause acne. But at the same time it can also heal acne because it's antibacterial. Just a word of caution to do a patch test. If you're scared of coconut oil then you can try Hemp Seed Oil, which works great for oily skin. Or Black Cumin Seed Oil. This one is also great for oily skin type. Or mix them together. Some swear on Jojoba or Grapeseed Oil. The possibilities are endless, especially if you mix and blend them together. One I personally wouldn't recommend is Olive Oil because it can sting your eyes if you use too much, and also be careful with Castor Oil. It can be wonderful in small doses but it can also dry out your skin like nothing else. Again, great for oily skin but don't use it on your own! What I would suggest when buying them is to go for extra virgin, cold pressed and organic + glass packaging.

If you're unsure which oil to choose then you could also go for oil cleansers or balm cleansers created with specific skin types in mind. I mean if you really wish to go as low waste as you can, then go for a big jar or bottle of oil, but an oil cleanser packaged in glass is the next best thing. I love testing out new cleansers so I have quite a number of reviews of them on my blog. My latest oil cleanser discovery is RAPHA Harmonizing Oil Cleanser* from H is For Love, which I've received in the October Boxwalla Beauty Box*. Check out my review here. I also thoroughly enjoyed cleansers from Mel Millis (review), de Mamiel (review), Mallow + White (review), Skin & Tonic (review), Lyonsleaf (review). As you can see I could just go on and on about them. Some of these have plastic lids but if you're changing up your routine from using cotton rounds or makeup remover wipes every day to this routine, then you are already on the right track. Small changes do matter. Like I said, I do love trying out new cleansers but I keep going back to my trusty beloved Coconut Oil. I love that I can always use an empty coconut oil glass jar for something else.
Oil cleanser done, now let's move on to washcloths. Same as with oils, I recommend washcloths made from organic cotton but I too have "normal" ones. Some I received and some are super old. These babies last for such a long time so you definitely get your money's worth. Besides cotton washcloths you can also get muslin cloths, which are more gentle to the skin. Personally I much prefer cotton cloths, because they stay warmer longer and are also bigger. I like to leave the washcloth on my neck as well on my face for a little while, so they work much better than smaller muslin cloths.
Quick update. You could also go for hemp washcloths or organic bamboo washcloths which Tracy from Mono Naturoils recommends. She says they are "ultra absorbent, super soft, naturally antibacterial and sustainably produced/biodegredable".


 First make sure to get your hair of your face. I like to do a bun on top of my head but I'm dying to get one of those cute bands with ears or something. Wash your hands. Use an oil cleanser of choice, spread it in both palms of your hands and apply/massage it directly on your face. No water, no nothing. Just oil directly on top of your makeup. Gently massage your cheeks, your jaw, forehead, your eyes. Apply all over, also down your neck. Massage for at least 20-30 seconds, longer if you feel the need or if you just want to give yourself a super quick massage. Oil will gently dissolve makeup, even mascara. If not, then you're not doing it right or you're too quick about it. Mind you that some oils are better and remove mascara quicker, but all should remove it. Also some do feel nicer on the skin then others. Now take a second to appreciate your new look as a panda. Or a blackish mess.

Now comes the fun part. Some use dry cloths, others rinse them under warm to hot water. I do the later and love it! I squeeze the super warm water from the washcloth and apply on my face. Relaxation begin. As I said, I love a bit bigger washcloths so I can cover my whole face + neck. I very gently press it onto the skin (and be careful if you're using very hot water) and then I just leave it on my skin and gently press my face with my hands. Again, very gently. Here I again have to mention Laurel's video on how to do a facial compress so be sure to check it out here. This is very beneficial for your lymph and lympathic system which Laurel describes as "standing water". Which means you have to do something about it so that it can move, like exercising, lymph massages and such. Doing facial compresses helps as well. It stimulates lymphatic flow and detoxifies - which means happier & healthier skin. So after you've enjoyed a bit of relaxation provided by the warmth of the cloth (trust me on this, it's the best thing ever!) you can wipe off the makeup. Repeat again. If I haven't been wearing makeup or if I follow up with a mask then I leave it at that but sometimes I also feel like using another cleanser to really deeply cleanse my skin.
Since this post is about zero waste-ing your makeup removing game, I would highly recommend using raw and organic Honey (from a glass jar of course). I L O V E honey so much!! I don't know how to express my love for it but honey is the best thing ever for your skin! If of course you're not allergic to it. It's sooo softening, hydrating, it fades acne scars, it evens out skin tone, it's skin smoothing, antibacterial, it's just perfect. I love me some straight up raw honey but I also love honey based cleansers such as Leahlani Skincare Honey Love, Lilfox Jungle Glow and Leahlani Skincare Meli Glow.
If you can't or don't want to use honey then I have another option for you. A powdered cleanser. I have some DIY recipes on this from a few years ago, but to make it super simple you can just ground some oats and store them in a jar. In the palm of your hand add some grounded oats and sprinkle some water on top, apply on your face and done. You can always mix some flowers and other ingredients into the blend. Pictured on the photo is my blend of Oats, Hibiscus & Rosehip. Find something similar here & here. If you don't like DIY-ing and would like a luxe product then go for one of my absolute favourite, Kalima by Leahlani Skincare. Or use some other cleanser packaged in a glass bottle.

I didn't expect to write so much for this post but in the end I would like to mention that oil cleansing is one of the best things I've done for my face and I highly recommend it! I can't imagine removing my makeup any other way. My skin is always properly cleansed when removing makeup like this and is also very soft and lovely. And of course it's way, way better for the environment. If you are not ready to give oil cleansing a go then you could replace your disposable cotton rounds with reusable & washable cotton rounds. I haven't really looked into them but they have loads on Etsy. Be minduful of your choices.

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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