Short & Sweet: Two From Last Week

avgust 29, 2017

I'm not ready to write a post about my favourite products from August so I'll rather talk about two products that I fall in love with last week. One was forgotten in my bag and I found it in the beginning of the week and the other I've been using for about two weeks, and I've really been enjoying both.
 Ever since I've started working with Love Lula I've not only been having lots of fun picking products from their shop but also trying out some very lovely new-to-me products and brands. One of them being John Masters Organics, a brand that has been around for a long while but it's not that talked about in the green beauty community. Well their haircare products are quite popular but skincare isn't. Not sure why but perhaps that needs to change. I've already mentioned their Firming Eye Gel* in this post but today I wanted to share their Bearberry Skin Balancing & Toning Mist* for oily and combination skin. First of all I really like that this mist is based on Aloe Vera. My skin always seems to prefer mists and toners that have a base of Aloe, rather than water. I find them more hydrating and calming. It contains quite a bunch of ingredients, 91% of them are certified organic. Willow, Rosemary, Lavender, these are all ingredients that can be beneficial for oily skin. The mist is described as a purifying and balancing. It may be, I don't know that yet but I do know that it is a very lovely mist with a very good misting spray nozzle. And it's not pore clogging. But it does contain Coconut Oil so if you're sensitive to it, maybe skip this one. One thing I would like to change with this product is the packaging. Looks like dark glass but it's not, it's plastic. Interesting, since the eye gel and the other skincare product I have are both in glass bottles.
The other product I want to mention in this post is Hurraw Vata Lip Balm*. Hurraw lip balms have been one of my favourites for a few years now. They have cool packaging, they're vegan, contain organic, raw (cold pressed), wildcrafted, no gmo ingredients. This scent is one of their "newer" ones (it's been out for quite a while now). Vata is one of the doshas in Ayurveda, which is the traditional medicine of India. There are three basic types of energy, universal principles known as the doshas - vata, pitta and kapha. And Hurraw transformed the three into scents. The word vata means to blow or move like the wind. I'm not quite sure which of the doshas is the most prominent in me so I just picked the balm based on the scent (I smelled them a while back in OrCa). To me it has that typical oriental, rich scent of Cardamom and Rose. It transports me somewhere else, I can't pinpoint where but it's beautiful. Yet another lovely lip balm from Hurraw, they never disappoint.  

You can find both of these products on Love Lula

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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