Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover

avgust 22, 2017

For me summer is a time when I use nail polishes more often than other times of the year. I'm going to be honest and say that I don't know a whole lot about ingredients in nail polishes and nail polish removers but there are definitely some that are better than others (in terms of well known ingredients that are best to avoid, like formaldehyde, toluene etc.). I have some water based polishes and some different polishes that are somewhere around 5 to 10-free of many not-the-best-ingredients-for-you. I don't paint my nails very often and when I do, I try to do it outside. When I used conventional nail polishes in the past the place would stink for quite a while and I just gotten used to either doing it outside or I painted my nails in the bathroom and then left the window open for an hour. The same was with nail polish removers and their horrible scents. Luckily I found natural products (or products on the natural side since nail polishes aren't that natural) so in this post I'm going to share a new-to-me nail polish remover that is friendlier to my nose and my nails.
Fresh Therapies Natural Nail Polish Remover* doesn't have a strong smelly scent which is a big plus for me. It kinda smells citrusy (a fragrant smell includes a hint of lime for freshness) but there are still some of those nail polish remover vibes. But really nothing major in comparison to the conventional stuff. It's free from any artificial acetones and it's not damaging to the natural oils within the nails. The remover is not tested on animals and is suitable for vegans. I really like the clear glass bottle, it's probably one of the most chic nail polish removers I've had, if not the most. It works really well and removes nail polish in seconds. A bit of rubbing is necessary but that's completely fine and normal. You also don't need a lot so if you're anything like me, the bottle will last a long time. The only thing to mention is to be slightly careful when pouring the remover onto a cotton pad. I recommend placing a pad on top of the bottle and rotate it upside down so you don't spill it around. I see people being so lazy with how some products are packaged and complaining where there's nothing to complain about. First world problems, am I right?  Anyways I almost forgot, this remover won't dry out your nails. When you are removing your nail polish the remover actually coats your nails with oils so there really isn't any dryness. I love that. But when you remove the nail polish you should definitely wash your hands and apply an oil or a hand cream to your nails. Or not, it really doesn't feel like you'd need to.
I love this product and I highly recommend it. It works perfectly at removing nail polish (not sure about glitter), it's not drying, it doesn't stink and in my experience it's so much better for your nails that some regular conventional nail polish remover. You can find this baby on Love Lula.

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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