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avgust 15, 2017

Nourishing. Soothing. Colorful. That is the description of Alima Pure Lip Tints that I'm going to talk to you about today. At Alima Pure they believe in minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Their products aren't tested on animals and are made from pure mineral pigments, nourishing plant oils, soothing botanicals, free from synthetic dyes, talc, nano particles and more. I already talked about two lipsticks from Alima Pure that I love but I have to say that their Lip Tints are even better.
Alima Pure Lip Tint is a buttery lip balm that conditions your lips with sheer wash of color. Formulated with a blend of soothing oils, like Pomegranate and Pumpkin Seed Oil, butters, like Cocoa Butter and waxes for a rich, moisturizing finish. Nourishing, moisturizing, buttery lip balm. Reading thins like that I was definitely expecting a lovely, easy-to-wear lippie. Did I get that? I'm happy to say that I did. I have two lips tints and both have a soft, buttery texture, they are moisturizing and feel so nice on the lips. They actually do feel like lip balms. My lips feel soft and have a beautiful wash of colour on them. But it's actually not just a wash of colour, they are much more pigmented and opaque that I was expecting. And I love that.

Lip Tints are available in 9 shades and I have two of them, Honey and Rosewood. Both are carmine free but be careful if you want vegan shades because not every Lip Tint shade is carmine free. For those of you who don't know, carmine is red pigment produced from a type of bugs and is used in a variety of things, including makeup and food. Search for "carmine, CI 75470 or E120", if you wish to avoid it. I do still have some old lipsticks that contain carmine but all my new ones don't contain it. 
Honey* is a nude shade, described as a "peachy beige". It's a very beautiful shade but because it's quite a light shade, I don't think it particularly suits my complexion. I don't really wear it on its own, maybe just one coat of it. I much rather pair it with the other shade I own, called Rosewood*. I thought Rosewood is more like a pink, dark pink colour, but it's actually more of a brown, brown with a touch of red colour. It's described as a "shimmery cocoa". I have to say that both are very good descriptions of the shades, I could hardly think of better words to describe them. They are very nicely pigmented and so comfortable to wear, I'm impressed and I wouldn't mind have a shade or two more.
I'm wearing Rosewood on the left photo, Honey in the middle and both together in the last photo.

I got my Alima Pure Lip Tints at Corpo Natura.

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

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