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julij 04, 2017

**UPDATE 16. December 2017: I NO longer support Schmidt's Naturals because they sell out and were bought by Unilever. Essentially this means they are no longer cruelty free. We all know that money makes the world go round so I don't even know why I'm surprised by this. I'm so, SO disappointed in them!!! You can see here I'm definitely NOT the only one.**

A lot of time has passed since I last talked about deodorants. I think that deodorants are one of those products you should really switch to a natural version. The amount of shit that is in conventional deodorants is just disgusting and it's not doing anything good for your body. Make a change, even if you're not into green beauty. It's actually been almost a year since I've reviewed my beloved Schmidt's deodorant for sensitive skin in the scent Geranium (now Geranium Flower). You can check it out here. I'm such a fan of this deodorant, even a bigger one than I was when I was writing the review. I've repurchased it numerous times and I think that speaks for itself. It's just so darn good! Honestly, I'm so beyond grateful to this brand for creating these deodorants because I was always one who really struggled with deodorants. Conventional or natural, it didn't matter. Either I had to change them up after a few months of use or they just didn't work like they should have. I do sweat quite a lot and that was always my insecurity. But as years go on, it's been easier and easier and I just accepted that. As long as I have an effective and affordable natural deodorant I'm all good. And now I have even more option that I had ever before!
 I do really like Schmidt's Deodorant in Geranium Flower but I'm not gonna lie that I did hope for some new scents, especially floral. They are always creating new scents but usually they all contain baking soda which sadly, I'm allergic to. I get red rashes under my arms and I just can't use deodorants with soda. But a few weeks ago my wishes came true and I couldn't be happier! They came up with three new scents (+ new packaging design) and I was lucky enough to be sent all three of them. Meet Jasmine Tea*, Coconut Pineapple* and Lavender Tips*. All three have the same base of ingredients as the Geranium has. First is Magnesium Hydroxide, then Coconut Oil and Arrowroot Powder. All three ingredients can be found in some DIY deodorant recipes. I knew about the coconut oil and arrowroot powder but for magnesium hydroxide I was quite surprised. I did find some recipes using magnesium oil tho, especially in baking soda free recipes. No Aluminium or Artificial Fragrance. Talking of fragrances, Jasmine Tea and Coconut Pineapple both contain Natural Fragrance, and Geranium and Lavender Tips contain one essential oil each (either Lavender or Geranium). Certified vegan, cruelty and gluten free.
After trying them out I have a new favourite and it's the beautiful Jasmine Tea. I'm such a fan of jasmine as it is, so it's no surprise it's my favourite out of all four of them. So. In. Love. When I use up all of them this will be a definite repurchase. Love love love! The deodorant I used on vacation was the Coconut Pineapple. I mean it's the perfect deodorant for your beach bag. It's not as coconuty as I though it would be and I actually prefer that the scent is kinda half and half coconut and pineapple. As for the Lavender Tips go, I gave that one to my mum because there is something with me and lavender scented deodorant. I just can't use them. I love lavender, I'm just really not a fan of lavender under my arms.

They last all day, even on hot summer days and when exercising but if I go somewhere in the afternoon I do reapply it because I'm a bit crazy like that. I know it's not necessary but I can't help myself. In my review of the Geranium deodorant I said that I experienced some irritation and redness due to magnesium hydroxide. The solution to that was super simple! After showering I started applying some body lotion or oil and that helped immensely and I got rid of the rash. I think my skin eventually also got used to the ingredients because after a year of everyday use I don't have this problem anymore, even if I don't apply any lotion prior to the deodorant. It is stated on the packaging that you should discontinue use if rash or irritation develops but if it's not that bad you can try my tip before tossing it. These deodorants can leave some residue on clothes but nothing a washing machine can't sort out.
I highly, Highly recommend Schmidt's Deodorants! I've been using them for more than three years (my first post on them) and as the years go by, I love them more and more. Next thing I'm hoping for is that they make a masculine scent in this sensitive line so that my boyfriend, who is also sensitive to baking soda, can use them as well. And no, he is not a fan of Tea Tree, which is the fifth deodorant from this line, and doesn't feel like using other baking soda-free scents that they have. I'm also hoping they will start packaging them in glass jars or some other more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Schmidt's deodorants are sold at numerous places. I don't know if they are sold in shops (maybe in the US) but I order them online via Specia. At the moment the three new scents aren't yet available but I hope they will be soon.

Ps. Now that I'm searching for links I found out they also have two more scents for sensitive skin. First is Fragrance-Free and the other one is a completely new scent named Waves.

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

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