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junij 19, 2017

It's almost the 20th of June, where has the time gone? The 20th is the last date on which you can snatch the current month's Beauty Heroes beauty discovery. So it's about time I share my thoughts on the June's discovery featuring the beautiful Hawaiian brand Honua Skincare. Since I need a bit of time to properly test out the products this will be more of a review in quotation marks. I have been using the products for about 4-6 weeks but I know that my skin needs more time to really show me all the pros and benefits. I've actually never been one to test a bunch of products at the same time and each skincare item I'm testing out I use every day for at least! 3-4 weeks and then give out any thoughts. But I rather use them even longer, and my skin prefers that as well. I usually only change up one skincare product at a time because you know how it is using two new products at a time, you can hardly tell which one is working better for your skin. Or is that just me? But this month I have been using two new products at the same time and my skin has been very happy. So what is in the June's Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery?
For less than $40 you will receive two full sized Honua Skincare products worth $106. I'm always amazed and thrilled that you can get expensive products for half of their actual prices. I mean who doesn't like a good deal? I sure do! If you follow me on Instagram, then you've already seen a couple of posts dedicated to this month's discovery. Honua Skincare is a newer brand on the market and I was drawn to it ever since I found out about it. There is just something there that really sparked my interest. Maybe it is the beautiful founder Kapua Browning, who was actually born with two names and I love the meaning behind both. One means ˝exotic flower˝ and the other translates to the ˝woman in charge of bringing peace˝. What I really like about Kapua is that not only is she a super friendly, passionate and humbled person, at least that's the feeling I got from her, she is also a licensed esthetician and instructor. Who better to create a skincare line than an esthetician who's been working on her clients for 10 years, have been making her own products for clients and knows different skin types? Yaas! 
At the moment Honua, which means ˝earth˝ in Hawaiian, has 4 products in their line, and two of them are available through the June's Beauty Heroes box*. The Hero is the Aloha Youth Serum, a beautiful lightweight yet really hydrating serum that works so well on my skin. The serum is loaded with planet's most potent healing botanicals, phytonutrients and minerals, from Coconut Water, Rose Hydrosol and Aloe Vera to cell renewing Hibiscus, anti aging and brightening Noni and Turmeric, and skin loving Tamanu & Chia Oils. Lots of these ingredients are from farms based on different Hawaii islands and I absolutely love that. Kapua's family is known for protecting the land, water and farmlands of Hawaii and Kapua is passionate to protect the farming rituals of Hawaii by donating a portion of her profits to three organizations in her homeland.

The Aloha Youth Serum has the consistency of a ˝typical˝ serum, meaning lightweight, quickly absorbing and hydrating. It has an off white to light yellow colour and a scent of Ylang Ylang. It promises firming and plumping effect, cool, calm relief from inflammation and healthy, sustained brightening and hydration for all day glow. I would pretty much agree with everything here. The effects for me weren't instant but with regular use, every morning and night, my skin is looking calmer, brighter and healthier. It's hard to speak about anti-aging benefits but I do believe in the product so I'm just gonna keep on using it. I didn't experience any reaction to it but almost every time I apply it (on my cleansed face after toner), I get a slightly tingly feeling that goes away in seconds. I'm glad to say I fell in love with this serum and that it brings me joy every time I use it. It definitely has the right name - Aloha, which is a way of life, a gift from the Hawaiian people to the world. Kapua describes aloha with a few words, like kindness, humility, patience, perseverance. *insert heart emoji*
The Sidekick of June's Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery is Honua Skincare ʻŌlena Beauty Oil. This is a product I've been most excited to try out even before I knew it was going to be featured in the box. ʻŌlena is Hawaiian turmeric and I'm all about the amazing and beneficial turmeric. This wonderful yellow ingredient is an anti-inflammatory powerhouse known to treat skin conditions like sun damage, eczema and acne. Aloha serum contains quite a number of ingredients, ʻŌlena on the other hand contains less than 10. ʻŌlena contains an organic & wildcrafted herbal oil infusion of Turmeric, Noni, Cacao and Chia, and a few more. The oil has a yellowish to light green colour and quite a strong scent. I have no idea what I'm smelling but it kinda smells like curry leaves. I don't hate the scent and I've already got used to it but it's safe to say it's not my favourite. ʻŌlena promises hydration, super soft skin and improved elasticity. Since it contains Turmeric I was expecting some serious brightening and skin tone evening benefits. The effects don't happen overnight, which is exactly why I don't review products after a week or two. But as I'm looking at my skin, it does feel more even and just healthier. Maybe I'd get even better results if I'd use it morning and night like it's recommended but I prefer to only use it at night. It's not that heavy but I have more lightweight oils to use in the mornings, like this one for example.
The last thing I also want to mention is their packaging. LOVE. I love the bottles, I love the 100% recyclable and compostable paper packaging, I love the writings & the drawings inscribed with vegetable ink, everything. So beautiful. I'm very impressed with this month's Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery and I'm so grateful to have these two beauties in my beauty cupboard. As I said, this is the last call to get this box so you better hurry if you want to try Honua. You can subscribe here.

I almost forgot to mention that each box comes with this beautiful flower Plumeria. To Kapua, the flower is a symbol of beauty and peace that brings a smile to those around her. Love that. I've shared it in this picture. I think that's all I wanted to say. :)

Have a lovely week. Aloha.

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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