Say No to Plastic feat. 24Bottles

maj 05, 2017

Let me start this post by saying that I’m no expert on plastic but I know it’s absolute shit for our beautiful planet. Excuse my language but plastic makes me sick (probably also literally if not only figuratively. Don't eat fish okay, that's all I'm gonna say). It’s quite frankly pissing me off. Yeah it’s super convenient and cheap but that doesn’t mean it’s good. I really don’t want to go into this because it can suck me into this hell hole that it’s hard to get out, but it would do you some good if you would just google plastic pollution. I can’t and I won’t say I’m perfect and that I don’t pollute with plastic, because unfortunately I do, but at the same time I do try to be better and that’s the right way to go, I think. We all just have to be more mindful about this. I’m annoyed with people that can spend their days on computer googling away and not come across issues like this. Ignorance is bliss right? I do probably sound all high and mighty to some but I just can't help myself not to rant. I do believe that we as humans do sometimes feel threatened by the truth. I don’t know why is that but people can get all defensive when they see or learn something new, something that they’ve been doing all along. Knowingly or not. It can be hard to change the things you’ve been doing your whole life, plus there is this mindset some have that one person can’t change anything so why bother. Wrong. Unless you live alone in the woods and you have zero contact with people, you can always inspire someone by doing something good. And then that person inspires someone new, and that goes on and on. The thing is that every person has to get to that right space in hers or his life to listen and be ready for the change. Which is unfortunate really. For example I always thought that meditation is something I would never do, it always sounded a bit too out there and I’ve never considered myself as being this spiritual person, but now I’m learning and practicing meditation every day and it’s been great! Gosh, I did warn you I can blabber my mouth off, didn't I? Anyways back to the point of this post! Plastic. It’s quite a process to turn your home into a low or even zero waste home so baby steps are the way to go. And here comes the product of the day.
Meet my beautiful water bottle from an Italian brand 24Bottles. I went for the special edition bottle and of course I had to pick out something floral. Maui or Urban Bottle Tropical Collection Maui is the name of it and I guess the tropical island inspired this lovely pattern. 24Bottles are made with the best 18/8 stainless steel and a BPA-free plastic cap. Yes, unfortunately there is still a little bit of plastic, maybe silicon would be better? Not sure. After breaking my third Equa glass bottle (!!!) I decided it’s time for something new. I absolutely loved and adore Equa glass bottles, they are so beautiful and since it's a Slovenian brand I really did want to support them further. But a clumsy person like me and a glass bottle don't go well together. First time trying diving into plastic and glass free bottles was a complete and total miss. I bought a bottle on a whim and it was actually made of aluminium and coated with plastic (I’m eyeing you Sigg bottles). Yuck! After that I searched the internet, stainless steel in particular.

Stainless steel isan iron-containing alloy—a substance made up of two or more chemical elements—used in a wide range of applications", and is 100% recyclable. Pots and cutlery for example are made out of stainless steel. As far as I know 18/8 food grade stainless steel is the best and these bottles have that. As they say: "We spare no effort when it comes to the finest quality materials and innovative design. Stainless steel bottles are safer than plastic and aluminium ones, as they can be filled with any kind of beverage without leaching chemicals. That’s why at 24Bottles we chose to rely on the dependability of 18/8 stainless steel to craft our high-quality, long-lasting reusable bottles. In order to create high-performing bottles that are both lightweight, durable and safe, we rely on this highly sustainable, food-grade, non-reactive metal made of 18% chromium and 8% nickel.” Supposedly 24Bottles are safe for all beverages, I only use mine for water.

Since my bottle is painted let me also mention that every paint they use finish their bottles is made with an enduring acrylic, resin-based paint, free from lead and other toxic chemicals, authorised for food use. The paint can start to scratch, mine did near the bottom of the bottle. “If dropped, the bottle is likely to dent as well, but there is nothing to worry about regarding its safety: even if dented your stainless steel bottle will continue to serve you well for a long long time, without ever leaching any chemicals or toxins in your beverage.” The bottle doesn’t have a smell, if you were wondering. I only smelled something metallic when I first got it, probably because it was closed shut for a while. Water also doesn’t have a metallic taste. As this bottle is painted, it’s not dishwasher safe which I don’t mind since a bottle brush cleanses bottles way better anyway.

I’m such a fan of my 24Bottles Maui bottle and I highly recommend it. I almost forgot - do you see that -0,08 written on the bottle? It's not very noticeable becuase of the print but -0,08 has a special meaning. The number indicates the amount of CO2 emitted in the production of one single disposable 500ml plastic bottle. Therefore it is the quantity of CO2 you avoid releasing into the atmosphere every time you refill your Urban Bottle instead of buying a short-lived single use plastic bottle. I say big yes to that! There is a whole lot more information on the bottles on their website. You can get them through their shop or on Naturisimo (free shipping worldwide) where I got mine. Don't think that the little changes like getting yourself a nice water bottle don't count, because they do!

Have a lovely end of the week!

Much love,

Jana xx

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