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maj 15, 2017

Max and me is an absolutely beautiful brand created by the lovely and light-filled Tanja and Max Gruber. This is an exquisite Austrian brand, which to me is even extra special since I only need a couple of hours to Vienna where the max and me magic is happening. Max and me is all about high vibration. Max & Tanja meticulously search for ingredients that possess a rare and unusually high level of vibrancy. Guided by their intuition and refined connection to the natural world, they identify pure, lit-from-within plant materials that they believe will deeply communicate on a cellular level. The higher the vibration, the more potent in their healing capacities. It really is such a beautiful brand and the packaging is just out of this world gorgeous. Like really super pretty.

 So in the May's Beauty Heroes Beauty Discovery* you get a full size Circle of Protection Body Oil + a travel size of the oil and a tiny little sample of the awarded Enchanted Facial Oil. I know this facial oil has been on the wishlist of many lovely ladies, I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited to see how it works for my skin. I did try their I am the light Facial Oil and it was nice but I didn't see any dramatic results on my skin. My friend also tried and used it for a couple of weeks, or more like months and she loved it. So yeah, I'm excited about the Enchanted oil, also because I can compare it to the I am the light oil. And why did they include the travel size of the body oil if we've already got the full size product? They suggest carrying the oil with us at all times. "Use it as your on-the-go guardian and inhale its beautiful scent when external elements begin to feel overpowering".  Or share and gift it to one of your friend.

The Hero of this month, the Circle of Protection Body Oil is truly stunning and an exquisite oil. I adore the writings on the Beauty Heroes card, the oil is "a guardian of skin and spirit, that works on a physical and energetic level to support radiance and luminosity, inside and out". As I said on my insta, this oil is as beautiful as it looks. If not more. It's a blend of certified organic, wildcrafted or organically grown vibrant plants, like Argan, Marula and Rosehip. The oil is quite lightweight and absorbs beautifully in the skin. As this box came a little later than usual I can't tell you if it made a huge difference on my skin, but so far I've been really enjoying it. Makes my skin soft and just lovely. The main thing with this oil is for me the scent. The glorious and wonderful scent. It's floral and jasminy. So lovely! Contains a blend of Magnolia, Manuka, Jasmine, Litsea, Vetiver and Silver Fir. Or to make it sound even more special and deserving - "Delicately fragrant vetiver, bourbon geranium, brightening magnolia, uplifting jasmine and shielding manuka envelope the aura while high vibrations of litsea and silver fir, attract cosmic protection and white light". 
But Circle of Protection is not only a beautiful oil for the skin and my nose, it's more than that. Circle of Protection means more than "just" a body oil, it can literally be a circle of protection, a place where one can feel at peace. Tomorrow is the day when we can all join in a worldwide Circle of Protection by participating in a global meditation intended to fill our bodies and our communities with luminous energy. If you have the time I urge you to join Beauty Heroes Founder, Jeannie Jarnot, and max and me founders, Tanja and Max Gruber. The meditation is open to all!! Find more details here. I've been really into meditation lately, it's such a good practice and one that I'm positive I will master in the near future, but sadly I cannot join tomorrow. Hopefully some other time. 

There is still a few days left to receive your Beauty Heroes x max and me Beauty Discovery by subscribing here. The box is valued at $95 but you can get it for less than $40 (+ shipping cost). 

Love and light,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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