3 Things I've Learned so far from my Meditation Practice

maj 17, 2017

About a month ago I joined Mindspo. Mindspo is an online meditation course run by Australian babe Rochelle Fox. The course started on the first of May so I've been doing meditation for more than two weeks already. I have to say it's been really great and I'm so grateful to the lovely Mavs for introducing Mindspo to me. I will do a proper review once I finish the whole 4 weeks but for now I just wanted to share three things I've learned so far.
1. Start with a few minutes and take time for meditation every single day. I think this is the first and most important thing. Make it a part of your routine, make it a habit. I heard that we need 21 days to make something a habit (well after a quick google search it's actually longer, but 21 days sounds better to me haha) so be persistent and keep on going, even if your mind goes crazy when you try to meditate. Take time and keep going. And yes, start slowly, with only a few minutes. The course is actually designed to increase the minutes each week. At Mindspo we started with 5 minutes and I did that for a week. Now I'm on 15 minutes and yes, it is way more challenging that only 5. But you know what? Prior doing this course I would never said that 5 minutes of meditation is easy. Now I can say it's not just easy but super easy!

2. It is okay if you find yourself thinking about other things than your breath. There is no way I can meditate and not think of stuff. Not every meditation will be a "proper & good meditation" when you won't think of a single thing. The important thing is to acknowledge your thoughts and let them go. You can say "let go" in your mind, it actually helps! Just focus on your breath rather than stressing out on the fact that you're thinking about stuff (like I need to make tea for kombucha or something silly like that). The whole point of meditation (among other things) is that it reduces stress so you don't want to cause any more by stressing out during your meditation time.

3. If all else fails, start counting. Maybe I'm wrong but pretty much every guided meditation starts with "focus on your breath". But starting out it can be hard to focus on just your breath. I learned that counting really help and it's as easy as it sounds. You can first start with counting inhales and exhales and then move on on only exhales. Count to ten and then start from the beginning. Whatever feels right for you and whatever keeps you focused.

+ one bonus tip - meditate with headphones and listen to some meditation music. It helps to cancel out all the noise. And don't be pissed it someone disturbs you while you meditate. You have to keep in mind that the world doesn't stop for you and that you can't control it. Come back to the breath and just keep swimming (like Dory).

These things really helped me to be better at this whole meditation thing. Rochelle also introduced us to mantras and included one in her guided meditations. Her mantra works amazingly well but that is a topic for another post. So far I'm very pleased with the course & my progress, and I'm so glad I took the chance and joined Mindspo family.

Do you meditate? Have any tips and tricks?

Much love,

Jana xx

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