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april 26, 2017

7 Skin Method has been all the rave in the beauty world. I bet some if not loads of you have heard of it already but for those who haven't, 7 skin method or 7 toners method is essentially a skin care method where you apply your toner 7 times in a row with tapping movement. Say what? I was first introuduced with this method by the one and only Nic from the OrgaNic Obsessions. When I heard of it my immediate reaction was "oh so you need 7 toners for this method??". Luckily it is way easier than that. You only need one good hydrating toner.
Now why is this method receiving all the buzz? The idea behind 7 layers of toner is that the moisture level of skin can be greatly increased, without any heaviness of oils and creams. It is said that it really helps hydrate the skin and balance all skin types. I've heard great things about it - dry skin becomes less dry and more moisturized, and oily skin less oily. This method comes from Korea and as far as I know, Koreans are very particular with their skincare and not to generalize, but it seems like they're quite obsessed with hydrated, clear, healthy, bright and young-looking skin. Korean skincare is very popular in the beauty world and everyone seems to be really enjoying their products. I haven't tried any Korean or Korean-inspired skincare. I have a hydrating sheet mask stored in my beauty drawer which is patiently waiting for me to find that perfect evening when I will apply it on my face. I don't know why I'm waiting for a special occasion. Maybe tonight. So Korean skincare is more or less based on two things, very hydrating products (sheet masks, essences, toners, lightweight serums) and SPF protection. I have the later thing down with my beloved Kari Gran Three Sixty Five SPF 28 Serum** but I can always use more hydration in my skin. I mean who doesn't so of course I was very intrigued with the 7 skin method.

Like I said for this method you need a good hydrating toner, hydrosol or essence, which you apply 7 times on your skin with tapping motions. Now the thing with choosing the right toner for this is that it has to be hydrating. You can't use a toner that contains alcohol, has astringents benefits, tightens the pores, none of that. I also don't recommend a toner that contains lots of essential oils. I found great results with aloe vera based toners, like the Skin & Tonic Rose Mist* is. If you're interested in the idea of doing this skin care treatment I would recommend spending a little more on a great toner since it is the product that you will apply first on the skin. Perhaps it is also going to be the only product you'll put on your face, especially if you have oily skin. So how to do this? To be quite honest I find applying 7 layers of toner quite excessive so I don't do this every evening. I also prefer 3 to 5 layers and that is also the amount of layers I would recommend in the beginning. I like to apply my first layer straight from the bottle. I spray my face with the already mentioned Rose Mist and press my hands on my skin so the toner has time to absorb into my skin. I highly recommend watching a YT video or two to get the idea. I watched Renee's aka Gothamista video. Firstly press your hands on the cheeks and do a few light presses. Then move both of your hands - one goes to the forehead and other on the chin. Press press press. You just keep on pressing all over the face for about a minute or two so the toner completely sinks into the skin. Then for the second and all additional layers I spritz (or pour if your toner doesn't have a spray nozzle) a small amount of the product in the palm of your hand, gently rub the hands together and apply on your skin with the same pressing and dabbing motions. That's pretty much it!
The results from doing this method are amazing! My skin is plumper and bouncier. It's hydrated and looking very healthy. There really is something magical behind this method and I highly recommend you trying it. But like I said, be careful which toner you use and even if you're not into green beauty I would suggest a product with organic ingredients. In my recent Love Lula order I got the Rose Mist toner from a London based brand Skin & Tonic. This brand is cruelty free and approved by Soil Association. I also got their Steam Clean* balm cleanser. This one gently but effectively removes my makeup, I really like texture but I'm not particularly fond of its scent. It's a bit too minty for me. Rose Mist on the other hand has a lovely rosey scent that I thoroughly enjoy. The product is made with 4 ingredients, fragrant French Rose Flower Water, soothing Aloe Vera, Radish Root Ferment Filtrate and Glycerin. It's quite hydrating on its own or should I rather say when you use it in a "normal" way but when you use a few layers of it then you can really reap all the benefits. It's a lovely product and if you're not allergic to Roses then I highly recommend it. I got the mist from Love Lula. At the moment it isn't in stock but hopefully it will be soon.
You should really try out the 7 skin method, and the mist as well, I believe you will love them both. Maybe you have already tried them? Let me know, I'm very curious to hear your experiences.

Much love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**affiliate link 

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