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april 09, 2017

Last post was about a product featured in the February's Boxwalla Box, the One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal, and today I'm writing about the other brand that was also featured in the box. H is for Love is Bee Ham's paen to the natural ingredients that she fell in love with. Prior to receiving the products in the Boxwalla box I have never heard of the brand H is for Love. I'm so, so pleased with the products I used from the brand. Very impressed. You know sometimes I find it so refreshing when a brand isn't hyped or at least not very hyped so I don't have any major expectations, only joy for testing a new-to-me brand. Not to say I don't like trying out hyped products. I don't think I have to explain myself I'm sure you know what I mean. H is for Love is about sharing nature’s most wonderful gifts. Their products are made with natural, unrefined ingredients. Cruelty-free and almost entirely organic and wild-sourced, only natural preservation methods are employed.  
Before going further with this post I wanted to mention that this review wasn't due to happen today. I already wrote almost a full review on another product, which contains beautiful ingredients but there is this one ingredient that I really don't care for and I didn't check it sooner. It was one of those ingredients that looks perfectly alright but then when you google it, a whole new world opens. I'm talking about emulsifying wax NF and this is the second emulsifier I found in my products that I don't feel comfortable using. It's not the most toxic and harmful ingredient (and I'm also far too lazy to be a purist, not that it's anything wrong with that!) but it is an ingredient I can avoid since there are so many products out there that don't contain it and are equally good, if not better. I only wanted to share this with you because after an experience like I had (I'm so annoyed I spent the time writing that post but I didn't want to post it when I don't stand completely after the product), I'm now here to post about products that contain ingredients I know and I don't have to do any research on them. Omg can I just stop with all this mumbling?!
So here come the H is for Love products.
First is the product that really swept me off my feet after the first try. Meet BARA BALM Facial Emollient*. BARA BALM is the answer to skin in need, it is formulated to take moisturizing to another level. Each ingredient has been chosen to soften skin, absorbing quickly, leaving your face with an ultra sheer layer of protection against environmental assault. The balm contains a gorgeous blend of ingredients like Jojoba, Apricot Kernel Oils, Shea Butter, Beeswax and some more special ones like Macadamia Nut, Pomegranate Seed, Tamanu & Sea Buckthorn Oils. All these provide a beautiful soft and silky consistency, and are a perfect base for the following ingredients that excite me the most - Marshmallow Root, Calendula and Chamomile. All three work wonders on my skin and are such wonderful companions if you have sensitive skin. I adore them. The balm is rich so a little goes a very long way. My favourite way of using it is in the evening and like I said in my previous post, it goes perfectly with the OLO Love Springs Eternal serum. The balm doesn't clog my pores but keeps my skin healthy and soft + I really do love that it contains those lovely ingredients for sensitive skin. As you can see the balm has a rich, dark yellow colour (probably because of the sea buckthorn) and such a yummy scent. The scent always cheers me up and makes me smile. BARA contains a blend of Essential Oils of Chinese Rose, Vanilla, Frankincense and Lavender. Now the thing with the scent is that it's hard for me to pinpoint any of these oils because in all honesty the balm smells like some sort of a dessert to me. All my Slovenians know what "potica" is but for those of you who don't, potica it's a rolled-up cake made with a very thin yeast dough, and filled with a sweet walnut filling. BARA BALM to me smells like that sweet walnut filling. Strange, I know but it smells so good. Yum. A beautiful balm indeed.
The second H is for Love product is Lip Glacé Root & Berry* which is a universally flattering rose-colored gloss. This product is coloured with berries, roots and flowers and completely void of mica, iron oxides or mineral pigments. Highly regenerative Sea buckthorn CO2 lends a touch of red clay color to the mix. Due to virgin, cold-pressed Coconut Oil the lip glacé looks matte in the pot, but once warmed by your lips it becomes glossy. I love that. Not only that it has a bunch of beautiful ingredients and looks lovely on the lips, it's also very hydrating. The colour in the pot looks very pigmented but it's not at all like that on them lips. It looks very natural with a hint of colour and the lips are very glossy. Glossy yet not sticky like it's often times with lip glosses. As they say, Lip Glacé wears deliciously and is just beautiful. Another thing I also love about it is the scent of Peppermint, so refreshing and slightly tingly. I will say that I would love it even more if it was in a different packaging so I wouldn't have to put my fingers in the pot. Talking about packaging, all of their products are packaged in dark glass and the balms, which tend to take longer to use up, are packaged in miron glass to further protect them from damaging UV rays. They also use local paper products and support small business. 

If you get a chance you should definitely try out H is for Love, it's a beautiful brand and I'm very happy with both products.

Lots of love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

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