Rachel's Plan Bee Cocoa Cream

marec 19, 2017

Before spring officially starts (I'm so grateful spring already arrived here in Slovenia - check out my Instagram to see some flower photos), I have to quickly review the absolutely gorgeous Cocoa Cream by the one and only Rachel's Plan Bee. Why quickly, you ask? Well because this product is super nourishing and rich and a perfect product for colder months. Not that that is stopping me from using it, not at all!
You may already know I'm a massive fan of Rachel's blends. I truly adore her body products so much! They are just so moisturizing and effective + they have lovely scents. I have so much love for Rachel, she is so friendly and kind and always up for a chat. Rachel, you the woman!

Cocoa Cream is a deeply moisturizing and a beautiful body cream handmade with less than 10 ingredients. Rachel doesn't complicate with her products, simplicity is key and I like that. If you check the ingredients she uses in her products, you will see that she most definitely has a few favorites. The great thing is that she can create different products with almost the same ingredients, and each one is unique in its own way. Love. Shea Butter, Sunflower Seed and Grapessed Oil are some of those ingredients, Vanilla is also widely used ingredient in her products (at least in her Body Oils and Body Butters - which I love them too!). The Cocoa Cream also contains the wonderfully rich and extra nourishing Cocoa Butter. I loved the mix of organic Shea and Cocoa Butter ever since the beginning of my green beauty journey and this product reminded me of how amazing the combination really is. You know what it is with this product? It makes me smile. It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The cream is a dream for my skin, not only because it's softening and nourishing but also because of the scent. Of the scent! It smells like chocolate, literally smells like chocolate. Mmm it's so good. I find myself sniffing the cream more than once a day and yeah, it really does make me smile. The chocolate-y scent is brought to us by the mix of Coca Butter, Vanilla and Cocoa Absolute.
A very rich, concentrated body cream is only available during the colder months, which is unfortunate but then again you don't really need such deeply moisturizing cream in the summer time. It's like I said for Rachel's Plan Bee Body Butters, there really is no need to apply the Cocoa Cream every day because it is just so darn nourishing. But I do it anyways because I love the scent. Cocoa Cream is yet another gorgeous product from Rachel's Plan Bee and I couldn't be more pleased with it. I got this cream straight from their store but you can also get it from So Natural Beauty, if you live in Europe.

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

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