Inspired by a Celebrity #4

marec 14, 2017

I'm finally posting a new makeup look and this one was inspired by Ruth Negga's makeup look she wore at the Oscars. I was very inspired by the gorgeous berry reds she wore, beautiful. I also have this stunning brownish-red RMS Beauty eye shadow and I thought it would look perfect for this look. After I applied all my makeup, especially the lipstick, I realized the makeup look isn't very spring-like. It's more autumn appropriate but it is what it is, I followed my inspiration and this is what I created. 

I mostly used Lily Lolo products but I decided to only mention a few special products that bring the whole look together. Even though I'm wearing a darkish lipstick, to me the IT product of the makeup look is the already mentioned RMS Beuty Swift Shadow in the shade Garden Rose GR-13*. This is such a beautiful eye shadow, one of the best I've tried from natural makeup brands. It has a lovely buildable pigmentation, a soft and buttery texture, and it blends evenly. I always struggle with the longevity of eye shadows but this one is one of the more long lasting ones and it also doesn't crease on me as easily as some other do. For this makeup look I applied it all over the lid and I also applied a bit of the Lily Lolo's Pressed Blush in Tawnylicious*, which I also applied it on my cheeks. As for the lips go I mixed two shades, Just Like Jade* and Revenge* from Nudus (review here). I didn't took a photo of it but I also have to mention the most stunning highlighter and my definite favourite, the Modern Minerals Modern Moonstone Cream Highlighter** (review here). It's amazing. 
Yeah, so this is pretty much everything I wanted to write for this post. If you have any questions do let me know. Hope you liked it and have a beautiful day!

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**affiliate link

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