Natural & Vegan Products in my Shower

februar 13, 2017

Want to know which products I'm currently using in my shower? Then you came to the right place. I've been using some new goodies so I decided to share a little bit about them.
First I would like to show you a shower gel I've been using almost every day, the Botanical Bodywash in Rose & Neroli by the UK brand Greenfrog Botanic*. This body wash is quite unique since it's made from organic Soapberries, grown sustainably in the mighty Himalayan Mountains of the East, where for centuries they have been used for washing the body. These magical berries, used in Ayurveda medicine to treat soft, sensitive and dry skin, leave your body superbly clean and really respect the PH of your skin. No palm oil, sulphates and parabens, made with plant based ingredients because as they say "in a hot steaming shower, chemicals are absorbed through open skin pores and in breathed into the lungs" so nasties aren't welcomed there. This body wash has a strong scent, mostly of Neroli and is a bit too strong in my opinion. Luckily I don't hate it but I can say it's not my fave. I love that it's made from soapberries and I don't know if this is usually the case but the product doesn't lather much, if any at all. It's different than your standard conventional body wash but you do get used to it. No foam but that doesn't mean anything because the body wash cleanses my skin perfectly.

Sometimes I mix it up a little and use my Kahina Rose Beldi Soap* which I've received in a Beauty Heroes Box. I've mentioned it in this post. I'm loving it! Made with only two ingredients, saponified Olive Oil and Rose Flower Oil, this soap is as pure as can be. Just the other day I used it with the accompanying Kessa Mitt* and oh man, my skin was so smooth and soft. It removed all the dead skin cells and if you haven't tried this duo you really should. The soap is a bit more expensive but surely the kessa mitt can be used with some other body wash, so if not both, go at least for the kessa mitt. If you are a Beauty Heroes member you can buy it in their Beauty Store, using 15% discount.

Onto haircare. Ever since I got my new shampoo and conditioner from the lovely UK shop LoveLula, I've been using them regularly and I already can tell you a little bit about them. I wanted to get a full size bottle of Rahua Voluminous Shampoo* ever since I tried a sample of it. The Voluminous Shampoo’s gentle formula provides the very finest nature has to offer, creating beautiful volume and bounce. I will tell you more about the brand and the ingredients in a full review, but I want to keep this short and sweet. The shampoo is formulated with some beautiful plant derived ingredients sustainably sourced from the Amazon rainforest. It's 100% natural and vegan, no synthetics and sulphates. It has a herbal scent of Lavender and Eucalyptus. It's a nice and non-invasive scent. The shampoo lathers beautifully and provides great foam (sulphates really aren't necessary for products to foam). It washes all the dirt and oil from my hair and leaves them perfectly clean and fresh. It's one of the most beautiful shampoos I've tried but the only thing is that I don't get that much volume or bouncy hair. Which is a shame since they are marketing it as such, but then it does leave my hair very soft which I adore so it's good with me.

The matching Voluminous Conditioner* has the same herbal scent and is also 100% natural & vegan. The conditioner is very nourishing and makes my hair super soft and smooth. After leaving it on for a few minutes my hair feel very silky and beautiful. The only thing that comes with that silkiness is that I've been noticing some problems with static hair but I'm also half blaming my winter sweater and scarves. All in all I'm very pleased with both Rahua products and I recommend them.

Wishing you a beatufiul week and have a happy Valentine's Day!

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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