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februar 08, 2017

I’m very excited for today's post. It was created in collaboration with my amazing and beautiful friend Nicole, a fellow beauty blogger and an author of OrgaNic Obsessions. Do you follow her and read her blog? Her writing is very thoughtful and witty, and I enjoy it very much. You should definitely follow her on Bloglovin and also on Instagram. That way you’ll be all up to date with her writings and her daily musings. I have so much love for her and I’m sure you will fall in love with her too. So, what kind of collaboration did we come up with? We were talking about this cacao face mask (a couple of times!) and decided it would be fun to share our experiences and feelings and write a joint review. So today you will not only get my thoughts on the product but you will be also to read what Nic has to say about it.
 The mask we were talking about was the Hero of November’s Beauty Heroes box, the Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant Mask*. Spoiler alert, I love it!! The founder Josh is well known in the green beauty community and I’ve only heard great things about him. He really knows a lot, like a whole lot, and he is super friendly and helpful. Josh works with a team of phyto-chemists and herbalists who understand the power of plants to return the body to a balanced and optimal state. Josh Rosebrook brings a refreshing, holistic approach to skin and hair care. Based on the products I’ve tried from his line I have to say I’m very impressed.

The Cacao Antioxidant Face Mask is hands down one of the best face masks I have had a pleasure to try. And I have tried quite a few. The mask is Josh’s original Hero product, his first product he formulated to address his own skin concerns. Using flavonoid-rich Cacao as its base, Josh consciously selected his favourite skin-loving whole plant materials for his personal recipe. And if you still think chocolate is bad for the skin, think again! The ingredient list makes my heart sing, there are some pretty amazing ingredients hidden in this gem. I will mention only a few and start with the wonderful Cacao. I’ve been a fan of it all along. Cacao is rich in antioxidants, it is firming and stimulating. I’ve tried a few cacao based face mask, my own DIY mask including, and I love each and every one. This one is a front runner for sure. The mask contains some plant oils like Almond, Marula, Baobab, Grape Seed Oils and a whole bunch of amazing herbs, spices and berries. I will of course firstly mention one of my biggest, if not the biggest love, the magnificent Turmeric. It’s very brightening and anti-inflammatory, if you haven’t gotten around to incorporating it into your daily routine, then I suggest you do it quickly. Turmeric lattes are very popular at the moment and I sure can understand why. In the mask are also Calendula, Ginger, Cinnamon, Marshmallow, Licorice and Goji Berry. Do check out the whole ingredient list here, it is a thing of beauty. 
Josh’s Cacao Antioxidant Mask is very decadent and very indulgent. The mask has a thick, rich consistency and a rich dark colour. I love the scent of it but can someone else please explain it to me? It contains essential oils of Orange, Lavender, Rosemary and Calendula but I can’t pin point the scent. It’s divine! The mask is all-in-one and one for all, concentrated with nutrients and phytochemicals to detoxify, rejuvenate and hydrate, working holistically on young and mature skin, men and women, and everyone in between. The mask dries on the skin and even though it’s tightening, it doesn’t dry out my skin. Here I have to say that I recommend applying the mask in steps. Start applying it on one cheek, then scoop out some more and apply on the other cheek, and so on. The mask dries quickly so apply it evenly and then leave it at that because if you go over it, the mask will stick to your fingers and roll off your skin. Yes, I have a real knack for describing things haha. I use about a teaspoon of the mask and leave it on for about an hour. I also love applying it before a bath and then wash it off there, because it can be just a tiny bit messy.

After washing it off my skin feels very soft, smooth and is visibly brighter. It’s even more healthy-looking and lovely the next morning. I’ve noticed it minimizes my pores and reduces spots. It does say it is detoxifying and you better believe that it is! My skin is most definitely revived after I use it and I really am most impressed with this product. It’s also said that it increases circulation and skin cell turnover, I don’t know about that but the mask really delivers. I highly recommend it. LOVE. 
Now for the big question, does Nicole agree with me?? Here is what she has to say about the mask.

There’s no denying the love I have for face masks, especially the ones that make a weekly appearance which despite owning more than a couple, are actually few and far between. (Part of that can be explained by my Cappie nature and my love for consistency in skincare). Ever since receiving Josh Rosebrook’s Cacao Antioxidant Mask in November’s Beauty Heroes box (or CAM as I like to call it, hey also the name of a very dear friend!) it has been making the weekly rounds in my masking sessions and I just could not be more in love with the results I consistently get.

We are all pretty much aware of the multiple skincare benefits of cacao (high in antioxidants & omega 6 fatty acids, the latter aiding in cellular health along with it boosting hydration, skin density and blood flow) and there is a lot of chocolate goodness in this mask, but I also wanted to take a closer look at the other players in the line up since it’s the parts that make up the beautiful whole of CAM. Cacao alone would surely not give the same results and this is where Josh’s excellent formulation knowledge and skills come into play, marrying specific ingredients that enhance the overall synergy of a product.

The INCI of CAM is somewhat long but don’t let that frighten you – it’s not to be compared to the laundry list of ingredients that are present in conventional products, more than half of which are fairly unpronounceable.  CAM is beautifully created with a plethora of skin-loving beneficial components and I chose to take a closer look at a couple that are not so commonly found or used yet by other brands, at least not to my knowledge.

Ashwagandha is one such ingredient. A component central to Ayurveda, it is a woody shrub said to brighten, plump, firm and calm your skin due to high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory levels.  It also aids in slowing down the signs of aging since it contains steroidal compounds stimulating collagen production, as well as being a great acne fighter as the compound withanolides inhibit a bacteria that can cause inflammation.  This might also be why I reach for CAM when my skin is feeling out of sorts and in need of a circulatory boost.

Ginkgo is another ingredient that is not present in any skincare item I currently own. That doesn’t mean to say that it’s totally new to me as it’s quite often used in Japanese cooking.  Gingko seeds can be found in chawamushi, a delicious amuse-bouche if you will often served at sushi restaurants. The seeds however do not appeal to my palate at all so I usually end up eating everything but the seeds. Presentation being an integral part of Japanese cuisine, gingko leaves are often used to beautify a dish, especially in the autumn.  But I digress – when you use CAM on a regular basis you will find that your skin looks brighter and less prone to redness. This is in part due to the inclusion of gingko, and together with its calming companions calendula and St. Johns Wort, you can imagine the soothing magic they weave together. Having sensitized, easily reactive skin my complexion always looks more radiant after a session with CAM.

When you look over the complete roster that comprises CAM you see that many of the ingredients share similar traits such as being calming, firming, brightening and softening. I do believe the reason why Josh’s mask is so effective is because of this intelligent synergy between all the components he has chosen to use to ensure soft, smooth, radiant skin every time you use it. Josh recommends applying an opaque layer and leaving it to work hard for about 45 minutes. Masking is one of all my all-time favourite self-care rituals so I tend to go over but that only seems to improve the results. As I mentioned at the beginning, Josh’s much loved Cacao Antioxidant Mask has made it on my favourites list and is one I keep coming back to every week. When you start taking masks with you abroad like I recently did on my trip to Hong Kong you know they’ve become pretty indispensable. Many thanks to Beauty Heroes for featuring CAM as one of their Hero Products last year and when Jana and I both were proclaiming how much we’re loving the consistent results that we’re seeing and getting (nearly every time we chatted), we just knew that we had to write a post about it together. So, from Sweden and Slovenia, with love!

As you can see, Nicole is also a fan and I'm most definitely sure she agrees with me saying that Josh is a genius! You can get the mask via Beauty Heroes Beauty Shop where BH subscribers receive 15% off.

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely day!

With love,

Jana & Nic xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate links

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