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januar 16, 2017

The other day I noticed something interesting in my bathroom. In plain sight there were three different Rachel's Plan Bee products. One was next to the bathtub, one on the sink and the third on the shelf. Say whaat? I was like wow, that's clearly a sign that I have to write a post about my favourite products created and handmade by the beautiful Rachel. I have so much love for her and her products and I'm very excited to share with you some of my fave body products.
I no longer remember when was the first time I saw Rachel's Plan Bee products, or on which blog I saw them, but I do remember reading rave reviews about her body scrubs. I was never that into body scrubs since I used to regularly dry brush my skin so I didn't need any body scrubs. If I'm completely honest I also didn't think a body scrub can be that good so I just made it at home when I wanted it (sugar + coconut oil). Boy was I wrong. After one of the most successful collaboration between a brand and a green beauty blogger, of course I'm talking about the Jasmine Body Oil created with Kimberly Loc, I was lucky enough to also receive a matching body scrub. It was a limited edition scrub but I hope that will change. After trying out the scrub I immediately fall in love. The hype was real and I couldn't have been more pleased with it. I was sad when I finished it but then I had an excuse to buy a new one. I picked two actually. This one right here is the Body Polish Original. The product has a sweet and candy-like scent. It's not too sweet or sickly but just beautiful. It smells of Vanilla and Sweet Orange and I find it very lovely. This is a sugar based scrub but it doesn't contain only sugar and essential oils. It also has Shea Butter, Moroccan Lava Clay, Apricot Kernel Oil, and more. The scrub has a gorgeous mousselike consistency and I love that it doesn't crumble all that much so the majority of it ends up on my body and not on the bottom of the shower (which can happen with many scrubs). It's also not too harsh but just right. Makes my skin soft, smooth and moisturized. A very beautiful scrub indeed. Very!
Body Butter Vanilla & Spice is somewhat of a limited edition, since it's only available during the colder months. Rachel uses some of her favourite ingredients in this body butter, such as Shea Butter, Apricot Kernel and Grapeseed Oil, Beeswax, Vanilla and Sweet Orange Oil. It also contains Sunflower Seed Oil with Natural and Organic Flavorings. I asked Rachel about it and was very happy with her answer. First of all let me tell you that she responded immediately and didn't have nothing to hide. She was very nice about it and honest, which doesn't happen every time when you ask a brand founder about their ingredients. Rachel said that they use a reputable supplier with organic certification that uses various isolates of essential oils and other extracts of plant material that produces an oil that is a natural fragrance. She did lots of research into this and she is careful to only use suppliers with high standard. All the natural fragrance oils they use are vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free and Kosher. They containt absolutely no artificial flavorings and colouring. If you want to learn more about the ingredients Rachel uses you can check them out here.

 As much as I love the Jasmine and the Original scent, I'm sad to say that I'm not that impressed with the Vanilla & Spice. I don't hate it but it's just not my favourite. I already mention that it kinda smells like buckwheat. Rachel said that in an ideal world they would use Cinnamon and Clove essential oils for this scent but they don't because they can irritate the skin. I agree and respect that. Fortunately it turns into a much nicer scent once it's on the skin for a while. This is one very nourishing butter than turns into an oil when it comes in contact with the skin. When I apply it in the evening my skin is still nourished and soft in the morning. It is the perfect remedy for dry skin and I have to say I'm really loving it. Really!
Last but not least is THE Jasmine Body Oil*. Do I really need to say anything more about this oil? Does heaven in a bottle or paradise for your skin sound like something you want to order right now?! Well I do hope so because it really is so amazing! Do read my review if you need more information, or you could just trust me and buy a bottle of it. You won't regret it! It smells Amazing and it really is one of my favourite scents. It lingers on my skin all day, it keeps it soft and hydrated. LOVE.

To sum up, I love all three products and I highly recommend them. Love, love, love. If you want silky soft, smooth and moisturized skin then look no further! You can get them directly from Rachel's Plan Bee, or in The Green Jungle Beauty Shop (use code "Jana" and get 10% off), or if you live in Europe you can get them at So Natural Beauty.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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