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januar 02, 2017

Happy New Year my beautiful readers! Hope you had a wonderful New Years Eve and the first day of 2017. I wish you all the best in the New Year, lots of love, happiness and everything you wish for. I don't have any special post for you today in terms of my fave beauty product of 2016 (I wish I had!), but I do have a pretty special product to show you. Now tell me do you miss the smell of flowers in winter time? I sure do so I'm very thankful for my floral scented products. Lately I've been reaching out for my newest body oil, the Prim Botanicals The Body Oil*. Prim Botanicals is an all-natural beauty brand raised in the Philippines and currently based in New York. They source as many plush tropical ingredients as possible and work with their in-house esthetician to formulate products that work- and work right away. They craft everything in small batches and they are also suckers for pretty packaging. As am I! I adore their packaging and design, so beautiful.
As they say, The Body Oil is everything. Ultra-luxe, silky, hydrating, toning, nutrient-dense, and loaded with lush Amazonian oils like Andiroba and Pracaxi that work wonders on stretch marks and eczema, all while helping create beautifully smooth, firm skin. I've already mentioned these two exotic ingredients (some of Earthwise Beauty products contain them - in Europe sold at the Eminessences Beauty Shop), but there's not only that. Three beautiful oils that the product also contains are more known and recognized - Hazelnut, Camellia and Sweet Almond Oil. All well and good, but the blend that really makes this oil so special is their special blend of essential oils like Jasmine, Wild Rose, Bergamot and Black Pepper. The blend will whisk you away and leave you wanting more. Ooh la la. And it will do that and more. How does this product really smell like? My friend said it well, it's like you would fall into a jasmine bush. Yes, it smells heavenly of jasmine and I absolutely adore it. The scent is like a true jasmine, and it's different than it's the Rachel's Plan Bee Jasmine Oil, which I also love deeply. I love the scent of both, but I would say that I wouldn't recommend Prim's oil to someone who doesn't like jasmine. On the other hand, I would definitely recommend Rachel's oil to everyone. They are different, but both gorgeous.
The Body Oil is moisturizing, but if you have extra dry skin then I think this wouldn't be enough for you. But saying this, the oil makes my skin very soft and lush. Not to mention the beautiful scent that lingers on for a few hours. Not all day long, but long enough to make me happy. It's a lovely oil and I love using it. You can get it at the Eminessences Beauty Shop, an European shop where you can also find Earthwise Beauty! (you know how I feel about the brand<3), Captain Blankship, FitGlow Beauty and more.

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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