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november 13, 2016

Today is finally the day when I’m going to talk about a new-to-me subscription box, the Goddess Provisions. I was lucky enough to receive their Radiate Good Energy box*. Before I move to the content of the box, let me say a few words about the subscription itself. What is Goddess Provision? It’s a monthly box in which you will find 4 to 6 full size products including: Crystals, Apothecary Beauty, Super Food Snacks, Aromatherapy, Tools for Spiritual Growth and Tea. How fun is that? This year I dabbled into the world of crystals so the thought of receiving a box containing crystals made me extremely excited. There were two so I was most happy about that. Of course the other products in the box are lovely as well.
First is the Dancing Love Organics Chic Chouli Reinvent & Transform Body Oil. Patchouli remixed with a unique, softened aroma meant to ground and inspire you. They took a classic Patchouli and softened the aroma a touch by adding additional essential oils for our one of a kind remix, including Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and four other grounding earthy essential oils. This body oil is different since it comes with its very own Malachite stone. I’m really drawn to it, it’s so beautiful! Instead of simply applying the oil and reap its nourishing benefits, the brand wants us to take a moment with this oil to acknowledge what you have accomplished in this journey. Give yourself love for this and imagine the infinite possibilities that await you. Beautiful, isn’t it? I think we should be more mindful and give out lots of good energy and thoughts to the universe. It will only do us good, don’t you agree? I’m also loving their colourful design.

Enemy to Fashion Pin – Positive Vibes Only. Indeed! A wonderful reminder.

 Blue Lotus Golden Masala Chai Tea with the addition of Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory benefits (you surely know how I love this wonderful yellow spice!), and Maca, known for its mood and energy boosting qualities. This spicy chai tea (black tea + spices) is a bit different than what I'm used to. There is no need for steeping this tea. It comes in a powder and all you need to do is mix it with hot water. Done. I also add some oat milk and a teaspoon of honey. So delicious. Let me also add that it comes with a cute little bamboo scoop to make the whole experience even nicer.

Momoko Therapeutics Towards the Within Smudge Spray. This spray combines Palo Santo, Egyptian Frankincense, Sage and a blend of essential oils to help you cleanse yourself and your home of negative energy. I’m absolutely loving all this “out with the bad, in with the good vibes”! 
Moon Souls Soap. Pink grapefruit scented crystal point soap that was handmade in small batches with lots of love. Unfortunately the cute looking pink soap isn’t on my photos because I already used it. Looks like this, only pink.

Blue Sage Smudge Stick. This lovely stick is used for cleansing the space, your space, and cyrstals from any negative energy. When receiving a new crystal you should cleanse it before use, so it doesn’t have any unwanted negative energy, and sage smudge sticks work great for that. Water, sun and moon work too. 
Sodalite Wand. The blue Sodalite is a stone for communication and is strongly linked with the throat chakra. I will say that I’m not particularly drawn to this stone (which is the case with stones and crystals – you should pick them based on your feelings), but I’m drawn to the description of it. "It’s great to have around during times of transition when you’re finally ready to speak your truth. Sharing your truth isn’t always easy, but it creates space for good vibes to flow to you." All about them good vibes!
I love all the good energy coming from this box, love! Unfortunately this lovely box is no longer available, because I took too long to write this review, but they have a new one and I'm sure it is equally exciting. The Goddess Provisions boxes go for $33 per month + shipping which depends on where you live (free U.S. shipping, $10 to Canada and $20 international). If you like the look and sound of Goddess Provision boxes, you can subscribe here.

Much love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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