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november 15, 2016

Babes, I have an exciting news for you. I have been going on and on about Earthwise Beauty and Ava's magical products. I love pretty much everything I've tried and I really recommend this brand. Love it so much! I want to spread this love so today I have a giveaway for you! Yay! One lucky lady will receive three Earthwise Beauty products and I couldn't be more excited!

First is Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask ($44). An absolutely beautiful face mask that I've reviewed here. It's brightening, smoothing, firming, like the description says. It really brightens my skin, makes my complexion more even and is just one of those masks you can always count on. The hero in this product is, like the name suggest, Blackstrap Molasses. The hand-harvested, unrefined Blackstrap Molasses from Paraguay, to be perfectly clear. Rich in iron, calcium and magnesium, if I name a few nutrients, Blackstrap Molasses is a wonderful addition to a vegan diet and this highly bio-available dose of nourishing and skin softening vitamins and minerals is therefore the perfect addition to the blend. But not only that, it also contains detoxifying Hungarian Moor Mud, firming, pore cleansing Moroccan Lava Clay, anti-aging and anti-acne Organic Carrot Seed oil with its brown spot reducing properties and a few more. Love. 

Next is Nap in the Meadow Face Serum ($52). I recently wrote a review about this beautiful skincare product. Nap in the Meadow is an ultra-lightweight aloe-based serum that looks minty or light blue. It's super lightweight, almost-liquid and is quickly absorbed into the skin. It packs such a punch to the skin that you wouldn't believe. It gives my skin a high dose of hydration, it's very refreshing and cooling, which I find extremely calming. Not only does it feel soothing because of the texture and the fact that I keep it in the fridge, it actually has strong anti-inflammatory benefits. The fact that it provides antioxidants and has anti-aging benefits, is just another plus. So much love.

Last but certainly not least is the Passion Eye Serum ($54), one of the newest Earthwise Beauty products. I haven't been using it for long but so far so good. I like it. It contains some beautiful hydrating, firming and nourishing ingredients, ingredients that address puffiness and dark under-eye circles like Green Coffe Bean and Andiroba Oils. It's quite fast absorbing, which is surprising especially if you think that it's a mix of oils and butters. I love that it's based on Amaranth Oil (which I'm already loving since trying Gaia Creams Oat & Amaranth Serum). It also doesn't contain any essential oils so it really is a great under eye product. It's a lovely product and I'm excited to keep on using it.

This giveaway is worth $150 and is international. All my Slovenian babes (and Europeans) don't have to worry about shipping and customs, since I will be sending out the products.

Giveaway rules are (with a slight change then when I posted them originally):
1. Follow my blog Small Bits of Loveliness on Bloglovin' (mandatory)
2. Sign up to Earthwise Beauty newsletter (optional)
3. Follow @smallbitsofloveliness and @earthwisebeauty on Instagram (mandatory)
4. Like and repost this picture (with its caption) using a hashtag #givingawayloveliness (optional)

Make sure to fill in the Rafflecopter form to be eligible to participate in this giveaway. You can enter till the 22 of November 2016. I will contact the winner via email and if she or he doesn't respond in 48 hours, a new winner will be picked.

I wish you the best of luck!

Much love,

Jana xx
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