Yoga. Food. Makeup.

maj 11, 2016

Maybe in the mood for some reading? Or for some cooking, yoga nad makeup? Well if you don't know what these three things have in common, then you clearly don't read the articles on The Peridot Mag. I don't have much time to write a proper post so today I'm going to be a bit lazy and share three of my articles I wrote for the magazine.

First is for all the ladies who love to eat delicious food and quickly cooked meals. (I'm raising my hand up in the air right now!) Creamy Vegan Pasta takes as much time as you need to cook your pasta. Everyone can make it, it's so easy and you know what else? Not to sound like a total ass but I have gotten some compliments and lovely comments of some ladies who have tried and loved it. I never thought people are even trying my recipes, let alone liking them!
The second article will give you some makeup inspiration, if you even need it. I created a spring inspired makeup look A Flash of Pink. The colour on the lips is a pretty good indicator that I was inspired by gorgeous spring flowers.
Last but certainly not least is a wellness article Jana's Favourite Yoga Poses. The name says it all, doesn't it? I shared three of my well loved yoga poses and wrote a little bit about why they are so wonderful.
Hope you enjoy reading them.

Have a lovely day!

Love you lots,

Jana xx

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