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maj 22, 2016

We are way into spring already but that doesn't stop me for finally posting up a "detox your body this spring" kinda article. I wanted to post it up weeks ago but technically it is still spring so it's all good. There are lots of detoxifying foods and products you can incorporate into your daily routine. I picked the ones I love and have at home at the moment.
 Neem - a healing ingredient that has been used by Ayurveda for thousands of years. The neem plant is a long living tree, which also goes by the name Indian Lilac. It is a tree native to Burma, India. Neem has numerous amazing benefits and if you read any description of neem you will want to hop on the neem train asap. I bought neem a while back and had used it every now and then but not really regularly. Then something changed. Ava from Earthwise Beauty launched a new face mask Catharsis with neem. The description of neem under the product is so awesome that I immediately turned to my drawer of green goodies and started using it again and this time more often. It looks like I could write a whole article about neem but let's just say it's strongly antimicrobial, it heals acne, it's cooling nature is of great help with inflammatory conditions (apparent as redness on the face) such as rosacea. Neem regenerates healthy skin cells and evokes a healthy skin coloring. There is one thing I wanted to share after reading Catharsis mask description. Neem is a powerful plant that can send out a message when its healing has been accomplished and it is time to take a break from it: either you may start forgetting to use the cleanser, are no longer drawn to its powers, or, if you overlook the subtle messages and continue using neem religiously, you may even develop a mild rash or itching. If neem tells you that it is time to take a break, heed its advice and switch to a different cleanser or mask for a while. How interesting is that? A truly detoxifying ingredient that you need to try, if you haven't already. Search for pure, organic neem and mix it with water and honey, leave on your face for at least 10 minutes; or try the Earthwise Beauty mask. I had a sample and it's lovely! Use code "Loveliness" to get 15% off on all Earthwise Beauty orders.
Algea Chlorella* - this particular chlorella is from a Slovenian brand but you can easily find it in every health food store. In my country you can also find it every bigger supermarket and drugstore. Chlorella is an algae, chlorophyll rich, heavy metal and synthetic toxin removal, just to name a few benefits you can get from it. I like to incorporate something with detoxifying properties each spring and chlorella is exactly that. I totally missed it with this one but I usually go with organic chlorella so even though it is pure chlorella, I will next time pick some other brand.

Lani Tropical Cacao Detox Maks* - Tropical. Natural. Vegan. Three things that I love to hear. This mask smells straight like Cacao, especially when you mix it with liquid. Looks like it as well - just check this photo if you don't believe me. The mask contains nine ingredients. Let me just mention a few - Kaolin (Pink Australian Clay), Smectite (Beige Australian Clay), Cocoa Powder, Cocout Milk Powder and Water. The mask also contains Baking Soda and that's why the mask foams when you mix it with water. That really makes me smile. I like this mask.
Water and plants - I'm sure you all know about the amazing benefits of drinking lots of water and having some plants in the house. Water with some mint leaves and lemon or fruit makes is even tastier and good for you.

Asparagus - a delicious green veggie, that makes your pee stink like nobody's business (just being real with you hihi), which is totally normal. Asparagus has loads of benefits and amongst the two are that it contains glutathione, a potent antioxidant and inulin, a prebiotic that feeds the good bacteria in our gut.  It helps with the urinary tract infections and is also said it helps to reduce cellulite. Not sure about that but I know it taste really good and is the perfect spring food to enjoy.

How do you detox your body in spring?

Love you lots,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

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