Earthwise Beauty Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer

marec 29, 2016

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to receive a beautiful parcel from the American brand Earthwise Beauty. This hard-core organic skincare line was created by the lovely Ava, who btw has the cutest little boys <3 (where is the heart eyes emoji when you need it?). Ava is a sweetheart and a joy to work with. I love her passion and I always learn something new when reading her Instagram captions and product descriptions. You can learn more about her and the brand on their website and you can also check out Ava's interview that Brigid posted a while back.

Ava's products are made from unrefined, unprocessed fair-trade ingredients: unrefined botanical oils and butters, traditionally prepared herbs, and therapeutic-grade essential oils and absolutes. Earthwise Beauty products are "painstakingly handcrafted in small batches to imbue them in that lovingly-handcrafted energy". Ava uses very interesting ingredients and many of them I haven't heard of before, let alone use. I had the absolute pleasure to try some of her products and my first impressions of them were awesome. Ever since the parcel arrived I've been religiously using the mysterious Ambrosia del Cerrado Liquid Moisturizer*. Vegan, cruelty free, organic, cold process, no fillers, no water, handcrafted. Just the good stuff.
This vibrant yellow product is a very interesting cross between a hydrating toner and a moisturizer. Like the name says, it has a liquid, runny and light consistency. And by light, it doesn't mean "effective just a little bit": this moisturizer is highly effective in what it is designed to do; you will be amazed how much and how quickly your skin can absorb in each single application. Which is so very true! Ambrosia del Cerrado is packed with fair-traded, unrefiend, whole-food nutrients from the superfood Buriti, Pequi and Moringa Oils. What are these oils, you say?

Hand-extracted Pequi Fruit Oil from the Cerrado savanna in Brazil is a unique extract-like oil that is rich in vitamin C, betacarotene (which the body converts to vitamin A), and vitamins B1 and B2, all promoting firm, supple, even-toned skin. Buriti Oil, also from Brazil, is highly praised for anti-aging results and for improving the appearance of brown spots and scars. Moringa Pod Oil addition further aids moisturization and delivers an incredible range of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients (too many to list all of them here, but for starters, it contains betacarotenes, several B vitamins, selenium, and zinc). Even though it contains these amazing oils, the product itself is not oily, not even remotely. That is because it also contains whole-leaf cold-press aloe vera juice. There are no fragrances added to this formula, not even essential oils, to allow the unique fruitiness of the pequi fruit to come through. Moringa oil provides a complimentary green note. I don't know how to describe the scent, it is said to have a guava-plus-citrus scent.

If you just look at the name of the product, you think it's a moisturizer. But like I said, it's a mix between a toner and moisturizer. When I first used it I immediately knew what they mean with that. Due to its extra light consistency I've been using it in place of a toner. After I cleanse my face and pat it dry, I apply a few drops of the product. It very quickly sinks into the skin and provides serious hydration. I've always enjoyed toners but I never felt like this about a toner. This one is just so different and surprisingly, it really gives much hydration. I can't even compare it with your standard toner because it's so much more. It's more like a serum. I love it, is that clear?? It's yellow like the sun (which brings me so much joy!), it's packaged in a glass bottle with a unique design on it and it just really works. Oh and it also doesn't break me out. Suitable for all skin types.
Before I end this rave review let me just quickly mention another thing Earthwise Beauty is passionate about. They are looking into putting a spotlight on areas of the world that are overlooked or insufficiently known about by the Western world and in need of our attention to protect the natural environment and biodiversity. They want to support the indigenous populations of these regions by choosing fair trade ingredients extracted sustainably by small cooperatives using their traditional tools of choice, just to name one thing. Therefore the Liquid Moisturizer has a Portuguese name to draw attention to the Cerrado area in Brazil, as this beautiful savanna is considered the biologically richest savanna in the world by the World Wide Fund of Nature.

You can get your own Ambrosia del Ceraddo Liquid Moisturizer here. I'm sure you will love it.

Have a great week.

Much love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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