Random Loveliness #2

februar 18, 2016

Hello you guys! How are you all doing? Hope you're excited for this post, for another Random Loveliness. If you missed my ever first #randomloveliness, you can check it out here. You can also share yours on Instagram. If you're already up to date with the last installation of this blog post series, then keep on reading.

TV Show to Watch

The Bachelor. Oh I'm kidding. Well only a tiny bit, because I do actually watch it. No shame. It's stupid and funny and two of my friends know all about Olivia. :) But the one TV show I wanted to seriously talk about (already did in the first Random Loveliness here), War & Peace. It is Ah-amazing! Like really amazing. It looks absolutely gorgeous, it's dreamy and frustrating, it's happy and sad, just wonderful. War & Peace is one of those shows that completely swooned me over immediately. I find it so beautiful and touching. You need to watch it, if you haven't already. It's sad that it's only a mini-series. One new TV series that picked my interest is The Magicians. I watched a couple of episodes and I really like what I saw so far. It's based on books and described as Harry Potter for adults, so if you like magic then you should give it a go. Traveler sounds like something I would want to be.

Blog to Follow

Minimalist Baker. Do I need to say more? If there is ever a time when I'm looking for a new vegan recipe, then I always turn to Dana's delicious creations. I would actually like to be her taste person (John is so lucky!) and try and eat everything she makes. Dreaming big, eh? Sometimes I just like to watch at the photos, but other times I like to get down and dirty and cook some of her foods. I've tried a few of her recipes. My absolute favourite are these cookies. Yum! Cinnamon rolls and brownies are amazing as well.

Limited Edition Product to Buy

kimberlyloc x Rachel's Plan Bee Limited Edition Jasmine Duo*. Oh my goodness, this is some seriously amazing stuff! <3 I wrote a review on the heavenly body oil here, but now it comes with another product in the same gorgeous scent. The Body Polish. Yes, the duo consists of a Body Oil and Body Polish. Look, if you want extremely soft skin and smell like Jasmine, Vanilla and Moroccan Rose, then what are you waiting for? You heard me, this magnificent duo is limited edition, so go head and order it right now!

Food to Eat

Steamed buns. Yas! This is seriously so good, you have no idea. They are fluffy, full of flavour and just so delicious. They are way easier to make that I thought and you don't really need any special ingredients. Everything you need, can be bought at your local food store. I will share a recipe once I figure out the measurements for the dough. I always make it as I go, which clearly isn't of any help to you. :)

Product to Put on your Wishlist

Mel Millis Organic Phytonutri Frankincense & Camellia Revitalising Face Oil. I haven't used it for long but my first impression is so great. This oil is suitable for normal combination skin and is formulated with some amazing oils like Evening Primrose, Camellia and Hemp, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This oil calms my skin and leaves it clear and hydrated. It is a lovely oil indeed and I will do a whole review once I properly test it out.

Article to Read

10 Green Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2016. Well if you follow me on Instagram you may already know which article I'm talking about. The lovely Amy from the blog Get That Glow picked some amazing green beauty bloggers and she also featured me! Yes, you heard that right. I'm in a really great company of gorgeous ladies. It's so exctiting and I fell so honoured to be a part of it. I really can't contain myself. :) Feeling so much love.
(these two photos were taken by Amy)

Here you have it, hope you enjoyed this post. Now go and have a great rest of the week.

Much love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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