The dream team by Rachel's Plan Bee

februar 29, 2016

It's Monday aka the perfect day to show you guys some cheerful products. Products that scream spring, which I can't wait to arrive! In the meantime I'm just going to use two products that remind me of it and make my skin extremely, like really, really soft and smooth. These two beauties are the one and only kimberlyloc x Rachel's Plan Bee Limited Edition Jasmine Duo*. I'm sure some of you have heard of them already but those of you who haven't, this is the duo you should really consider buying. And quickly, because it is limited edition. 
I've already reviewed the wonderful body oil. You can read my review here. There is only one thing you need to know - I love it. I love everything about it. The scent, the lightweight formula, the fact that it makes my skin really soft and hydrated and oh, did I mention the scent? The blend of Jasmine, Vanilla and Moroccan Rose is absolutely beautiful and THE scent you need for the upcoming spring. I've been really loving this oil and so far I've used it mostly for special occasions and not just any random day. But then I've received a whole new bottle of the goodness! Not to brag but lately I've been smelling particularly good. :)
Now that I've again established my love for the body oil is time to say some words about the Body Polish. This limited edition body polishes combines Rachel's and Kim's signature scents into one exfoliating and moisturizing treat. You're in good hands. Honestly, this is one of the best body scrubs I've tried. And I'm not just saying it because these two products were sent to me. It's true! I hope you know that I never fake it and always write how it is. The body polish is based on Sugar, which is always my prefered choice when it comes to scrubs. Salts scrubs can be often times too harsh. The consistency of it is just great. It's almost bouncy and pudding like. I don't know how Rachel does it but this isn't just any homemade body scrub. Besides sugar and that amazing essential oil blend, it also contains ingredient such as Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Moroccan Lava Clay, White Kaolin, Beeswax. Click here for the whole ingredient list. This polish makes the whole body scrubbing experience really nice because it doesn't really crumble and you don't end up with more bits on the bottom of the shower instead on the body. The sugar crystals are the perfect size and they effectively remove dead skin cells and invigorate the skin. It truly is a gorgeous product and even more lovely than I've imagined it would be.
 I mean look, the body oil has been making my skin soft and smooth but in the combination with the body polish it has been even softer and more hydrated, nourished than before. So if you're longing for extremely soft skin then this is the way to go.You can get them here.

Worth the hype.

Now are you in a mood for a quick game? Let's guess what will be the third product they came up with. This match made in heaven shouldn't stop. :)

Have a great week!

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

five under $10

februar 26, 2016

I have this feeling that lately I've been reviewing and showing you guys more expensive brands and products that not everyone can afford or want to splurge on. It is a great fun trying all the luxurious, expensive products but sometimes the more affordable options are equally as exciting and amazing. I started my green beauty journey with those and I still use and love them. Like you have already figured out from the title, today's article is going to be about five products under $10 (shipping cost is not included because that really depends on where you're from). It's not my aim to inlcude just the products I've tried but there is only one I haven't yet used. But it does sound really promising and nice. :)
Acure Organics Energizing Body Lotion, Mandarin and Orange - this is hands down one of my favourite body lotions of all time. If you like citrus scented products, then you will love it. It's refreshing and sweet at the same. This body lotion leaves my skin soft, hydrated and nourished. It quickly sinks into the skin and is just lovely. It's vegan, gluten free, 100% biodegradable and contains beautiful ingredients. If you're not a fan of mandarins and oranges, then check out their other scents. I did try the lavender one and I did like it, but nowhere near as I do this citrus lotion. 

Avril Mascara - a very lovely natural mascara that gives my lashes a nice length and volume. It's actually a wonderful mascara for the price and the fact that it's (almost) 100% natural. There is not much to say, just check my review on it here. You can get it here.

Indigo Wild Zum Rub Frankincense & Myrrh - of course I had to include one of the best multi-purpose products I have tried. Seriously. This can be used for literally anything and everything. It's packed with healing ingredients and smells mysteriously exotic and oriental. This is one of those products that you wouldn't think will work for most (if not all) skin problems, but it really does. The blend of ingredients help to reduce inflammations and acne. It also heels them faster. Just a few days ago one lovely girl tagged me and Kimberly (who first praised this product here) on Instagram and said how it helped her with acne. Yay! Besides that it can be also used on dry, chapped, cracked skin, lips, cuticles and the list goes on. You can use it on sunburns too. It really works. Not vegan though - contains goat's milk. I've also mentioned it here and here.

Balm Balm Little Miracle Rosehip Oil - this is the one product I didn't try, but the name already sounds intriguing, doesn't it? It contains the likes of Rosehip, Jojoba and Borage Seed Oil and I'm only assuming, but based on the essential oils it probably smells nice. It's infused with Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Palmarosa, Juniper and Mandarin. Mind you that this is only 10ml, so it is a little bottle. But if you're scared of facial oils then this one sound like a great option to try. You can mix a drop of the oil with your everyday moisturizer and your skin will be more hydrated and radiant.

Gepa Eucalyptus Honey - now tell me, have you tried honey as a face mask?? Yes, no? If not, then what the heck are you waiting for?! If you can, go ahead to Müller and grab a jar of this amazing honey. There is a whole post dedicated to my love for honey. Honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, extremely hydrating and the most amazing thing ever! No joke, it's my favourite ingredient of all time. <3 It makes my skin super soft and smooth, it helps with acne and dry skin. It's the perfect all-rounder and I highly, highly urge you to give it a go. This honey kicks a double punch because of the Eucalyptus, which is antiseptic, antibacterial and anti iflammatory. Hell yes to all these properties. The more, the better. Love.

What do you think of these products? Do you like seeing more affordable options?

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love,

Jana xx

Inspired by a celebrity #2

februar 23, 2016

Last week were British Academy Film Awards, commonly known as the BAFTA's and you know what that means - new celebrity inspired makeup look, of course. :) It's nice to know who got the awards, but I'm very interested in all that red carpet beauty too. There was one that stood out to me, the Swedish actress Alicia Vikander. I mean isn't it obvious? She is one gorgeous babe and a natural beauty. Her makeup was stunning and just the way I like it. She really inspired me to create a look based on hers. I like how it turned out in the end and I hope you will too. :)

Have a wonderful day!

Much love,

Jana xx

Gaia Creams has products for men too?!

februar 21, 2016

Long time no Gaia Creams talk. I think you all know by now that I completely adore this UK brand. How could I not? It's organic, vegan, palm oil free, ethical, environmentally friendly, sustainable. Their philosophy is on point and their products are really effective. If you want to read my reviews, just search my blog for "gaia creams". Today's review will be a little different. Ready for boys talk? Yes, this Gaia Creams product is created especially for men and this review is written with the help of my man.
Gaia Creams Raw Face & Body Cream for Men* is deeply nourishing, repairing and healing cream. The cream softens and nourishes the skin before shaving and immediately calms it after shaving. But before going into the review, let me first tell you a quick little story. It was a normal winter day in December. When I came home, I saw there was a little surprise waiting for me. It was from Gaia Creams! I'm always so excited when Anna's parcels arrive, because A. they are packaged so beautifully,  and B. you know I always love having another product with my name on it. :) BUT, this parcel was even better than any other before. After taking some picture for the blog #bloggerproblems, there it was, a surprise cream for my boyfriend! Oh my goodness, I was so thrilled when I saw a cream with moustaches and the name Jaka on it. Amazing! Naturally my boyfriend was happy as well. :) As much as a guy can be with a new skincare product haha. But he happily started using it and after two months of regular use, here is what he thinks of it.

This raw cream balances skin oils and tightens skin pores. It heals acne. It deeply rejuvenates dry skin and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. This intelligent cream encourages your skin to heal itself, it provides intensive hydration, care and protection. Sounds pretty amazing. My boyfriend's skin is combination, I'd say. He gets some spots here and there, especially when he shaves. If he doesn't use a moisturizer he gets dry patches between his eyebrows and he also has some old acne scars. The cream pretty much helps with all these skin problems. His skin is now much softer and smoother than it was before. The cream doesn't clog his pores and he actually gets less acne than before. But if he still gets a spot or two, the cream really helps and heals them faster. He also doesn't have so many problems with dryness around his eyebrows and forehead anymore. If he forgets to use it, dry patches are still there but a bit less than before. It's hard to say if it helps with scaring as well, but I have so much faith in the gorgeous blend of Unrefined Shea Butter and oils like Virgin Hemp Seed Oil. They will help with that as well, I'm sure. Oils can make such a huge difference so I have my fingers crossed that they work their magic.
Like other Gaia Creams raw moisturizers, this one also doesn't contain water, or any other nasties for that matter. It's enriched with Chamomile, Tea Tree, Cedarwood and Rosemary, which gives the cream a subtle, non offensive masculine scent. My boyfriend loves using this cream because it doesn't make his skin looking oily or greasy. Yes, immediately after the application skin is looking oily, but the cream quickly sinks into it.

It's safe to say that Jaka loves this cream and based on how much he used so far, the cream will go a long way. Finally a moisturizer he doesn't forget to apply, which always happened before. Not that he tried many but this one has definitely changed his mind about face creams. I'm so happy he loves it. I guess we found another Gaia Creams fan. :) Get it here.

 With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Random Loveliness #2

februar 18, 2016

Hello you guys! How are you all doing? Hope you're excited for this post, for another Random Loveliness. If you missed my ever first #randomloveliness, you can check it out here. You can also share yours on Instagram. If you're already up to date with the last installation of this blog post series, then keep on reading.

TV Show to Watch

The Bachelor. Oh I'm kidding. Well only a tiny bit, because I do actually watch it. No shame. It's stupid and funny and two of my friends know all about Olivia. :) But the one TV show I wanted to seriously talk about (already did in the first Random Loveliness here), War & Peace. It is Ah-amazing! Like really amazing. It looks absolutely gorgeous, it's dreamy and frustrating, it's happy and sad, just wonderful. War & Peace is one of those shows that completely swooned me over immediately. I find it so beautiful and touching. You need to watch it, if you haven't already. It's sad that it's only a mini-series. One new TV series that picked my interest is The Magicians. I watched a couple of episodes and I really like what I saw so far. It's based on books and described as Harry Potter for adults, so if you like magic then you should give it a go. Traveler sounds like something I would want to be.

Blog to Follow

Minimalist Baker. Do I need to say more? If there is ever a time when I'm looking for a new vegan recipe, then I always turn to Dana's delicious creations. I would actually like to be her taste person (John is so lucky!) and try and eat everything she makes. Dreaming big, eh? Sometimes I just like to watch at the photos, but other times I like to get down and dirty and cook some of her foods. I've tried a few of her recipes. My absolute favourite are these cookies. Yum! Cinnamon rolls and brownies are amazing as well.

Limited Edition Product to Buy

kimberlyloc x Rachel's Plan Bee Limited Edition Jasmine Duo*. Oh my goodness, this is some seriously amazing stuff! <3 I wrote a review on the heavenly body oil here, but now it comes with another product in the same gorgeous scent. The Body Polish. Yes, the duo consists of a Body Oil and Body Polish. Look, if you want extremely soft skin and smell like Jasmine, Vanilla and Moroccan Rose, then what are you waiting for? You heard me, this magnificent duo is limited edition, so go head and order it right now!

Food to Eat

Steamed buns. Yas! This is seriously so good, you have no idea. They are fluffy, full of flavour and just so delicious. They are way easier to make that I thought and you don't really need any special ingredients. Everything you need, can be bought at your local food store. I will share a recipe once I figure out the measurements for the dough. I always make it as I go, which clearly isn't of any help to you. :)

Product to Put on your Wishlist

Mel Millis Organic Phytonutri Frankincense & Camellia Revitalising Face Oil. I haven't used it for long but my first impression is so great. This oil is suitable for normal combination skin and is formulated with some amazing oils like Evening Primrose, Camellia and Hemp, which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This oil calms my skin and leaves it clear and hydrated. It is a lovely oil indeed and I will do a whole review once I properly test it out.

Article to Read

10 Green Beauty Bloggers You Need to Follow in 2016. Well if you follow me on Instagram you may already know which article I'm talking about. The lovely Amy from the blog Get That Glow picked some amazing green beauty bloggers and she also featured me! Yes, you heard that right. I'm in a really great company of gorgeous ladies. It's so exctiting and I fell so honoured to be a part of it. I really can't contain myself. :) Feeling so much love.
(these two photos were taken by Amy)

Here you have it, hope you enjoyed this post. Now go and have a great rest of the week.

Much love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo

februar 15, 2016

Every now and then it happens that I love a certain product and use it every day, but then it completely slips my mind and I forget to actually write a review on it. One of those products is the Eyebrow Duo in Light from one of my all time favourite brands, the UK mineral makeup line Lily Lolo. You should see my Lily Lolo collection, it's quite impressive. I have all three eye shadow palettes, their mineral foundation (of course!), lipsticks and more. Yes, some products were very kindly sent to me but I also buy them myself and have been doing that for years. Love.
 I have the lightest duo of the three called Light. As the name suggest, this product is duo of pressed powder and a natural wax. The colour of the pressed powder is pretty much the perfect shade for my eyebrows. It worked great with my lighter hair and now with darker as well. A few days ago I also used it on my cousin who has lighter brows than me and the shade looked amazing on her. Light is more on the ashy spectrum of colours but it also has a tint of warmth to it. I really like that because it makes it more versatile. I featured it in a few of my latest blog post where I showed my face, but on some photos it looks more warm than it actually is. Don't know why, but it's worth mentioning it.

Besides the great colour match, the powder itself goes on nicely and stays put pretty much all day. It's pigmented but not too much so you can't really mess up the application. Well at least if you don't go straight to the front of your brows. I like to start at the arch of my brow, which is the highest part of eyebrows, and then fill them in down on both sides. I'm no expert when it comes to brows. I only started filling them in after years of wearing bangs. I never felt the need I had to fill them in becuase they weren't really visible. I'm also really lazy with plucking and shaping them, so I just roll with what I have and fill them so they look natural semi natural.
Okay, the pressed powder is amazing, but what about the wax? Well, it might be amazing as well but honestly, I only used it a couple of times so I can't tell you much about it. You use it to hold your brows in place but for those few times I tried it, I didn't really see much difference. But I never really use a setting wax or one of those clear mascaras. I just don't feel like it. The wax feels nice though, it goes on clear, it's not sticky, it doesn't make my brows crunchy or anything like that. If it was up to me, I would be completely fine with just the pressed powder. :)

You are also probably wondering which brushes I use for making my brows a little more presentable. I use two, a spoolie brush (don't know the brand but I got it in Muller) and a smaller angled brush from EcoTools (see the first photo bellow). It's not the perfect one, I wish it was just a tiny bit smaller and denser, but for now it works. Sometimes I would like it to be more precise but it is what it is. I did try the Lily Lolo Angled Brow - Spoolie Brush* but it left me feeling quite underwhelmed. The angled brush is not as thin as I would like so I can't be as precise with it as I can be with the Eco Tools brush. The spoolie end is way better but it would be even nicer if it wasn't so short. You can see on the photos what I mean and how the Lily Lolo spoolie brush is shorter than the other one that I like.
To sum up this long post - thumbs up for the pressed powder (lovely shade match for blondes and brunettes as well, great pigmentation and longevity), I usually skip the natural wax but it's nice nonetheless, and thumbs down for the Angled Brow - Spoolie Brush.

Have you tried the Lily Lolo Eyebrow Duo? What do you think about it? 

Much love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Flying Wild Lip Balm

februar 12, 2016

Flying Wild is a brand based on a small local beekeeping business operating 60 beehives from a village in Ireland. (Oh Ireland, you have a special place in my heart. <3 So beautiful and green and I hope I will visit it again.) The founder Arno, who is btw very friendly and nice to talk to, is a beekeeper and he started creating handmade organic beeswax based skincare products. First let's quickly mention that the brand isn't vegan but a thing I would like to point out is that Arno doesn't feed his bees with sugar, which is quite a common thing when it comes to honey and beekeeping. At least I think so. Here I have to mention a video that Danielle did, where she talks about ethically sustainable bee farms and how we should look for those and support them. Bees are important and we need them to survive. Check out her video here. And don't blame me if you'll want the Mahalo Gift Set after watching it. :) Now back to Flying Wild.
First and for now the only product from the line is a handmade Organic Beeswax Lip Balm with Raw Irish Honey and Rosemary*. The balm comes in your standard twist-up tube with fully recyclable packaging. Like I've already talked with Arno, the design of the packaging is old school and the colour really isn't my favourite, but it will change and I can't wait to see it. I'm a sucker for a beautiful design but the thing that is the most important are ingredients, of course. 

Lip balm contains Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Beeswax, Raw Irish Honey, Organic Oil of Rosemary and Vitamin E. At the moment the ingredients are not yet certified, but the brand is working with Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association for the organic certification. Lip balm smells of Rosemary, which isn't my favourite scent ever and at the beginning I wasn't very fond of it. But I quickly got used to it and now I quite like it. I find this lip balm very moisturizing and I keep reaching for it. 
 It's described as soothing, healing and reviving, and I agree with all three. My lips are nourished, very soft and smooth. How could they not be, if they contain the ever amazing honey?! <3 Here I also have to mention that my boyfriend doesn't find it as nourishing as some other balms. He has this test, where he puts the lip balm on his lips before sleep and if the balm is still there in the morning, then it's great. If not, he will still use it but won't repurchase. I don't know, I still find it nourishing and I recommend it. If you have problems with chapped and dry lips, then do give it a go.

The lip balm is for sale on their website and some other places, like UK Amazon and in a number of Pharmacies and health food stores in Ireland. 

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

i heart

februar 10, 2016

Today's article is inspired by Valentine's Day. I was never much into it, my boyfriend and I don't celebrate it, but I have no problems with it whatsoever. You do you! I picked some pretty red and pink products (and a few others) that may inspire a lust or a purchase for the upcoming love day. Or just any other day in the year. :)
Yanumi Raw Organic Shea Butter with Almond Oil* - well isn't this just the cutest little packaging?! This heart shaped tin is packed with vegan and organic Shea Butter from Ghana and Almond Oil from Spain. I adore Shea Butter, it's such a magical ingredient for softening and hydrating the skin. It makes it extremely smooth and it can be also used as a face product. It's not comedogenic which means it doesn't clog the pores and cause breakouts. At least in my experience. I've only had this lovely product for a few days but I feel in love with it right way. Mainly I've been using it for my dry cuticles and lips, but there are numerous ways of using it - on your hair, face, hands, body, wherever you like.

100% Pure Pretty Naked Palette - this gorgeous fruit pigmented palette is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and beautiful colors from pigments of fruits, seeds, flowers and vegetables. Comes with one of the most beautiful blush shades I've ever tried! It's called like the palette, Pretty Naked, and you can see it more up-close in this post. Besides the blush it also contains three eye shadows and a highlighter called Luminizer, which I don't really care for because it's too pink for me to wear on my cheeks. But it works quite nice as an eye shadow. If you like natural shades that this is the palette for you. You can find swatches of all five shades here.
Nudus Lipstick in Revenge*- of course I had to include a red lipstick. Blue toned red lipstick to be exact. I talked more about these lipsticks in the past (click), but by no means have I forgot about them. They are highly, highly pigmented. So much so that you most definitely need a mirror, especially with this shade, and possibly a lip brush as well when applying it. Nudus is now also available in Europe, yay! You can get them at the gorgeous Reina Organics e-boutique.
Alima Pure Lipstick in Louise* - if you're not a fan of red lips, then Louise is the way to go. If you're familiar with 27 Kisses from Nudus, then think about Louise as 27 Kisses's little sister. Louise is a bit paler and slightly less mauve. Absolutely stunning I'd say. It's a beautiful creamy nude lipstick with semi-matte formula. It's also very pigmented, moisturizing and it disappears evenly from the lips.
Inika Mineral Blush Puff Pot in Pink Pinch - I don't usually get along with loose mineral products, if you overlook my well loved Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation, but other than that, it's too messy for my liking. Not with this blush though. As you can see it has a puff, a puff pot applicator which makes the application a whole lot easier. Well, it's not really the most hygienic way of using a product (maybe I'll press it one day), but for now I'm using it as it is. Pink Pinch is a beautiful pink shade with tiny shimmer particles. I don't normally enjoy shimmer in blushers, but this one gives a nice dewy and healthy look to the skin. If you just dab it onto your skin it can look a bit shimmery, but if you gently blend it in then the shimmer will immediately disappear.

Balm Balm Relax All Over Balm* (ENG) - another product for keeping my skin extra soft and nourished. 100% organic with relaxing and soothing essential oils like Rose Geranium, Mandarin, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. Smells beautiful and it is a lovely product to use. More about it here.
100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip Butter - not fully committed to bold red lips, but would still like some color on them? Then this is the one for you. Hands down one of the most enjoyable and wearable "red lipsticks" out there. It is essentially a lip butter full of nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, like Avocado and Rosehip Oil, Shea and Cocoa Butter and pigments from Strawberry, Cherry and Plum, to name most of them. It's a very beautiful product but a classic lip balm tube would work even better.

Leahlani Skincare Perfume Oils in Pikake and Lychee* - unfortunately these two don't look as pretty as they did, but what is inside is more important. They both smell hella good! Sweet, exotic and just wonderful. Pikake is the Hawaiian Jasmine flower and the perfume itself is described as an exotic floral with earthy notes, reminiscent of the jasmine bushes blooming at night in the middle of a warm, tropical rainstorm. Lychee perfume is described as exotic sweet lychee with hints of rombuton, papaya and freesia flowers. Fun, fresh, young, sweet and cheery! I don't see this one on their website anymore, but I do hope it will return.
Lily Lolo Lipstick in Romantic Rose* (ENG) - a stunning rich, rose pink with a super creamy consistency and with just the perfect name for a romantic Valentine's Day. It's moisturizing and really wearable. One of my favourite pink lipsticks. You should definitely give it a go.
Rawr Organic Chocolate with Goji Berries and Vanilla* (60g)  - last but certainly not least is a product that inspired this post, chocolate of course. I mean just look at it. Isn't it so precious? Besides the spot on, 100% recyclable packaging (which includes 10% of cocoa husks), Rawr also did a nice job creating the chocolate. I don't really taste the vanilla, but it is a nice dark chocolate. It's 100% organic, vegan, contains cocoa solids 72% minimum and is fairtraded. Fairtrade is a certification you should all look for when buying a bar of chocolate. It ensures decent working conditions, fair wages and no forced labour or child labour. Buying Fairtrade chocolate makes a huge difference to the lives of cocoa farmers and their families around the world.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Have you tried any of these products?

Much love to you all,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
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