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januar 24, 2016

Remember when I asked you what would you like to see more of on this blog of mine? Some of you wanted to know more about Slovenian green beauty brands. I had no idea you would be interested in that (especially my international beauties) and all I can really say is, your wish is my command. Let's do this! I've already reviewed a few Slovenian products (Mirati hand cream for example) and I was thinking I could do some sort of blog post series. I decided to just go with the title #slovenian and the actual name of the product. That way you'll immediately know when an article is going to be about a Slovenian product.

Lately my skin has been really acting up and quite frankly, it has been a mass. I did mention a couple of months ago that I went off the pill and well, my skin isn't feeling it. At the beginning it was looking fine, like normal, but for about a month or two I've been suffering from hormonal imbalance, which is shown on my skin. Yup, I'm spotty. Honestly, at the moment it's quite alright so yay for that. I know beauty products can only do so much and that I'll just have to wait for my body to do its thing. But that certainly doesn't stop me from using an array of products to help my skin and products I've been most into, are face masks. Besides my beloved Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask, a mask that I can always count on (can't believe I'm gonna say this but I can't wait to use it all up, so I can order a new one! I'm also eyeing Meli Glow, just to name one of her beautiful new products.) and my DIY three ingredients mask with Honey, Oats and Tumeric (Charcoal also goes wonderfully in the mix, I found out a couple of days ago), the facial mask that also impressed me in the last few weeks, is the Johnny Organic Detox Green Super Foods Facial Mask. Well wasn't this just the longest sentence ever?!
Johnny Organic is an all-natural super skin food that makes wonders from the outside in. The brand is 100% natural and free from all common irritants, allergens and other nasties. Their products are vegan and they use organic ingredients whenever possible. Johhny Organic is pure and raw. Not sure if everything is actually raw (see ingredients of their Moisturizing Cream) but as far as I'm concerned the products that they first came up with (those in paper bags) are raw.
Detox Green Super Foods Facial Mask is a green scrub and a mask, all in one. Formulated to detox and cleanse your skin from the outside in. Blended with only the best green super foods, containing essential vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, as well as essential fatty and amino acids. It will detoxify, tighten, replenish, repair & remove all impurities for a deep clean and brighter you. It contains Dead Sea Mineral Mud, Neem, Spirulina, Chlorella, Rosehip and Baobab - 80% of these are certified organic. Due to ingredients like Neem, Spirulina and Chlorella, this mask has a rich green colour. It's in a powder form so you have to mix it with liquid prior to application. Smells mostly of neem and algaes - not particularly lovely but you know I don't mind that. And you shouldn't either, because it is a wonderful mask. 

I like mixing one teaspoon of mask with about one teaspoon of water or tea and about half a teaspoon of raw, quality honey. I'm still obsessed with Eucalyptus Honey from Müller. I apply it on clean face that I first spray with rose or lavender water, and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes even longer. Once the mask is completely dry, I wash it off with water. As I'm washing it off, I always like to gently massage my skin and the product doubles up as a lovely and effective scrub. After rinsing it all off, I see an instant brightening effect and my skin overall looks better. It's actually quite soothing and it reduces inflammations. Skin is also super soft and smooth. Thumbs up!
Mask is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and combination skin. I really urge you to do a patch test first because I heard that some ladies didn't really get on with it. Be aware that, like any other product, the mask can cause irritations. My skin is quite sensitive but thankfully, it always reacts very well to it. One thing to mention as well, is that I sometimes mix in an ingredient or two just to add the mask that extra bit of  kick. My go-to ingredient is Turmeric, which helps with reducing redness, a skin problem that is driving me mad at the moment.

I got this facial mask at Nama but you can also buy it on their website. They offer free European shipping for all orders. Amazing!

 Much love,

Jana xx

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