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januar 03, 2016

Hi dear lovelies, how are you? I hope you've all been having a terrific start of the year! Mine has been good and I'm really looking to see what it will bring. My first very, very exciting thing in 2016 is happening today and maybe you've already spotted it! Well yes, I'm talking about my new blog design!! I wanted one for the longest time and now I finally have it. I love that it came up to life in the beginning of a New Year. That actually wasn't even planned at the start of creating it, but it is a very a lucky coincidence. I didn't create it myself, oh no no! Everything you see wouldn't have been possible if there wasn't for the lovely Ria (NatuRia Beauty), a fellow green beauty babe. Yes, she knows a code or two as well. I'm saying "a code or two" like it's no big deal, but they frustrate me so much I can't even talk about them. If you're like me and want a new blog layout then I really, really recommend Ria. She is so helpful, honest and just super friendly and easy to work with. I'm most certain I annoyed her from time to time with my never ending questions and requests but like I said, she was most helpful and kind. A dream to work with, actually. You have to head over to her pretty blog and show her some love.

To make this post a little bit more fun for you, because I'm sure you're not as excited for the new design as much as I am, I decided to write about my favourite products of 2015. I tried and reviewed so many amazing products last year and I could sit here and write for a whole day but in the end I would still manage to forgot to include some. So keep that in mind and don't think I only love around ten products. Not sure if that would be even possible! So, without any more further ado, let's chat about my absolute fave discoveries of 2015.
 LVX Nail Polishes - have you seen my rave review of these polishes? Or that I constantly mention them on my Instagram? Ever since the wonderful, generous and ever kind Rayna from the beautiful shop Reina Organics sent me some of their shades, I've been obsessed! I already have a massive LVX wishlist! These polishes are 5 or 7 free, they have a beautiful selection of shades and are just a dream to apply and wear. Thumbs up! (If you are curious, the pink one is Orchid*, nude is Nu* and the greenish blue colour is Jade.)

Gressa Lumière: Luminous Complexion Fluid in the shade Amelia - I have yet to review it but this product is one of the most interesting blushes products I've ever tried. It is a blush in a liquid form. Sounds a bit crazy but listen to me when I say that it's the most wonderful blush out there. Amelia is a warm toned orange shade and is very highly pigmented. It gives my skin such a pretty look. The shade actually contains very small shimmery particles but it never makes me look like a glittery disco ball. I would never wear it if it would! It just gives a gorgeous, natural and healthy pop of colour to the skin and I just adore it! Here I'm wearing it, if you're interested.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer* - I'm sure you all beauty and makeup enthusiast have heard of this one. Even if you're not into green beauty. It's probably one of the most talked natural highlighter out there and it is hands down amazing. I'm a little late on the RMS band wagon and I can happily say that Living Luminizer is definitely worth the hype. I find that it looks very natural, almost delicate, and gives my skin a very pretty glow. Which I'm always on the lookout for. It is a cream product so sometimes I wish it would be a bit more long-lasting but because it is so very gorgeous I don't even care. I can easily apply it on the go because it is so tiny and cute that is fits perfectly into my bag.
Metta Skincare Body Butter* (review) - I love a good body product and have so many wonderful ones but this is probably my absolute favourite. I love everything about it! Please go and read my review, I will only say that it is very luxurious and nourishing.

Limited Edition kimberlyloc x Rachel's Plan Bee Body Oil* (review) - talking about luxurious products I can't forget about this absolutely amazing body oil! Without a doubt this was one of the most talked body oils in the green beauty community and it is as amazing as everyone says. Even more! It has the most wonderful scent of Jasmine, Vanilla and Rose, it is very hydrating and is quickly absorbed into the skin. And it also looks super pretty! The only negative thing is that it was a limited edition and that it's not available anymore. BUT don't fret, Rachel also has another body oil which is supposedly amazing as well.

Kris D'Amour Deep Nourishing Cleansing Balm* - I raved about this balm before and the name of my post says it all - "The Cleansing Balm You Have To Try". It is unique, special and just different from other balms I have tried. When mixed with water, the balm transformes into a creamy cleanser which beautifully removes my makeup and leaves my skin clean and moisturized. And it can also be used as a mask, which is always a wonderful thing in my book.

Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm* - probably the most nourishing and hydrating lip balm I've ever came across. Read more about it in my review.

 Rosehip and Hibiscus - green beauty sure as hell doesn't have to be expensive and DIY's creations are a true testament to that. Besides my love for ingredients like Coconut Oil (Cocovit is the best) Honey, Oats and Turmeric, the two ingredients I've discovered and completely fell in love in 2015, have to be Rosehip and Hibiscus. Both are full of antioxidants and vitamins (Hibiscus is also known as "Botox plant"), they work amazing as exfoliators and they just give my skin an instant glow. Try this DIY formulation and you'll see.

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 (review) - I almost forgot about this one because at the moment I don't use it everyday, but this sunscreen was my everything in the summer! Two of my girlfriends also have, love and adore it. Besides that it works great at protecting the skin from sun damage, the product also has the lightest consistency for a sunscreen, or just any standard lightweight moisturizer, it is immediately absorbed into the skin and it doesn't clog my pores. Love!

Like I said, I could write about the wonderful world of green, natural, organic and cruelty free products all day long but I'm quite sure none of you would read that. But I'm not done yet! I can't go pass a few brands and shops that I very much enjoyed working with and using their products in 2015. It is no surprise I'm still deeply in love with Gaia Creams (Psst. They will be launching some new products this year!), Leahlani Skincare (Leah also created new products and you can already see them on Instagram. I'm dying to try them all!) and Lily Lolo (Big shout-out to Nina at!). In 2015 I also feel in love with Herbfarmacy, Odacite, Saison Beauty and Inner-Soul Organics. And the list can go on and on! <3 

There are so many wonderful natural and chic e-shops out there but I will only name three. Petal & Post (Canada) with brands like Kahina Giving Beauty (Serum*), Odacite (Ca + C Facial Serum Concentrate*), Graydon (The Putty*), Lurk (RSW 005 Perfume Oil*) (click on them to see my reviews of the products), Reina Organics (Netherlands) with brands like LVX, La Bella Figura, Josh Rosebrook, Indie Lee, and last but most certainly not least is The Green Beauty Jungle (Canada). Another fellow green beauty babe and a friend Julie (Let's Talk About Green) offers a variety of thoughtfully picked brands like Cocovit (Coconut Oil), Sienna Byron Bay (Promise*), Sudsatorium (Night Cap Bubble Bath), Living Libations (Languid Love Butter*) and more. I said three but I can't end this post without the mention of iHerb (you can find a discount code under "Offers" on the top of the blog). Not everything they sell on iHerb is all natural and organic but they do have some amazing and affordable brands that are definitely worth a try.

I wanted to write about a few of my favourite beauty blogs as well, but I think this post is too long as it is! I have an idea in mind for future post(s) that will include them so you'll just have to be patient for a little while longer. But before I start writing on new and hopefully exciting posts, I wanted to ask you babes if you have any wishes and requests for them. Tell me if there is anything you would like to see on Small Bits of Loveliness. I can't say I'll write everything or how long you'll have to wait (you know who you are - the post about perfumes and essential oils will pop up here eventually) but I will most certainly try to make your wishes come true. You can comment down below or send me an email at Or let me know on Instagram where I'm always up for a lovely chat.

Now go and have a browse on my new blog and have a wonderful Sunday! :)

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

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