januar 05, 2016

Another day, another nail polish. #sorrynotsorry
I took these pictures a while back, about two weeks ago and let me tell you something. The weather was much nicer then! Now we're covered in snow and that is something I really don't enjoy. Is it snowing where you live too? I hope you at least like it if there is. :)

So, let me just quickly introduce you to one of my newest additions, the LVX nail polish in Jade (7 free & vegan). The colour is a part of their Winter Resort 2016 collection. Jade is a sea green, turquoise shade and it applies evenly and smoothly. Isn't it beautiful? Do I really have to say it again? Oh alright. I love these nail polishes! I wrote a bit more about them here.
 If you missed it, LVX polishes were also in my 2015 favourites and naturally, I highly recommend them! You can get them at Reina Organics. What do you think about the shade? Do you wear colours like this in winter?

Oh and I also wanted to say a massive thank you for all your lovely comments about my new blog design, I'm so happy you like it too!<3

With much love,

Jana xx

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