Inspired by a Celebrity

januar 13, 2016

Hi all! I don't want to start this article by saying that I have another blog post series for you, I didn't actually decided on that yet, but I do like the idea of changing my everyday look just a tad and create looks with a certain celebrity makeup in mind.  My first "Inspired by a Celebrity" makeup look isn't actually all that different to what I'm usually wearing but I guess I find it so beautiful just beacuse of that. A few days ago were Golden Globes, as you may know. I'm in a Leo fan club, if you're wondering. (I mean have you seen the guy?!) Movies and TV shows aside (can't believe I actually said that, being such a huge watcher myself!) and let's talk about a thing we are all here for, makeup. And hair and fashion. Beauty in general. I loved seeing all the gorgeous women (and men) and the "it girl" that inspired this article is the gorgeous Rooney Mara. I didn't care for her dress but OMG, her makeup and hair were to die! She is one stunning cookie! Her skin is flawless and I can only wish mine would look like that.

Before scrolling down, I feel I have to write a quick disclaimer - this isn't a tutorial. I'm no makeup artist and don't have as many products nor skills as they have. This is just a makeup look (my interpretation of it, if you will) inspired by the look Ronney Mara wore for the Golden Globes this year. :)
On the photo bellow you can see products I used to create this makeup look. I wasn't planning on writing down every single product that I put on my face, but I did write a few things on the pictures. Hope it helps! You can always ask if you want to know more. :)
I'm sure most of us agree on the stunning makeup from Rooney, but I'm curious, do you have any other favorites from the ceremony? :)

Much love,

Jana xx

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