Hiking Beauty Buddies

januar 08, 2016

I really like a good hike, especially if it's happening with my best hiking buddy, my beautiful cousin Katja, who just happens to have a blog too. You can check it out here. Our hikes have become quite a frequent thing and I love it! Well on our last walk it was really cold and when we came home my legs were covered in red spots. I guess next time I'll need to wear not two, but three leggings. Or maybe I need new super warm ones. One thing I do tend to take extra care of is my face, of course. I wouldn't be me if I didn't pile some gorgeous products on it. So if you're looking for a wonderful hiking beauty buddies then look no further.
All you really need is a good multi purpose balm and a sunscreen, if the weather is looking nice and sunny. Besides my current skincare routine, I like to go in with a nourishing cream/balm to really protect my skin from the freezing cold. I've been loving Gaia Creams Raw Veggie Cocktail Face & Body Cream*." It nourishes and cares for even the most sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Rich in ingredients essential for many anti-ageing problems like sagging, dry & rough skin. This gentle cream fights wrinkles, firms, tones and calms distressed skin and helps in rejuvenating process of your skin due to high content of essential fatty acids.

Like all Gaia Creams this beautiful yellow balm contains only the best 100% organic, vegan and guilt-free ingredients. "Free of nasties" is something I always like to hear. Balm is created with only a few ingredients and two of them aren't really often found in my skincare products - Carrot Tissue and Pumpkin Seed Oil. They are both full of wonderful vitamins and antioxidants. Carrot Tissue Oil is actually cold-pressed from the flesh of whole carrots (not seeds!) and is extremely rich in Beta-Carotene. Which means that it provides best before and after sun care, and that is always a great thing when walking around in nature. Veggie Cocktail has the loveliest name, it is so nourishing and hydrating, it protects my skin wonderfully and doesn't clog my pores.
For a "normal" winter day the Gaia Creams balm works just fine, but for a beautiful sunny day I can't forget about my beloved sunscreen - the Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30. Super lightweight, easily absorbed, moisturizing, just wonderful! I won't go into details because I did write a review.

To be perfectly honest, I don't always use both of these products. I usually remove my makeup (if I have any) before hiking but sometimes I'm lazy and I leave it on. The one thing I always, always use and take with me, is a lip balm. I love so many different lip balms but my perfect hiking companion has to be the super nourishing Bohemian Harvest Lavender + Honey Lip Salve. It contains beautiful butters and oils and of course my favourite ingredient, honey. It makes my lips extremely soft and smooth.

Skin is protected, now all I need are some super warm clothes, a scarf and everything else that keeps me at least semi warm. :)

Do you love going on walks too? Have any hiking beauty buddies that I should know of?

With love,
Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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