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januar 29, 2016

I've always loved a good blush. I think it brings that healthy, fresh look, which is something I strive for. Blush ties the whole look together and I always look more put together when I'm flushing blushing. But only with the help of a blush and not when I'm actually blushing haha. Not sure what kind of a beauty blogger I am, but currently I own "only" five blushes. For the last few weeks I've been completely obsessed with 100% Pure Pretty Naked Blush. I haven't worn anything else but this blush. <3 Another product that completely swoon me over is the most gorgeous highlighter ever, the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer*. I've seen this baby everywhere. Green and clean beauties rave about it and bloggers that aren't into clean, organic beauty are in love with it as well. Trust me, it's worth the hype.

100% Pure Pretty Naked Blush - this blush is a part of the Pretty Naked palette (it's also sold on its own), a beautiful soft and natural palette. I've already mention the palette (click) and then I wasn't really all that kin of this blush. But I gave it a second chance and boy I'm glad I did that! First of all, this blush, and other 100% Pure makeup, is colored with the antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit pigments instead of minerals or synthetic dyes. Yaaas! It contains the likes of Rosehip Seed Oil, Avocado Butter, Plum, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Rose Petal, Cherry and so on. Beautiful! Maybe you'd think it's oily because of the oil and butters, but it's so not. It's just like "any other" blush. The texture is super soft and silky, the pigmentation is amazing and it also blends great. It gives a beautiful satin finish and a natural flushed look. The shade is just the perfect neutral color and goes with almost every lipstick, especially if they're from the brown, orange or red color family. It also goes with berry shades and some pinks. This blush is everything.
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer* - this coconut oil based product is my favourite highlighters I have ever tried. Nothing compares in magically highlighting the skin, wouldn't you say? It almost looks a too white and pearly when it's just swatched on the hand, but oh my does it look amazing when applied on the cheekbones. It's not sparkly, pearly or glittery, not one bit! It's an ultra sheer, glowing, luminizer with a translucent, satin-pearl finish. It gives my skin glowing and super youthful look, without being sticky or greasy. Living Luminizer blends seamlessly into my skin and it looks just stunning. It is one of the most natural looking highlighters and I love it immensely.
What is your go-to cheek combo at the moment?

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

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