Cheeky Combo

januar 29, 2016

I've always loved a good blush. I think it brings that healthy, fresh look, which is something I strive for. Blush ties the whole look together and I always look more put together when I'm flushing blushing. But only with the help of a blush and not when I'm actually blushing haha. Not sure what kind of a beauty blogger I am, but currently I own "only" five blushes. For the last few weeks I've been completely obsessed with 100% Pure Pretty Naked Blush. I haven't worn anything else but this blush. <3 Another product that completely swoon me over is the most gorgeous highlighter ever, the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer*. I've seen this baby everywhere. Green and clean beauties rave about it and bloggers that aren't into clean, organic beauty are in love with it as well. Trust me, it's worth the hype.

100% Pure Pretty Naked Blush - this blush is a part of the Pretty Naked palette (it's also sold on its own), a beautiful soft and natural palette. I've already mention the palette (click) and then I wasn't really all that kin of this blush. But I gave it a second chance and boy I'm glad I did that! First of all, this blush, and other 100% Pure makeup, is colored with the antioxidant and vitamin rich fruit pigments instead of minerals or synthetic dyes. Yaaas! It contains the likes of Rosehip Seed Oil, Avocado Butter, Plum, Pomegranate, Raspberry, Rose Petal, Cherry and so on. Beautiful! Maybe you'd think it's oily because of the oil and butters, but it's so not. It's just like "any other" blush. The texture is super soft and silky, the pigmentation is amazing and it also blends great. It gives a beautiful satin finish and a natural flushed look. The shade is just the perfect neutral color and goes with almost every lipstick, especially if they're from the brown, orange or red color family. It also goes with berry shades and some pinks. This blush is everything.
RMS Beauty Living Luminizer* - this coconut oil based product is my favourite highlighters I have ever tried. Nothing compares in magically highlighting the skin, wouldn't you say? It almost looks a too white and pearly when it's just swatched on the hand, but oh my does it look amazing when applied on the cheekbones. It's not sparkly, pearly or glittery, not one bit! It's an ultra sheer, glowing, luminizer with a translucent, satin-pearl finish. It gives my skin glowing and super youthful look, without being sticky or greasy. Living Luminizer blends seamlessly into my skin and it looks just stunning. It is one of the most natural looking highlighters and I love it immensely.
What is your go-to cheek combo at the moment?

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Terre Verdi Argan Shea Multitasking Cream

januar 26, 2016

Like I said on my Instagram "In a wonderful world of many beautiful balms in colours of the rainbow (we have yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue), we can't forget about the pure, snow white ones. They are gorgeous too!" This caption describes the wonderful Terre Verdi ArganShea Multitasking Cream*. I've already featured their luxurious FranChouliPom Body Oil* in this post, and I can say that this cream is gorgeous as well.
Terre Verdi is a UK brand committed to bringing you ethically-sourced products, lovingly crafted from organic ingredients. They say that their products reflect "the respect and care for our own families, our concern for the environment, and the integrity with which we aim to treat our customers and business partners alike. We use organic ingredients because we believe that nature should be respected and not tampered with. We want to make products that heal your skin and soothe your soul and hope you will enjoy using them as much as we enjoy sharing them with you."

The brand recently relaunched and their products look absolutely divine. So chic and luxe. Check out their logo, it represent founder's Alessandra's family crest (she was born in Sicily, which was also a huge inspiration for creating the brand), and embodies Alessandra’s commitment to bring to you her closely cherished family values of love and respect for nature, integrity and a desire to share the best that her region can offer with the rest of the world.
Brand sure as heck sounds lovely and the products match everything that you just read. At least the two I've tried. An award winning ArganShea Multitasking Cream has 99% certified organic ingredients containing the likes of Shea Butter, with its amazing nourishing properties, and is combined with the many and formidable powers of Argan Oil, and rounded off by healing and most wonderful Calendula Oil. The cream is properly soothing and has such a lovely effect on my skin - it calms it and works well at reducing redness as well. Besides the Vitamin E, these three heavenly ingredients are rounded up with three divinely smelling essential oils, Neroli, Geranium and Sweet Orange. It has a beautiful and strong floral scent with a hint of citrus. I adore it and I actually find it relaxing and uplifting at the same time. It really is lovely.

At first sight it looks like it has your typical balm consistency and it almost feels like that as well. There is a slightly different feel to it, it is more emollient and almost not as oily as other butter and oil based balms. If you've tried pure, raw Shea Butter, then imagine a texture like that, but with a touch of oil to it. Instead of instantly turning into an oil, it takes a second or two more than your "usual balm", but the end result is the same. It gives my skin an instant boost of hydration and it keeps it moisturized and nourished all day long. It doesn't really sink into the skin easily, so I'd say it's more for an evening use but I like using it in the mornings too. If you were wondering, yes, a little goes a long way. Can't forget about the thing that impressed me the most, its soothing and calming abilities. Yas! Not to mention the softness of the skin. 
I love it and highly recommend it. My prefered way of using it is on my face and neck  - it goes beautifully on after a toner and/or aloe vera based serum. You can also use it on any dry area of your skin, such as hands, elbows, heels, and knees. It works amazing on cuticles too. I can only say from my experience, but I would say it's suitable for all skin types. My combination skin (acne prone at the moment) is very much enjoying it. Get it here.

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

#slovenian - Johnny Organic Detox Green Super Foods Facial Mask

januar 24, 2016

Remember when I asked you what would you like to see more of on this blog of mine? Some of you wanted to know more about Slovenian green beauty brands. I had no idea you would be interested in that (especially my international beauties) and all I can really say is, your wish is my command. Let's do this! I've already reviewed a few Slovenian products (Mirati hand cream for example) and I was thinking I could do some sort of blog post series. I decided to just go with the title #slovenian and the actual name of the product. That way you'll immediately know when an article is going to be about a Slovenian product.

Lately my skin has been really acting up and quite frankly, it has been a mass. I did mention a couple of months ago that I went off the pill and well, my skin isn't feeling it. At the beginning it was looking fine, like normal, but for about a month or two I've been suffering from hormonal imbalance, which is shown on my skin. Yup, I'm spotty. Honestly, at the moment it's quite alright so yay for that. I know beauty products can only do so much and that I'll just have to wait for my body to do its thing. But that certainly doesn't stop me from using an array of products to help my skin and products I've been most into, are face masks. Besides my beloved Leahlani Skincare Mermaid Mask, a mask that I can always count on (can't believe I'm gonna say this but I can't wait to use it all up, so I can order a new one! I'm also eyeing Meli Glow, just to name one of her beautiful new products.) and my DIY three ingredients mask with Honey, Oats and Tumeric (Charcoal also goes wonderfully in the mix, I found out a couple of days ago), the facial mask that also impressed me in the last few weeks, is the Johnny Organic Detox Green Super Foods Facial Mask. Well wasn't this just the longest sentence ever?!
Johnny Organic is an all-natural super skin food that makes wonders from the outside in. The brand is 100% natural and free from all common irritants, allergens and other nasties. Their products are vegan and they use organic ingredients whenever possible. Johhny Organic is pure and raw. Not sure if everything is actually raw (see ingredients of their Moisturizing Cream) but as far as I'm concerned the products that they first came up with (those in paper bags) are raw.
Detox Green Super Foods Facial Mask is a green scrub and a mask, all in one. Formulated to detox and cleanse your skin from the outside in. Blended with only the best green super foods, containing essential vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, as well as essential fatty and amino acids. It will detoxify, tighten, replenish, repair & remove all impurities for a deep clean and brighter you. It contains Dead Sea Mineral Mud, Neem, Spirulina, Chlorella, Rosehip and Baobab - 80% of these are certified organic. Due to ingredients like Neem, Spirulina and Chlorella, this mask has a rich green colour. It's in a powder form so you have to mix it with liquid prior to application. Smells mostly of neem and algaes - not particularly lovely but you know I don't mind that. And you shouldn't either, because it is a wonderful mask. 

I like mixing one teaspoon of mask with about one teaspoon of water or tea and about half a teaspoon of raw, quality honey. I'm still obsessed with Eucalyptus Honey from Müller. I apply it on clean face that I first spray with rose or lavender water, and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Sometimes even longer. Once the mask is completely dry, I wash it off with water. As I'm washing it off, I always like to gently massage my skin and the product doubles up as a lovely and effective scrub. After rinsing it all off, I see an instant brightening effect and my skin overall looks better. It's actually quite soothing and it reduces inflammations. Skin is also super soft and smooth. Thumbs up!
Mask is suitable for all skin types, especially for oily and combination skin. I really urge you to do a patch test first because I heard that some ladies didn't really get on with it. Be aware that, like any other product, the mask can cause irritations. My skin is quite sensitive but thankfully, it always reacts very well to it. One thing to mention as well, is that I sometimes mix in an ingredient or two just to add the mask that extra bit of  kick. My go-to ingredient is Turmeric, which helps with reducing redness, a skin problem that is driving me mad at the moment.

I got this facial mask at Nama but you can also buy it on their website. They offer free European shipping for all orders. Amazing!

 Much love,

Jana xx

Herbfarmacy Just Eyes

januar 19, 2016

Let's take some time for another Herbfarmacy product. Yes, I've already reviewed a few of their products and I was most impressed with everything - cleanser, serum and balm. Today is the eye cream's turn. Just Eyes* is a fragrance-free rejuvenating cream that enlivens and nurtures the skin around the eyes and is especially suitable for sensitive eyes.
The cream comes in a paper box packaging which I tossed away so I took it to their website to help me with the ingredient list. Just Eyes contains some gorgeous ingredients. Herbs like Cornflower which works to sooth irritated, tired eyes and helps to reduce any inflammation. Siberian Ginseng provides effective firming to reduce the signs of ageing, nourishing plant oils like Apricot Kernel, Macadamia Nut, Evening Primrose and Sunflower Oil moisturize the skin with extracts of Arnica to ease any darkening around the eyes. Essences of Green Tea provide anti-oxidants properties to fight the aging process. It contains 83% organic ingredients - it says on my bottle, but on their website it's stated that it contains 76%. I contacted them about it and they informed me they haven't updated the website yet, so 83% is correct. Yay. I love the ingredients I mentioned, but one I really don't feel comfortable with is the use of Phenoxyethanol. I heard talks that they'll not be using it anymore and I did also ask them about this so when I'll know more, you'll be the first to know! I do very much appreciate that it doesn't contain any essential oils and has just a very faint herbal scent, nothing strong or overpowering.
This eye cream is suitable for vegans and I find it quite lovely. It comes in a very handy plastic bottle with a pump. You only need a small amount of it, so a little goes a long way. It has a light consistency which quickly sinks into the skin. It's gentle and soothing and doesn't cause any irritations. It's hydrating but almost every night I top it off with a facial oil or a balm that I'm using on my face. At this moment I'm swooning over snow white Terre Verdi Argan Shea Multitasking Cream*, that I posted on my Instagram (click). It is moisturizing on its own but I can't help myself not to show my skin around the eye that little bit of extra love. It sure as hell needs all the help I can muster. Thinking about it, I can say it ticks lots of boxes but not all. Like I wrote, Just Eyes contains Arnica Extract, which is supposed to help and ease any darkening around the eyes. I'm suffering from dark under eye circles and based on some reviews, I was hoping it will help. Unfortunately it doesn't. I wouldn't recommend it for that, BUT this is just my experience and that doesn't mean it can't work for you. The lovely Ana from Ana Goes Green sure noticed an instant brightening effect under the eye, so there is still hope. :)

The cream is keeping my skin moisturized and looking nice, it works great under makeup, but I can't say I'd buy it again, just because of the Phenoxyethanol. Other than that it is a lovely eye cream. You can get it here (and use code "jana" at the checkout for 10% off).

Have you tried Herbfarmacy Just Eyes? What do you think about it? Which eye cream are you loving at the moment?

Lots of love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided
**this post contains affiliate code #transparent :)

Love for Body Oils

januar 15, 2016

My skin was never as soft and smooth as it is after I've started using body oils. I have a very lovely selection and because I love them all so much, I decided to write a whole post about body oils. It's also snowing outside at the moment of me writing this (post will go up tomorrow, on Friday, when the snowing will have already stopped, I hope!), so a gorgeous nourishing body oil is all I need at this time of year.
Gaia Creams Dhauti Detoxifying Body & Soul Oil* - this 100% certified organic body oil is made with a holistic approach in mind, which takes the concept of well-being beyond the surface of the skin: bringing harmony to your mind, body and spirit and creates a sense of wellness that is reflected in healthy skin. It contains a mixture of gorgeous ingredients like Avocado, Jojoba, Hemp Seed, Camellia, Flax Seed, Evening Primrose, Sweet Almond, Wild Carrot and Calendula. It smells refreshing and zingy, mostly of Lemon Grass and Ginger. But it also has Tea Tree and Juniper Essential Oils. Honestly, it's not the most lightweight body oil, I'm suspecting Avocado Oil might be the culprit. BUT because of it, it's also very nourishing and keeps my skin hydrated all day long. Sure the packaging isn't the most handy and you have to be a bit more careful than with other oils, but I love and very much appreciate that there is no plastic involved. Yas!
Mettā Skincare Body Oil* - I've already reviewed one of Mettā's Skincare product, the wonderful Body Butter*. This body oil smells equally delicious and is just beautiful. It contains only five ingredients - Grapeseed, Macadamia, Jojoba, Sweet Almod Oils and Lavender Essential Oil. All are certified organic, except the Jojoba Oil. You could say that it sounds quite simple but oh my, you are wrong! The Lavender Essential Oil isn't just any standard lavender oil. This one smells particularly divine (coming from a person who is not the biggest fan of lavender). It really is so relaxing and sweet at the same time. Love. It also looks super cute and it's very hydrating and nourishing.
Limited Edition kimberlyloc x Rachel's Plan Bee Body Oil* - I don't think I've have ever mention a product on my blog as much as I did this body oil. It was also in my 2015 Favourites for crying out loud! Smells divine, of Jasmine, Rose and just a tiny hint of Vanilla. It contains beautiful oils like Apricot Kernel, Sunflower, Meadowfoam and Grape Seed Oil. I love that it is a lightweight body oil, which means it's easily absorbed into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy residue. Oh and one other thing is the gorgeous, gorgeous scent. Obsessed!
Terre Verdi FranChouliPom Body Oil* - this chic and luxe black packaged beauty is my newest addition. Isn't it just so sleek and gorgeous?! Terre Verdi is a new brand on the block, well at least on my block. I spotted them a few weeks ago on Instagram and the lovely Tamara also mentioned them on her blog (here and here). This body oil is designed to keep your skin look fabulous: supple, nourished and taut. Frankincense and Patchouli Essential Oils join forces with Argan Oil to make FranChouliPom body oil your trusted ally in fighting off the effects of stress and ageing. But is also has Essential Oils of Neroli and Sweet Orange. That's all I can say about the scent, because I wouldn't know how to describe it if I didn't see the ingredient list. It's complex and quite nice, but not my fave scent ever. There are some other lovely ingredients in this body oil like White Tea Seed Oil, Sunflower, Pomegranate and Jojoba Oil, not to mention Calendula Extract. It is hydrating and very lightweight. It's easily absorbed into the skin, it doesn't leave any greasy residue whatsoever, only nourished, soft and smooth skin.
I adore every single one of these 4 body oils. Each is unique in its own way and they are all special. If you want a super lightweight body oil go for Terre Verdi and Rachel's Plan Bee, if you want something deliciously smelling then Metta Skincare and Rachel's Plan Bee are the best choices of the four, or Gaia Creams if you prefer citrusy, fresh scents, but if you want something very nourishing and detoxifying then the one from Gaia Creams is your jam.

What is your fave body oil?

Have a wonderful weekend,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Inspired by a Celebrity

januar 13, 2016

Hi all! I don't want to start this article by saying that I have another blog post series for you, I didn't actually decided on that yet, but I do like the idea of changing my everyday look just a tad and create looks with a certain celebrity makeup in mind.  My first "Inspired by a Celebrity" makeup look isn't actually all that different to what I'm usually wearing but I guess I find it so beautiful just beacuse of that. A few days ago were Golden Globes, as you may know. I'm in a Leo fan club, if you're wondering. (I mean have you seen the guy?!) Movies and TV shows aside (can't believe I actually said that, being such a huge watcher myself!) and let's talk about a thing we are all here for, makeup. And hair and fashion. Beauty in general. I loved seeing all the gorgeous women (and men) and the "it girl" that inspired this article is the gorgeous Rooney Mara. I didn't care for her dress but OMG, her makeup and hair were to die! She is one stunning cookie! Her skin is flawless and I can only wish mine would look like that.

Before scrolling down, I feel I have to write a quick disclaimer - this isn't a tutorial. I'm no makeup artist and don't have as many products nor skills as they have. This is just a makeup look (my interpretation of it, if you will) inspired by the look Ronney Mara wore for the Golden Globes this year. :)
On the photo bellow you can see products I used to create this makeup look. I wasn't planning on writing down every single product that I put on my face, but I did write a few things on the pictures. Hope it helps! You can always ask if you want to know more. :)
I'm sure most of us agree on the stunning makeup from Rooney, but I'm curious, do you have any other favorites from the ceremony? :)

Much love,

Jana xx

Random Loveliness

januar 11, 2016

Hey sweethearts! Let's start this week with a new blog post series, shall we? I don't like to announce these things because I feel a huge pressure to post them regularly but I think I can manage such a post a few times a year. :) I always wanted to share my love for random things and other bloggers and creators but I never got around to doing it. Recently I felt so inspired, because trust me when I say this to you - being a part of green beauty community is the best thing ever! Everyone is just so friendly and nice and I'm happy to say I made friends with green beauties from around the world. Want to know what to do to become a member of this amazing club? Well you just have to start using the most amazing products in the world - green, natural, organic products. Yup, that is it. :) It can be daunting, but it most certainly can be done. So in that in mind let me introduce you to the two green beauty bunnies, actually three, you'll see, and some other awesome things I've been enjoying very much and I think you would too.

Blog to follow

Smells Lika a Green Spirit - written by the ever lovely Liz, who is a clean/green beauty product aficionada. Liz's amazing blog is all about green and sustainable beauty, holistic lifestyle, conscious living. The one thing I love the most and is also the reason why I chose her as my first pick, is her ability to pick the best blog titles and because her posts are well written and interesting. She is killing it with her puns, which is pretty obvious in her blog name. If you've ever listened to Nirvana then you know. I also adore her blog post series, she definitely comes up with the best ideas! Two of my favourites are "The United Nations of Green Beauty Products" (here she writes about a Norway brand Elde) and "Make the Green Switch" (here is the latest one). Later is especially good for all green beauty noobies. Liz is truly a sweetheart and she deserves all the love, so go ahead and start reading her blog.

Instagram account to follow

@lisawoodbeauty - Lisa is also a green beauty, eco-living enthusiast and she writes a blog as well. But today I want to say a few words about her beautiful Instagram account. She definitely has a theme. Her photos are always so nice - chic, bright, with a pop of wood, marble and greenery. I adore them!<3

Food to eat

Sprouts. Home grown sprouts to be exact. They are packed with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, fibers and all that good stuff. Soaking and sprouting beans, seeds, grains is really good for your body, not only are they super nutritious but they are also alkalizing and really easy to grow. You can find lots of tutorials on how to grow them yourself, but if you want I can also take some pictures and do a little blog post myself and show you how easy it is.
Series to watch

If you're already up to date with the new Sherlock and Luther (the last season wasn't my fave, actually), then you might consider a returning TV show Endeavour. The show is set in the 1960s in and around Oxford, and follows Endeavour Morse in his early years as a police constable. One other exciting and new show is War and peace, which I have yet to watch. The trailer sure looks beautiful and I always love a good costume drama.

An article to read

If there ever was a beautifully written blog post that literally gave me the chills and all the goosebumps in the world, it was Nic's post about Leah and her drop dead gorgeous brand Leahlani Skincare. The most talked about brand in the green beauty community this year, no doubt! I loved everything I've tried from the brand and I have yet to read a negative review. I highly suggest you read the post, it'll definitely be worth your while. ;)
Don't these products look beautiful?! They are available here, if you want to learn more about them.
Hope you enjoyed this post and have a wonderful start of the week!

With love,

Jana xx

Hiking Beauty Buddies

januar 08, 2016

I really like a good hike, especially if it's happening with my best hiking buddy, my beautiful cousin Katja, who just happens to have a blog too. You can check it out here. Our hikes have become quite a frequent thing and I love it! Well on our last walk it was really cold and when we came home my legs were covered in red spots. I guess next time I'll need to wear not two, but three leggings. Or maybe I need new super warm ones. One thing I do tend to take extra care of is my face, of course. I wouldn't be me if I didn't pile some gorgeous products on it. So if you're looking for a wonderful hiking beauty buddies then look no further.
All you really need is a good multi purpose balm and a sunscreen, if the weather is looking nice and sunny. Besides my current skincare routine, I like to go in with a nourishing cream/balm to really protect my skin from the freezing cold. I've been loving Gaia Creams Raw Veggie Cocktail Face & Body Cream*." It nourishes and cares for even the most sensitive, allergy-prone skin. Rich in ingredients essential for many anti-ageing problems like sagging, dry & rough skin. This gentle cream fights wrinkles, firms, tones and calms distressed skin and helps in rejuvenating process of your skin due to high content of essential fatty acids.

Like all Gaia Creams this beautiful yellow balm contains only the best 100% organic, vegan and guilt-free ingredients. "Free of nasties" is something I always like to hear. Balm is created with only a few ingredients and two of them aren't really often found in my skincare products - Carrot Tissue and Pumpkin Seed Oil. They are both full of wonderful vitamins and antioxidants. Carrot Tissue Oil is actually cold-pressed from the flesh of whole carrots (not seeds!) and is extremely rich in Beta-Carotene. Which means that it provides best before and after sun care, and that is always a great thing when walking around in nature. Veggie Cocktail has the loveliest name, it is so nourishing and hydrating, it protects my skin wonderfully and doesn't clog my pores.
For a "normal" winter day the Gaia Creams balm works just fine, but for a beautiful sunny day I can't forget about my beloved sunscreen - the Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30. Super lightweight, easily absorbed, moisturizing, just wonderful! I won't go into details because I did write a review.

To be perfectly honest, I don't always use both of these products. I usually remove my makeup (if I have any) before hiking but sometimes I'm lazy and I leave it on. The one thing I always, always use and take with me, is a lip balm. I love so many different lip balms but my perfect hiking companion has to be the super nourishing Bohemian Harvest Lavender + Honey Lip Salve. It contains beautiful butters and oils and of course my favourite ingredient, honey. It makes my lips extremely soft and smooth.

Skin is protected, now all I need are some super warm clothes, a scarf and everything else that keeps me at least semi warm. :)

Do you love going on walks too? Have any hiking beauty buddies that I should know of?

With love,
Jana xx

*sample generously provided


januar 05, 2016

Another day, another nail polish. #sorrynotsorry
I took these pictures a while back, about two weeks ago and let me tell you something. The weather was much nicer then! Now we're covered in snow and that is something I really don't enjoy. Is it snowing where you live too? I hope you at least like it if there is. :)

So, let me just quickly introduce you to one of my newest additions, the LVX nail polish in Jade (7 free & vegan). The colour is a part of their Winter Resort 2016 collection. Jade is a sea green, turquoise shade and it applies evenly and smoothly. Isn't it beautiful? Do I really have to say it again? Oh alright. I love these nail polishes! I wrote a bit more about them here.
 If you missed it, LVX polishes were also in my 2015 favourites and naturally, I highly recommend them! You can get them at Reina Organics. What do you think about the shade? Do you wear colours like this in winter?

Oh and I also wanted to say a massive thank you for all your lovely comments about my new blog design, I'm so happy you like it too!<3

With much love,

Jana xx

New Blog Design + 2015 Favourites

januar 03, 2016

Hi dear lovelies, how are you? I hope you've all been having a terrific start of the year! Mine has been good and I'm really looking to see what it will bring. My first very, very exciting thing in 2016 is happening today and maybe you've already spotted it! Well yes, I'm talking about my new blog design!! I wanted one for the longest time and now I finally have it. I love that it came up to life in the beginning of a New Year. That actually wasn't even planned at the start of creating it, but it is a very a lucky coincidence. I didn't create it myself, oh no no! Everything you see wouldn't have been possible if there wasn't for the lovely Ria (NatuRia Beauty), a fellow green beauty babe. Yes, she knows a code or two as well. I'm saying "a code or two" like it's no big deal, but they frustrate me so much I can't even talk about them. If you're like me and want a new blog layout then I really, really recommend Ria. She is so helpful, honest and just super friendly and easy to work with. I'm most certain I annoyed her from time to time with my never ending questions and requests but like I said, she was most helpful and kind. A dream to work with, actually. You have to head over to her pretty blog and show her some love.

To make this post a little bit more fun for you, because I'm sure you're not as excited for the new design as much as I am, I decided to write about my favourite products of 2015. I tried and reviewed so many amazing products last year and I could sit here and write for a whole day but in the end I would still manage to forgot to include some. So keep that in mind and don't think I only love around ten products. Not sure if that would be even possible! So, without any more further ado, let's chat about my absolute fave discoveries of 2015.
 LVX Nail Polishes - have you seen my rave review of these polishes? Or that I constantly mention them on my Instagram? Ever since the wonderful, generous and ever kind Rayna from the beautiful shop Reina Organics sent me some of their shades, I've been obsessed! I already have a massive LVX wishlist! These polishes are 5 or 7 free, they have a beautiful selection of shades and are just a dream to apply and wear. Thumbs up! (If you are curious, the pink one is Orchid*, nude is Nu* and the greenish blue colour is Jade.)

Gressa Lumière: Luminous Complexion Fluid in the shade Amelia - I have yet to review it but this product is one of the most interesting blushes products I've ever tried. It is a blush in a liquid form. Sounds a bit crazy but listen to me when I say that it's the most wonderful blush out there. Amelia is a warm toned orange shade and is very highly pigmented. It gives my skin such a pretty look. The shade actually contains very small shimmery particles but it never makes me look like a glittery disco ball. I would never wear it if it would! It just gives a gorgeous, natural and healthy pop of colour to the skin and I just adore it! Here I'm wearing it, if you're interested.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer* - I'm sure you all beauty and makeup enthusiast have heard of this one. Even if you're not into green beauty. It's probably one of the most talked natural highlighter out there and it is hands down amazing. I'm a little late on the RMS band wagon and I can happily say that Living Luminizer is definitely worth the hype. I find that it looks very natural, almost delicate, and gives my skin a very pretty glow. Which I'm always on the lookout for. It is a cream product so sometimes I wish it would be a bit more long-lasting but because it is so very gorgeous I don't even care. I can easily apply it on the go because it is so tiny and cute that is fits perfectly into my bag.
Metta Skincare Body Butter* (review) - I love a good body product and have so many wonderful ones but this is probably my absolute favourite. I love everything about it! Please go and read my review, I will only say that it is very luxurious and nourishing.

Limited Edition kimberlyloc x Rachel's Plan Bee Body Oil* (review) - talking about luxurious products I can't forget about this absolutely amazing body oil! Without a doubt this was one of the most talked body oils in the green beauty community and it is as amazing as everyone says. Even more! It has the most wonderful scent of Jasmine, Vanilla and Rose, it is very hydrating and is quickly absorbed into the skin. And it also looks super pretty! The only negative thing is that it was a limited edition and that it's not available anymore. BUT don't fret, Rachel also has another body oil which is supposedly amazing as well.

Kris D'Amour Deep Nourishing Cleansing Balm* - I raved about this balm before and the name of my post says it all - "The Cleansing Balm You Have To Try". It is unique, special and just different from other balms I have tried. When mixed with water, the balm transformes into a creamy cleanser which beautifully removes my makeup and leaves my skin clean and moisturized. And it can also be used as a mask, which is always a wonderful thing in my book.

Henne Organics Luxury Lip Balm* - probably the most nourishing and hydrating lip balm I've ever came across. Read more about it in my review.

 Rosehip and Hibiscus - green beauty sure as hell doesn't have to be expensive and DIY's creations are a true testament to that. Besides my love for ingredients like Coconut Oil (Cocovit is the best) Honey, Oats and Turmeric, the two ingredients I've discovered and completely fell in love in 2015, have to be Rosehip and Hibiscus. Both are full of antioxidants and vitamins (Hibiscus is also known as "Botox plant"), they work amazing as exfoliators and they just give my skin an instant glow. Try this DIY formulation and you'll see.

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 30 (review) - I almost forgot about this one because at the moment I don't use it everyday, but this sunscreen was my everything in the summer! Two of my girlfriends also have, love and adore it. Besides that it works great at protecting the skin from sun damage, the product also has the lightest consistency for a sunscreen, or just any standard lightweight moisturizer, it is immediately absorbed into the skin and it doesn't clog my pores. Love!

Like I said, I could write about the wonderful world of green, natural, organic and cruelty free products all day long but I'm quite sure none of you would read that. But I'm not done yet! I can't go pass a few brands and shops that I very much enjoyed working with and using their products in 2015. It is no surprise I'm still deeply in love with Gaia Creams (Psst. They will be launching some new products this year!), Leahlani Skincare (Leah also created new products and you can already see them on Instagram. I'm dying to try them all!) and Lily Lolo (Big shout-out to Nina at!). In 2015 I also feel in love with Herbfarmacy, Odacite, Saison Beauty and Inner-Soul Organics. And the list can go on and on! <3 

There are so many wonderful natural and chic e-shops out there but I will only name three. Petal & Post (Canada) with brands like Kahina Giving Beauty (Serum*), Odacite (Ca + C Facial Serum Concentrate*), Graydon (The Putty*), Lurk (RSW 005 Perfume Oil*) (click on them to see my reviews of the products), Reina Organics (Netherlands) with brands like LVX, La Bella Figura, Josh Rosebrook, Indie Lee, and last but most certainly not least is The Green Beauty Jungle (Canada). Another fellow green beauty babe and a friend Julie (Let's Talk About Green) offers a variety of thoughtfully picked brands like Cocovit (Coconut Oil), Sienna Byron Bay (Promise*), Sudsatorium (Night Cap Bubble Bath), Living Libations (Languid Love Butter*) and more. I said three but I can't end this post without the mention of iHerb (you can find a discount code under "Offers" on the top of the blog). Not everything they sell on iHerb is all natural and organic but they do have some amazing and affordable brands that are definitely worth a try.

I wanted to write about a few of my favourite beauty blogs as well, but I think this post is too long as it is! I have an idea in mind for future post(s) that will include them so you'll just have to be patient for a little while longer. But before I start writing on new and hopefully exciting posts, I wanted to ask you babes if you have any wishes and requests for them. Tell me if there is anything you would like to see on Small Bits of Loveliness. I can't say I'll write everything or how long you'll have to wait (you know who you are - the post about perfumes and essential oils will pop up here eventually) but I will most certainly try to make your wishes come true. You can comment down below or send me an email at Or let me know on Instagram where I'm always up for a lovely chat.

Now go and have a browse on my new blog and have a wonderful Sunday! :)

With love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided
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