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december 11, 2015

Check out my new nail polish obsession, the LVX 7-free nail polishes. I've been a massive nail polish junkie way before I started writing my blog. My current nail polish collection is small in comparison to the way it was before but it is growing. A big thanks to that goes to the ever lovely Rayna and her gorgeous shop Reina Organics. She most generously sent me some LVX polishes to try and I'm so impressed with them! Today I'll share two shades with you, but first, a few words about the brand.
Like I wrote, LVX is a 5 or 7-free brand (depends on the shade, Nu and Rive are both 5-free), which means that their nail polishes are free from 5 or 7 toxic and harsh chemicals found in most common nail lacquer formulas. They are free from those most common ones like Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor and also Xylene and Parabens. They are cruelty free of course and vegan. Their philosophy is to fuse high fashion with nail color. They determine the top trends by closely studying thousands of runway presentations from renowned designers. Their colors are hand selected to be the top colors of the season. New shades are always introduced like fashion collections - last one is Winter Resort 2016. Love all the shades they've come up with.

These luxury and eco friendly polishes are also TPHP (Triphenyl phosphate) free. Recent studies have raised serious questions about the possible impact of TPHP on hormones and fertility. Studies have shown that TPHP is an endocrine disruptor, which means it interferes with hormones, and tests on animals have shown reproductive and developmental problems as a result. In humans, scientists say it may be linked to weight gain. Read more here.
LVX nails polishes look luxurious and chic. Their design is reminiscent of other high end polishes with the whole overcap thing. The overcap easily pops off so you can paint your nails with the regular bottle cap brush. I get the whole luxe look, but that is a slight waste of packaging, especially for an eco friendly brand. Polishes have a great brush, they go on smooth and dry super quickly. Like really quickly! I can't say much about longevity because polishes chip quite easily on my nails, but they do last two or three days before they start to chip. Which is great for me because Benecos polishes usually don't even last for one day.
Nu* is an ultra chic nude with a wispy and semi-sheer finish. This delicate shade is the perfect choice for those searching for a soft and delicate look. Nu is a part of the Fall 2015 collection and was inspired by pinkish, neutral colours as seen at runway shows at Dolce & Gabbana and Alexander McQueen. I'm so bad at describing neutral shade, but I have especially hard time with this one. Sometimes it looks pinker, other times it's more peachy. It's a soft beige shade with semi-sheer finish. It's a beautiful, super wearable shade and goes on so smooth. Because it's quite sheer it's really easy to apply and you don't have to be super careful like you have to be with some other colours.
Rive* is from their Summer 2013 collection and is described as the perfect nude that will bridge your summer wardrobe together. This soft and unique tan provides us with the perfect canvas for the brights of summer. Reminiscent of sandy shores and gorgeous coastlines. This one is super opaque and pigmented and I suggest you take a few seconds when applying it. It's lighter that Nu and more in you face kind of neutral colour. Nu is very subtle but Rive really gives a punch.
I'm in love with LVX nail polishes and there is no doubt in my mind that you'll be too. I highly recommend them! All my European babes can get them at Reina Organics. <3 A list of all stores around the world where LVX nail polishes are available is here.

Have you tried LVX polishes? Which is your favorite 5 or 7-free nail polish brand? :)

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generoulsy provided

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